Just read the critique of the gotha programme

why even bother?


read it again :^)

why even bother?

Use the catalog:

I finished it like 20 minutes ago and I've already forgotten lmao

Write down everything you remember about it. Make an effort, don't just say you "can't." Post it so we can see.

Take your time, read it again. This time, write down notes on what you think about what you're reading as you go through. Ask questions to see if they get answered later in the book. Don't just drift through the words, have a conversation with the book.

best advice
reading should be interactive, it's like with math books, you need to solve problems to really get it

To be fair comrade it took me around 5 reads + lots of talking about it for it to really click, it's very dense.

Take notes page by page, not just reading the whole thing so it all runs together.

you're not a dumbass for not being able to keep it memorized but for thinking this is how studying works

Read it again, and pay extra attention to the parts in which you underlined/highlighted.

Learn to read properly. If you can't read a book and come out of it with some knowledge of what the book was about you're not reading, you're just looking at text.

Did Ben Garrison make this?

Is there some decent guide on how to properly annotate, highlight etc. a book? I usually just end up with a bunch of relatively decent bullet points but which I can't connect to any others, like some summary for the ADHD-ridden.

Do you have a brain problem?
Not even kidding, people born after 1995 have literally been mutated into goldfish by smartphones

I do hierarchical bullet points annotated with page numbers, if that makes sense. I read on an ebook reader so I can't underline/mark otherwise, if there's important stuff I mark the relevant bullet point with an exclamation mark and if there's something really good I copy it out.

You can try reading How to Read a Book, it's really good but based on my notes, other than listing possible ways to write into the book itself, it just says to make a structural outline. But it gives more good advice on other aspects of reading.

Check out OP, try reading Marx's shorter texts like CotGP, Wage Labor and Capital, and Value Price and Profit then read other stuff. They're short works, but given how they're written can be difficult to grasp if unfamilar with 19th century English.

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You can’t just expect knowledge to come to you. You can’t massage that shit. You gotta grab that book by the throat and rape the ever-loving shit out of it. You think passively reading a short pamphlet once without taking any notes or any retrospective thought about what you read is gonna make you understand theory? You’re a pussy.