Two sides of a coin and all that

Budding Holla Forumsack here. I was raised to believe that you should "walk a mile in someones shoes" before deciding that they are your enemy. So Holla Forums this is my first time here. Break down the blue pill for me. Are you pro-jewish state/zion? Do you just want communism in certain countries? Do you all have any immediate prejudices? Do you want one world wide country? Just a world wide currency? What do you believe and what makes you believe this?

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We get tedious posts like this all the time, don't expect much from this thread unless you engage in a meaningful way.

Here's your blue pill: the Matrix sucked.

Speaking personally, I'm anti-Zionist but not antiemetic.

Not all of us are full Communists. Those that are generally support global revolution.

Not along racial lines if that's what you mean.

Never thought about it that deeply.

Don't care.

Fuck-off with this pillow talk.

I'll start with saying we have many different viewpoints and many different ideology. I'm a non-sectarian socialist personally

No. we are anti Israel
Communism is for us not a state of affairs which is to be established, an ideal to which reality will have to adjust itself. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.
Meaning What? Do we hate niggers or whitey? No. There is obviously a prejudice that exists against politicians and the super-rich, but this is purely because they are an obstacle. Once they are removed from power they become like anyone else I don't believe any punishment is needed
Extremely vast question my man. I believe we can achieve a rational society that is focused on improvement of people's lives instead of profit. I believe this because I've read shit that has convinced me of it.


Damn near every far-leftist is anti-Israel. Anti-zionism is more closely associated with the left in the popular sphere.

This is the only realistically the only way it could start. A world-wide revolution is idealistic nonsense.

If by that you mean racially, then the answer is mostly no.

This may be the eventual goal depending on how feasible it proves to be. Either that or world without countries (governments).

Marxist socialists want to eliminate currency as part of its end goal. Almost all anarchists as well. For other types, or during the trasitionary stages in marxist theory, currency or similar systems could function a number of ways, locally and globally.

This can't be answered in a single post by a sibgle person since too types of leftists can give to very different answers. Me personally? I believe people are entitled to the full fruits of their labor and that capitalist structures prevent this by allowing owners to take from the workers they depend on, that the concept of property in its modern philosophical and legal conception is arbitrary and lacks any real foundation or consistency. I'm simpling mine and others views on this a bit, but thats the gist of it.

Check this neato shit out

Fair enough. I was very surprised to find the sticky said I could post here.
eh it's okay. Definitely better than the sequels though.
Interesting! I was under the impression that Holla Forums generally were communists. You don't sound like you believe in it though. Where do you stand?
prejudice can take many forms, however I did not say racism.I meant as in do you despise certain economic classes/social structures immediately?
Again, fair enough. I was wondering because my leanings are obviously nationalist.
Why not? Currency is a very important tool in designing new political structures and dismantling old. Are you saying that you're satisfied generally with the state of your country socially?
user-kun I…

Very level headed user. You seem pretty ok.

just because i'm a Holla Forumsack doesn't mean I like The Don™. Still cringy though

I'm glad our sides can agree on something
Well yes but so is the idea of america becoming NutSac but most of Holla Forums dreams of this anyhow. I will freely admit that.
hmmm what about local governing bodies for things like disaster relief, or waste management, or corporate oversight?
Interesting. So a barter system of sorts would be placed, so that goods could be traded as needed?
That last bit was more of a summation. Like TL;dr. Yes I agree user however that is where our agreement on that part ends I suppose

All you need to know is that I used to have the same bullshit ideology as you have I was a retarded Holla Forumstard. I started reading a fuck ton & became Anarch.

I would beat my spooked af, pawn of a ideology past self senseless. So fuck you.

sorry, a little tired. I'll clarify that last bit.
I agree that the workers are entitled to the fullest fruits of their labor's and passions, and I agree that corporations and politicians take from their people. That is where our agreement ends.
Also the word filter made me chuckle you cunts.

Not nice to call something a blue pill preemptively.
No, read the FAQ, we are staunchly anti-Isreal
Communism is a classless, stateless and moneyless society that obviously can't be attained overnight, so we have to build socialism (the lower stage of communism that still has a state and such to defend itself against the reaction) in individual countries, personally I believe even when the entire world would be socialist it would take two generations at least before nation-states would dwindle away.
That's a very personal question, in general we are materialists which means we analyze a group's behavior based on the economic conditions and their relations to production that makes them act a certain way.
Full communism would be stateless but I believe some globally acting "statist" institutions would remain simply it would be impossible to organize society without them. Think about it like the Federation in Star Trek.
In the long term we want to abolish money, im socialism there would still be money but you'd receive it as compensation for the quantity and quality of your labor only, and not based on market price or financial schemes like in capitalism.
I am a Marxist-Leninist because it makes the most sense to me. It's logically the most coherent ideology, it was the biggest practical success rate, and has a scientific outlook.

