Wow really makes you think

Wow really makes you think

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Delet this!

What do you think will be worse? The video itself or the comment section?

I don't even want to watch.
I don't know who I want to kill: Prager U for making the video, or myself for living in a universe eternally tainted by this video.

PragerU is evil.

Of course this is good

Lol when it keeps going the capital wins then we all get to own it classy

I recently had to listen to my boss unironically glorifying Thatcher and doing the "socialists just want to equalize downward" / "proles under capitalism may be poorer than the job givers but they still are better off than without capitalism" / "communists have never done anything for workers, while Ford made cars affordable" bingo. Wasn't that enough activated almonds for a year or so?

communism saved russia from starvation by colletiviseing farms and did a lot of invention that we still use today : artificial heart meningite B vaccine, blood banks, kidney transplant,heart lung transplant, radial keretonomy,trans siberian railway,jetpak,iconoscope and more. oh and also space technology was very good :-)

When? I doubt the Soviets could've beat Germany on this since they had no von Braun. Do you have more info on this?
I'm pretty sure that one was built under the Tsar's rule.


Income is not the sign of a healthy society

At least he's old as fuck. Any day now, right?

Le marketplace of ideas. If I had that "gee porky why are your ideas so popular and influential" meme I'd post it

What happened in Russia around 1990 that caused life expectancy to drop so dramatically? Really makes me wonder.

Most of the medical equipment got sold from russian (mafian) Oligarchs that was plaguing Russia in the late 1980's due to Revisionists to American and English businesses.

why do tankcucks dislike khrushchev and gorbachev again?
look at that life expectancy

Not to mention that they spearheaded the trade unionist movement and saved the West from sweatshops and 72 hour work weeks.

That current male life expectancy is way higher than I remember.

RMYT indeed.

What happened between 2006-14 that made them go back up?

Pol will unironically defend this though.

Who actually watches PragerU's bs unironically lmao

BASED PUTIN the commie took over again

how exactly would they measure productivity?

It's just per capita GDP innit?


Here's the webm anyway.

wtf is all their nicks their name123.

Think tanks should be abolished

>every single one of them is white

They are all fake, the first is a Facebook post with a twitter username…

They're probably "real" in that they're actual posts but most likely bots that were hired for exactly this purpose.

that's even worse than the video itself

I don't even have an image that can fully capture the despair I feel

One of my favourite variants of shill naming scheme is one I call Real Cowboy America, it's the more stereotypical naming convention, with names like ReaganCowboy, FreedomPatriot, LibertyLover etc
The fake blogs are more likely to use this naming scheme

Oh shit I wasn't paying attention to which thread this was. The FSB do this too.



Next PragerU video: "why being poor, homeless, sick and starving is actually good".

Video after that: "Why being dead is good"

I physically smh'd at that part.

"Why rifling through a corpse's pockets doesn't infringe on the freedom of the individual"

Commodities produced per hour of labour time

Dennis Prager, Sam Harris and Ben Shapiro are slowly, but surely turning me into an antisemite, comrades.😖🔫

If we keep them we will keep them motivated to work harder

reminds me of the guy I knew who watched ben schapiro wrecked compilation videos in order to "stay informed"