Since a lot of use are students, i decided to do a homework general where people can ask and help with homework / studying questions about any topic. Discuss

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ebin trole

study bordiga

I'm falling behind with my classes because I read to much theory instead of studying for school, wat do?

How does if feel being stereotypes, while leftists like me work high test jobs?

concentrate on school u dope, plenty of time to study theories after u graduate. theory = a hobby, school is what will get u a job

But I have to start working after graduation which means 0 time or energy for theory.

My profs are striking right now, me and some friends are going to start doing rounds on the picket line bringing people coffee and shit.

What trade?


In history we have to write a 10 page paper on pretty much what ever topic we want, as long as it is about something between 1918 and 1989. What should I write about? Help me Holla Forums.


The strikes of the depression.

Or the German Revolution.

Did the german revolution last year. Kinda thinking about doing the wobblies

Hungarian Revolution.

I'm in automation but I actually hate putting circuits together and all the electric side of it. I like everything that's not physical but I hate actual circuits.

you guys failed


Battle of Blair Mountain.

The seattle general strike of course
If eugene debs would have been president, that would have been the american Red October

lol wat.

You are dumb.


I want to get into a trade but they are so nepotistic. I don't even know why I'm in uni I don't fit in.

How do I interpolate a fraction?


sounds like software is the path for you

Please stop, sucking your own dick over what area you're studying in is dumb

hmmm makes me ponder why would they choose those years in particular

Tfw you're about to fail 2 classes

It's just the same thing over, and over again. It's bad when I'm not smarter than the students I teach. It makes me nervous to think that if I ever had to reapply for my job, I wouldn't be hired. Although It's been good not having to explain my self for the last 20 years. I didn't make the kids stupid, that's on the parents, that's on the government, NOT me.

dude the semester just started, theres time to recover

You can do it user you can still save the semester!

most of us are workers.

Enver Hoxha