Libertarian advocates the selling of children


Reminder that they actually believe this.

why didn't they read Bordiga?

This is nothing new. Friendly reminder that Rothbard, in The Ethics of Liberty, supported child slave markets and even child murder by starvation, because it technically did not violate the NAP.

Many anons here haven't read Bordiga, do you think lolberts who read Reason articles and half of a Basic Economics textbook could read him?

Now you're asking the real questions.

Why do a maymay when I can sit bacc and wait for them to do it for me?


but why

Too late for that. At least it was decent.

I'm trying to do better.


Prove it

Do you want to be sold?

Hey, don't lump me in with those filthy libertarians.

Its like they don`t realize that slavery and more over indefinite workforce's are things of past and not the way markets have been moving…

me on the right.

Why should anyone have to prove to you that selling children is wrong

You're right user, all these anons complaining about the disease of rampant human trafficking, what liberals

People aren't commodities


What gave it away?

What are puppy mills for 0.01 Bitcoins mr lolbert.

had a feeling

It displeases me, and ultimately liking or disliking something is the basis of most morality and therefore most of politics. Despook yourself my property.

Child is a property of a parent so its logical


From a libertarian perspective, because the commodification of people negates their rights as human beings. Slavery is incompatible with liberalism

There is no such thing as "rights as human beings"
Nobody has any inherent "rights".

Seriously, fam, don't you even know the history of your philosophy?
Libertarian ideology is founded on the idea that people are fundamentally equal. This is the basis for the whole concept of consent and voluntary agreement. The entire philosophy is nonsensical without this. People cannot be equal if half of them are commodities (slaves)


I know, I'm very naive

But people arent equal

Equality in the classical liberal sense doesn't mean everybody is exactly the same, it means that they have equal rights to life, liberty, and property by virtue of their humanity. If you don't believe that then you aren't a libertarian.

They are though

Holy shit ancaps are such brainlets
Read a book

Then stop pretending you're an ancap, the basic granting of equal rights is foundational to the philosophy you claim to espouse but can't understand (even though it's already an ideology for autistic teens)

At this point I am entirely convinced libertarians should have their brains scooped out and used as fertilizer. They don't don't deserve them. Before I was willing to bet they were mostly just misguided but this thread was the final straw that broke the camels back

You shoud have second thought about that. Would ou eat wheat that grew on Ancap's brain?

That would imply they even have brains

Now say, "state regulation of the market is needed to ensure fair competition."