What blue pill, comrade? This is the real RED pill.

I support neither religions nor states.

Do you just want communism in certain countries?

Nope, we need a worldwide revolution. Communism in one country is at best a starting point.

Do you all have any immediate prejudices?

I don't.

Do you want one world wide country?

I want no countries. "Countries" are a spook, they don't help the people inside them.

Just a world wide currency?

We're gonna abolish currency desu.

What do you believe and what makes you believe this?

No more oligarchs, no more shareholders, no more property: equality for all! If you're a materialist and remove spooky ideas about some people being "superior" or your rightful rulers, it's the natural conclusion desu.

you're cool man. keep the attitude. together we will free ourselves from all despots once for all. All Monarchs gone, powerless weak or if they want to submit us dead.

A one world state doesn not preclude smaller governemtn bodies for specific regions, indeed it would certainly be necessary. A one world state simply means that there exists an ultimate legal authority that has the entire panet as its juristiction. Again, its not a universal proposal. Many leftists want no government or a vast network of communes instead.

Socialism is a broad category and has no unifying model for resource distribution. Some call for central planning, some local/decentral planning with mediated in-kind trade (barter) between polities, some markets, and others various combinations of the above.

I feel very free with my beliefs user. It may be bleak but I am very happy, and I doubt anything here can truly sway my beliefs.
I am not here to be swayed. I am here to learn about my enemy before they are my enemy. A civil conversation before we are past that point, a sort of smoke break to wonder what could have been if I had stayed down the same path I was treading earlier in life (more left-leaning)

I apologize user. I don't know this boards memes yet and I figured it was a universal term.
Still waters do run deep user.
So do you have any?
True, everything needs a name.
I can respect a cohesive answer like that.

woah there edgelord I came to talk politics not get cut.

It…sounds confusing I won't lie. It sounds like the users of this board don't have as cohesive a consensus as Holla Forums on personal beliefs.


I try to be pragmatic. I'm a supporter of a mixed economy model with a lean toward socialism. (On this board everyone calls me a collaborate for thinking that.)

Classes, no. Not even the ones that oppress me. But that might just be because I rarely come in contact with them. 'Social structures' is to vague of term for me to engage with, sorry.

You should try to out grow that. Patriotism is fine. Regionalism is fine. Isolationism has its merits. But Nationalism can eat a dick.

No. I just don't have a dog in the fight here. One universal currency or multiple currencies that get exchanged - I don't care.

No, we're the ones who are actually trying to boycott Israel because its a far-right apartheid state but now the right-wing politicians here in burgerland are trying to make it illegal for us to do so. Really puts the cortex in a vortex
Capitalism is ultimately unsustainable by its very nature so global communism would be ideal
Personally not a fan of organized religion, though I generally support religious freedom as long as people aren't harming others because of it. Nothing against any particular ethnicity if that's what you meant
The goal is to have a society with no state or money, so no.
Webm related articulates it a lot better than I can.
The ruling class cannot be trusted to act on behalf of the working class, so control of society must be returned to the workers themselves and socioeconomic class must be done away with. Especially now, as automation is essentially rendering millions of jobs obsolete and the ruling class continues to push reforms meant to neglect or outright cull the poor for the profit of the rich, such as cuts to education and healthcare programs and removal of regulations meant to protect consumers, workers, and the environment.

You know what I meant.

No you're not. You have no friends, you're a misfit, you don't even question your ideology once, more importantly you're just weak & cringeworthy.

Read Ernest Jünger an actual Nazi who passed & saw all the bullshit from his muh privileged position in the SS. You know nothing, only what you were told by Holla Forums, you see the infographics & don't question the sources all Holla Forums says is absolute to your retard's mind. You don't dare to find things out for yourself & I was like that too a fucking idiot. It makes me angry I was so stupid, just a sheep now I finally am my own. Took a long time but still even when I look into my past & think of how much of a stupid follower of ideology I was it makes me cringe. I will never live for an ideal but for my own unique self.

I'm individualist, mutualist, socialist, communalist, I adopt whatever attitude I feel like with that particular individual I'm sharing life with. I'm not Monarch. I'm Anarch the way I use my power (my weapons, my skill, my physicality) is to liberate against those who want to suppress me or suppress the individuals I have grown to like.

You can't even tell me what the fuck is:
- Lebensraum
- Who Ernest Jünger was
- Who Bruno Paul was
- or anything really
Without googling. I'm an actual ex-nazi & you're just another Holla Forums drone piece of shit. Read books even shit you don't "agree" with.. smfh


you're projecting user. I have a healthy social life and i'm not very much of a misfit.
it's Ernst you fucking moron.
wow, you either you missed the point of his whining or it has been so long you have forgotten what that silver-spooned dog was whining about.
those are all ideals you just stated you're living for user
a place retard
got me on that one
- or anything really
wow 2/10 made me reply

I see it as the red pill, personally. Im an ancom btw.
Fuck zionism. I don't believe in any state.
You kind of have to start there.
I'd like to think not. Unless i see a rich cappie pig.
In the sense of confederations of communes world wide
No. Everyone already gets what they need and a decent bit of what they want too.
A deep se nse of compassion and care, as well as hope, for the human race.

