All young leftists should join the military for professional training in tactics and weapons. But just don't out yourself public ally like that moron at west point. hide you god damn power level until you're full out (4+ years have passes since your enlistment is done, because you're still on inactive reserve). Otherwise, you'll be kicked out obviously.

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national guard is a better idea because you won't be deployed overseas

I wonder who could be behind this post


While it's true that the National Guard are only supposed to defend United States territory and therefore can't be used in any kind of invasion or foreign war, they can be used to "defend" any territory the United States is occupying.

every time you fuckers.first off if you think learning shit from the internet is the same as being professionally trained, your a moron. Next thing you know youll be telling me watching a few videos from codeacademy.com is the same as a masters degree in software engineering.

This guy has the right idea, better yet join the navy or AF. well AF you will have a chance to be assigned to drones but in the navy you'll probably just be on ships doing boat shit. In any case, if only the dumbest guys get assigned to infantry, anyway.



explain how exactly, am i CIA? you fuckers are just as bad as Holla Forums 'lul everyone i disagree with is a shill'. Why the fuck would the CIA want lefties to join the military? seems like the exact opposite of what they would want.

they still do basic training with regular guns. Also who say the rev. wont have drones? the're getting cheaper every day.

The national guard sounds like the best suggestion so far really. Don't have to go be an imperialist, training, cash, first on the scene to any insurrection.

Serving in military was the best time of my life, without a doubt. Freedom form normal social pressures, taking and later giving orders, the comradeship and sense of purpose.

Why? 90% of soildering is physical fitness, which you can definely learn outside of the military. The combat training and weapons are again something you can lean outside the military. There are so many ex military guys offering that type of training for a fee.

So the glorious revolutionary army is going to function without artillery,armored or air forces not to mention other specialized combat roles?

could you just settle for not destabilizing the middle east?

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Regardless of whether military or national guard service would be good for leftists, it is absolutely vital that we get active duty and veteran soldiers on our side. A good first step would be pushing for an independent military union.

its illegal to be communist in the military

Wrong. I had two friends who joined the National Guard while in highschool (06-08ish). Both were informed that they'd be deployed to Afghanistan shortly after basic training.
One came out as trans and was given an honorary discharge (pre-DADT repeal), the other went to the desert. He has metal in his knee after a vehicle he was in ran afoul of an IED, one or two of the people he was with in the attack died on-site.

Do not trust recruiters.

While I agree that the military can be useful, it's not for everyone, and you shouldn't push them into it. However, if you really want to get a bit of training and still want to do shit that helps your community, I hear the NatGuard is pretty good at that. I have a nephew that helped out in hurricane relief recently, and he says the best thing about it was seeing people get really happy when they rode in and started helping out. I'm really proud of him if only for that. We have to be like that. If people's faces light up when the Socialist Brigades show up, then you know we're winning the hearts and minds of the country.

If there was a left-leaning military to join that would probably be at least a neutral-to-positive idea, but for most people on this board that means joining a military that services the interests of capital, which is directly counter to leftist ideology.

Additionally, it is not implied here that having a degree of training in tactics and weapons will be sufficiently helpful towards furthering the ends of leftist political theory? That if a certain number of trained infantry were to try their hand at revolution against a modern nation-state that it would be successful? I find that claim to be dubious.

Everything you do is in the interests of capital as long as there is capitalism.

Having a lot of leftists in the military basically ensures that they will defect when the time comes.

I'd avoid posting that picture. They look like shit-tier larpers.

Oh, shut the fuck up. My 143 gt score says different. It might come as a surprise to you, but most infantrymen want to be infantrymen, you fucking pog.

I seriously disagree with this, I’m going to give you my personal Input about it.
When I was 16, I almost joined the naval military academy from the country that I’m from, in there they physically and mentally abuse you, in preparation for you to accept the military as your family.
And it so happens to be that the military in here, are highly sympathetic for fascism and hardcore conservatives, how do I know this?
I know a lot of people in there and my mother is married to one of them.
So no It’s a disastrous idea to join the military.
That was part of the reasons of why I got kicked out, my rebellious and questioning attitude towards everything, and I’m so glad I didn’t ended up like this, even tho I lack all the social security, I’m still studying and I don’t have a job.
Also there is a deep hatred for Anarchism, Communism and Socialism among the military from here, they are literally a bunch of boot lickers.

Not untrue, though certain activities are more in the interest of capital than others. Being a literal bought-and-paid-for tool of the military industrial complex is higher on that list than a lot of other things one could be doing, in my opinion.

