This people wants me to drop off comics

This people wants me to drop off comics

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dat bulge

literally all heroes are "Alt-Right" they exist to mantain the boirgy status quo

I dislike a lot of Image's barely disguised TV pitches but at least for a time they did something different than this capeshit. Burger comics deserves to die.

Who is this inked beauty?

She's got retard eyes. At least it will be good for jokes, unless they over egg it. Why am I typing this they over egg everything.

Why am I not surprised these faggots have no taste?

Jessica beppler


This is deviantart tier

the only thing "triggering" to anybody is how incredibly cringe this comment is.

The art style is even worse

They did this already back in the bush years.

golden age superman was basically socialist propaganda. Modern capeshit isn't alt-right, it's just your standard liberal crap.

So it's on par with modern Marvel titles?
Cause a lot of what they publish straight up looks like something some dumb teenager with little or no artistic ability shit out.
Content looks about as cringeworthy as well.

Honestly I would take that over a Rob Liefeld rip off looking armless titty beast. Because we've already went through that dark time in comics. Let's just enjoy the current dark time in peace without having to be reminded of 1990-2007.

And I know Rob Liefeld and Armless are oxymorons.

1990-2007 had a lot of good stuff buried under the grimdark Rob Liefeld schlock.

Once again Holla Forums, you play right into his hands. How can you beat such a master ruseman at his own game?

If you're upset you're evil which is why I, who drew this comic out of emotional response to my critics, am not in stress.

I'm much more involved in comics as a form that doesn't involve super heroes and shit at all at this point, so shit like what this guy is doing just seems inane and childish, poorly drawn to me. Bitter is a good word.

He could spend his time improving his art style, actually making a comic book that doesn't involve fucking capes, but he can't I guess.



I dunno man, the chick who draws Squirell Girl might seriously be a worse artist than Liefeld ever was.
And the 90s-2007 era did have some real gems, provided you were willing to sift through the shit.
We don't even have that anymore.

It's sad to think that some aut-right tards are actually going to read this comic. They should be embarrassed that these small issues consume their lives.

Time to face the facts: We're all going to read it to look for images to shitpost at each other

The entire planet is becoming too embarrassing to live in.

There will never be a better comic book fascist than Lord Horror.

compare this
Holla Forums is trying hard



jej, playing right into porky's hands.


They coined it themselves.

What the fuck was this edgy, retarded mess? Is it a fetish comic?


Edgy, fetishistic and messy as hell. The author was jailed a bunch of times on obscenity charges, the comics seized by the Manchester police and burned. Lord Horror the novel was the last book in Britain to be banned county wide. This was all in the late 80s - mid 90s.

Anyway, Lord Horror is a sort of fantasy version of William Joyce where instead of being a lowly Nazi propagandist broadcaster, he was a radio dj who harnessed the charisma of rock n roll to spread fascism.

I love the art and the lack of moralizing. You can read a little more of what the artist had in mind here:

And here:

It actually sounds pretty good. Need to get into graphic novels at some point

There will immediately be, if there isn't already, tremendous amounts of porn with black superheroes drilling every hole this cartoon has, and maybe even some new ones, full of spunk. There's going to be some triggering all right. Or should I say, "alt-right?" :^)

Have you seen Holla Forums's Christ-chan comic?

They pay for this.
Uh oh Holla Forums's stealing memes again :^o

who's the artist?

Batman in particular. He's a fascist.

Welcome to hot takes from 2003 everyone



Just more proof that right wingers only hate antifa because of the weird urges they gives them