Happy people are wrong! People should do what i want!

Why is this forum full of spoiled manbabies?


this is an imageboard, pal



read bordiga



clearly the image of a healthy society


happy people can be wrong
if i'm correct, people would benefit from doing what i want

You could have posted this in any board.

Triggered hedonist detected. Your happiness comes at the expense of ours, just like how the boss's wealth comes from our surplus value. In a real society, people would just let faggots like you die of AIDS instead of shelling out millions to pay for your own fun. Eat shit and fuck off.

equally bad ancap like take

No argument so they resort to semantics, i see.

This might ruin your babby-tier elitism but imageboards and textboards are, in fact, forums.


what semantics?

Why do you need an argument? Fucking spoiled brat


I don't know lads I think OP has a point, look at the kid in the picture he seems happy to me.


I'm not OP you pathetic hivemind retard.

Jesus christ, I've probably been on imageboards for twice as long as you. For some reason fuckers on 4chan really dislike getting called a forum when the Japanese have no problem calling Futaba and 2ch BBS, forums, etc.

Of course, he'd be living in a fucking agricultural society if not for the job creators, fucking hippie

This applies most to tankies tbh.


Hey if you're happy in this society then more power to you, but that doesn't mean that most people are. Most people pretend to be happy because really what other choice do they have? Being sad isn't appealing to employers, lovers, friends or family. Better to pretend all is well then to confront something you can't possibly change by yourself. And meanwhile you can pick up bad habits to make the nightmare all the more bearable

OP might be a retard but you're almost as fucking dumb if you don't know imageboards are literally just anonymous forums. Not all forums need registration or usernames, you know?

2channel calls itself a forum and Futaba started as, guess what, 2channel with added pictures (and a global post counter, and thread deletion by age rather than inactivity, etc. but this is something that doesn't have much to do with my main point).


Guy behind him looks pretty fucking happy. How do we stop this?

We need to enact our kabbalistic plan to destroy the aryan race

Their happiness comes at the expense of others.

I'm with her!