West Point Grad Shows Off His Communist Side

West Point Grad Shows Off His Communist Side
U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone may now be under investigation for posting images on social media promoting communism with messages that were hidden under his uniform.
The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., scrambled Tuesday to respond to a past graduate’s photos he brazenly posted to social media depicting communist slogans underneath his uniform while still a cadet. In response to 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone, who goes by the name “Commie Bebop” and uses the handle @punkproletarian on Twitter, the academy stated:
Rapone is currently serving with the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum in New York State. A spokeswoman for the division made no mention of the investigation, but said that while it supports the First Amendment, putting on the uniform precludes the wearer from engaging in political discourse.
Military regulations specifically prohibit active duty and reserve members of the armed forces from supporting political parties or candidates while in uniform.

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just when I thought I've seen all ideology has to offer

If it was a Trump shirt they would not care…

Liberals would have slaughter him. Holla Forums would have loved him,

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Can someone tell me why or how they're investigating him? Have things got so bad in this pisshole country that someone can favor communism an ideology that crushed the Nazis and hasn't threatened America in 30+ years and get investigated?

If Holla Forums actually this gullible?

Thanks for the thread and all but I think this is the third one already. Catalog, nigga.

On the other threads we claim he's a larper.
On the side note, why are these not donning political views in uniform?

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Is this like your first time finding out about red scare bullshit and mccarthyism? This shit isn't new and was even on full blast during occupy which was super recent.

He's a pretty standard Democratic Cops of America kid, he's not like a full on tankie or anything but he's not pretending about his views. He's just not as left as he thinks he is

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engaging in partisan political activity while in uniform has long been forbidden by the United States military and it should be

I thought it was Svoboda party.
Sorry for the mistake.

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I mean, that's kind of understandable. Yeah, the military is inherently political and we know that these guys talk about their personal views, but when they're competing to broadcast different individual messages it's probably pretty bad for morale or discipline or whatever the fuck they call it. It's inherently hierarchical and they keep a top-down order to what kind of image they put out.

Yeah, it's weird that I've seen multiple threads from some evangelist's site.

Work on your reading comprehension skills

anti-capitalism is still the one and only taboo.

In order to enlist into any one of the US' military branches, you must do a little bit of paperwork and swear an oath, all of which forfeits you of certain rights that normal civilians enjoy, namely freedom of speech. By posting pictures of himself expressing political views, he is now subject to being court-martialed, as he has violated DoDD 1334.10 which, as I understand it, is integrated into the Uniform Code of Military Justice