*centrally plans your socialist state*

*centrally plans your socialist state*
psssh…nothin personnel…anarchkiddo…

that meme was weaker than Jeb!

There's nothing wrong with central planning.

You can have centrally planned anarchy though. AI will allow us to coordinate production between all municipalities without having to erect unnecessary bureaucracy.

You're studying in the library when this guy comes up behind you and plans the economy of Scotland on your laptop.
What do you do?

Buy him a high performance cluster. I'm sure more computing power helps even though economic planning was possible on 1980s hardware.

A tankie speaking some sense? Not surprising, I think you're one of the few here that doesn't use the flag to shitpost.

What on EARTH do tankies mean when they say this?

Nice cyberneticgang, but why did Cockshott thought the best place to take his take his bio pic was in front of a Kebab?

Read Marx.

which pages of the marx-engels collected works?

I'm friends with him on fb, guy is a bit 'alien' you know the deep in thought esoteric interests professor types. Correct line on everything though, love the man

someone should post that image that labels everyone in that picture who was purged/killed under stalin

literally the 4 out of 7 bolsheviks with visible faces in op's pic were executed

Read Nyden.

*teleports behind u*

I'm sorry but this forced Titoposting is just really awkward, Yugoslavia was a failure and showed signs of capitalist crisis like every other capitalist country. If anything the Yugos are an argument for central planning

And yet they are the only socialist country that didn't have to make it illegal to leave.

You realize that there was freedom of travel within the Eastern Bloc? It wasn't also "illegal to leave" just harder restrictions. It's understandable considering the good relations the Yugos had with the west.

Why do you hate yourself so much?

All industry is micromanaged and planned. An overall central plan forces industry to produce in accordance to what the planners want. Hopefully these autists work for the benefit of society as a whole but that is decided by democracy not by the presence or absence of planning.

"state" is the word most people think of for the notion of "body that administrates a wide variety of things within society", sorry dude

people call shit like the cameron->may transition in the UK a "change in government" even though basically nothing happened to the body that administrated things