What does this accomplish? And will these individuals know to defect in unison? Did the left-leaners currently serving defect when Trump was elected? Or when Bush started an illegal war or two? I think your heart is in the right place, user, but I'm not sure that what you're thinking will happen will happen. Is there anything else about this plan of having lefties try to integrate into the armed services that would make it make more sense?

Yeah, you could be funding it, oh wait.

Yeah, believe it or not, people do keep up with the news even in the military.

You need a critical mass. One soldier doesn't make a difference, and plenty did try to get out of their contracts because of shit like this.

If you have leftists controlling full battalions of soldiers that also have a large majority of leftists, this will make for ready-made units if shit ever breaks out. How do you think it's happened in past revolutions and civil wars? Do you think it's impossible to defect from the military or something? Because you're arguing against history.

Tbh if you really want to learn skills useful to the leftist cause join a fucking Union and become an organizer/steward/etc. Organizing and campaigning are far more important than shooting shit, the basics of which you can learn on your own. Especially since modern militaries will have you mostly focus on a niche roll that's only useful in the context of a modern military. If you spend a few weeks with basic infantry tactics then you spend far more time marching/drilling, and learning your specific role, most of which are pointless without the modern equipment to back it up.

Get a gun, study geurilla small unit tactics. If illiterate Afghan shepherds can figure it out I'm sure you can too.

a fucking men

Congratulations, you now know what combined arms is. Yes, you will need to learn a specific role even in a socialist military. This isn't going to change.

They die by the droves and lose tactically every single time. I do not want this for you all.

And what's the point if we don't have tanks, artillery, air power?

And they're winning the war.

These are things we must acquire if we're going to win any kind of conflict in the long term.

I wouldn't call it winning when foreign troops operate with impunity whenever they want and government troops increasingly get more adept at kicking your ass. The only reason for Taliban resurgence is US withdrawal. If the US stayed, as it would in its own fucking country, the Taliban would still be on the run. Not only that, but government troops have taken over a lot of their turf, which means that the Taliban will never be in a position of unrivaled power again. I wouldn't count that as a win, even if the US didn't get anything out of it.

Yes but there is no point in learning them before then. If there were a revolution most of the fighting against the government would be geurilla operations. The most you would see apart from small arms would be small drones or light artillery/mortars.

Fair enough but much of this has a lot to do with the fact that the Taliban is simply hopelessly outgunned. The only way we could overcome that is with foreign support.

I would argue that it's better to have ready-trained personnel then move quickly to capture the materiel that you need using your initial force.

Or, we could get local support from defecting units. This is what happened in the USSR. Support of the military is the only way to win a civil war.

That was kind of the intention.

You can't steer the capitalist military industrial complex by getting a few infantry troops trained enough in combat that they can train other people who have the intent of forming a revolution within a country ruled by the capitalist military industrial complex. Even good tactics and training will only go so far against an enemy with nation-state level resources, especially when you're in their back yard - the energy needed for force-projection on their part is minimal. Their control of mass media is much greater. Their ability to censor you and hide your victories is much greater, every advantage is stacked against a militia-style revolutionary uprising.

This is why you need people within the military.

I think this is wishful thinking, user… - and think about it from a futures perspective. At a time when every phone call, email, text, forum post, etc. is logged and cataloged by nation states who have the power to do so, would you imagine the soldiers of the future to have perfect OPSEC before joining the service, keeping their collective mouths shut about their political identity for the entirety of their lives before joining a military who has a strong interest in vetting their history before promoting them to any sort of command?

No, I think that even if strong leftists were to join up and be superior in qualifications that the powerstructure at work within modern (and future) fighting forces would keep them below command-level. A dim but unwaveringly 'patriotic, loyal' grunt would get that battalion command (or just someone with more accepted ideology who is more or less qualified for the position - they don't have to be a dimwit, but it makes the point clearer).

You make a point about the history of warfare and how defection played a role, but I think you need to take a closer examination of who was fighting the wars basically prior to 1980 and what their training was like. Before then most forces were conscripts to some degree or another. Drafted, there without choice, and very poorly trained by modern standards. In the 80s, when the service was voluntary and the need for small-scale sorties became the norm (proxy wars, micro-conflicts, as opposed to full-on invasion forces) there became a much greater impetus to thoroughly vet the people you were devoting so much time and resources to training. The Cold War didn't help this because it basically made modern militaries paranoid about who was enlisting and what kind of training they were giving potential enemies.

Not even pol allows military shill threads.
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