You wish! LOL

You fear

nice. do you have any gum?

See you don't know shit. But you don't wanna start reading, fucking dumbass.
gn retard I'm off to sleep I have fucking work tomorrow

have fun at your wage slave job, while I continue to enjoy my paid vacation. Don't let your feathers get too ruffled over losing a shit flinging fight


Sorry user, got distracted by mr. projectionist.
it's a pet peev of mine.
again, sorry. Thought it was a universal term. Other anons cleared that up for me.
okay that makes some sense to me.
How? Not trying to be rude. Just asking about logistics.
Nothing wrong with that user. Good on you for staying positive on the subject of people. no one is beyond saving on some level or another, and that's something that many lose sight of.

No. Anti-Israel, not big on the Jewish religion, not against the Jews as a race though.

Frankly, I just want everyone to be treated fairly. Whether that comes from communism or socialism or any other "ism" I really don't give a fuck. But capitalism, as it is now, is not working for the vast majority of people, and it will only get worse with time. There are not enough jobs, college is a meme, and most of the population is not paid fairly for their labor.

I have no prejudices against anyone based off the way they were born, (black, gay, whatever) with the exception of people born into a family that has never struggled with poverty. I was raised by a single mother who was always working multiple jobs and in college so she could support my brother and I better. She was never above the poverty line until I was 22. I was also a college student working multiple jobs starting at age 16. And I went to school for practical shit, not fucking gender studies or whatever. So seeing rich people complain, "Oh, poor people are just poor cause they don't work hard enough" when they have never had to experience poverty, and when their "jobs" consist mostly of just sitting around while other people make them money, is definitely enough to make me dislike them and assume most rich people are incredibly ignorant about how normal people live.

Other than that, I do have prejudices against people of ideologies. My friends and I were all pretty liberal moderates when we were younger, then GamerGate happened and now my friends are unironic white supremacists, which disgusts me. (GamerGate made me hate SJW's but never converted me to the alt-lite) So the whole neo-nazi/white supremacist ideology is something I oppose on every level. And it's a deeply personal hatred because it's corrupted my close friends into legitimately terrible people. Also not particularly fond of most religious people/traditionalists/rednecks/anyone who basically encourages people to be stupid, though I'd never want to hunt them down and exterminate them like I would neo nazis, I just dislike them aand find them kinda retarded.

It doesn't really matter IMO. As with the communism question, all the matters is people are treated fairly. So long as that is attained, country and currency don't matter to me. I'll support whatever works best for the most people.

Vague question, but again, I just want people treated fairly. It's not fair that people are born into wealth and never actually work a day in their lives while others do physical labor every day until it gives them permanent physical injuries that they can never have treated because healthcare is price gouged and their shit job doesn't pay enough or have any medical benefits. It's not fair that people are made to feel subhuman and threatened by people every day because of their skin color. Those are the issues I want to see fixed. How it happens and whatever "ism" people want to call it doesn't matter.

A very key question that is difficult to answer, but no.
Communists see the value created in society measured by the socially nessecary labour time that went into its production. From child raising to schooling to mining the resources etc. We believe that once a communist mode of production is in place (read: no private production ), society will function on the basis of 'from each acording to his ability, to each acording to his need'.

A thing that is important to remember here, is that under communism we would not be limited by the capitalist need for scarcity, we would not be afraid of the value of a product dropping since we are not producing it for exhange.

To clarify; this is the final goal of communism, and something most agree is not entirely feasible while in the long process of creating a fully communist society.

I want communism worldwide
I tend to presume Holla Forumsyps are idiots
I wouldn't call it a country but I want worldwide communism
I want no currency.
That the workers of the world should unite because we have nothing to lose but our chains.

No, worldwide.
I want no country.
No currency either.
Ancom because I got a job early on and based on the failures of ML and modern conditions don't think a party will work.

Fuck Israel and fuckkkk porky.
That is my philosophy. Right wingers and supremacists who want to gas me aren't my enemy, they're just symptoms caused by porky's sickness. Remove porky and they will either come back to their senses or leave.

Anarcho-pragmaticist here

In short, fuck israel and religious jews as a whole, fuck palestine too though, both countries belong to me, there's no "blue pill"
In short, learn from the past, employ the useful tactics as material circumstances dictate, avoid the same mistakes past leaders have made
Any and all tactics are fair game, being principled is for closet bisexuals such as left-communists (no leftcoms allowed)