November the 4th

So I have been hearing rumblings that ANTIFA as well as other self proclaimed leftist groups are planning on taking over government buildings and such in the US on Nov 4th in order to force Trump/Pence out of the white house. Do you think anything will come of this? Are you supporting it? Will this turn into another OWS?

Its been planned on the centennial of the Russian revolution.

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I'm definitely going to attend.

this has got to be the dumbest I've ever heard


Like I know what the hell will come of it.
When I first heard of it I thought it was just pol bullshitting. But apparently some groups are planning to do this.

I said "self proclaimed".
I guess we'll have to wait and see if its just a larp or not.

Yes, at the world headquarters of antifa Georg Soros informed us of the plan of attack on the last holdouts against ZOG Occupied Government. We will use jewish magic and Hegelian dialectics to take over the world and only a ragtag team of autists can stop us.

Can't you fuckers read?

These fuckers are an embarrassment to the very word "revolution".

You got a source for this?

If Antifa do something stupid like that we are pretty much fucked, will tarnish the left image forever.

Yes, we must worry about our image. They will tarnish it if we're not careful :^)

Fuck DRUMPF and fuck wypipo, amirite fellow Berniepedes?

t. not FBI

Let me guess OP, your sources are boston and emerald city antifa?

The October Revolution happened on the 7th of November, though. Can't Antifa do anything right?

One of these days Holla Forums are going to falseflag Noam Chomsky into president for life.

Sargon made a video about this totally real and not Holla Forums faleflag event, kek.

Its OWS, not OGB.

He's included Nazbol pics before, he's not the sharpest.

That's what it says. You feeling okay user?

Here are some of the articles I found

You are fucking mental if you think a movement with bad image will get you anywhere.

If your fate rests upon your treatment in the media and that alone then don't bother doing anything, you're already fucked.

Saying "ZOG Occupied Government" is redundant. The OG stands for Occupied Government. Autist.

also yes, I was at the meeting. let us hope Slam Harris Sokal and the Kekistani Conquistadors do not foil our plan

This must be a lie since I haven't seen this shitty "plan" anywhere else other than here in Holla Forums.

I call bullshit. I have a bunch of anarchist friends both real life & online. I would have already known.

It's not even antifa, it's The Revolutionary Communist Party.

i believe politico (one of the top bourgeois media in america) had an article on it.

oh lol


yup its a leftcom


It's a word filter that adds Occupied Government. ZOG Occupied Government. Z0G.

it's meant to be because of Bonfire Night to Guy Fawkes night as it is known to most people (even though that is the 5th).

Sadly, no.


90% of White Americans thought the Freedom Riders did more harm than good.

I support killing of American President and whole American government.

You must be new here



Fuck Drumpf and fuck ALL white people

totally, fellow Holla Forums regular

Inb4 Afroplasam.

I very much doubt these Mensheviks will celebrate the Red October.

ohai Langley

No thanks

What fucking movement?


Including Jews, you're white too.

why would the antifa anarkiddies celebrate the october revolution?

do they forget what happened to kronstadt sailors and makhno once bolsheviks have seized power?

why would the antifa anarkiddies celebrate the october revolution?

do they forget what happened to kronstadt sailors and makhno once bolsheviks have seized power?

Nov4 is going to be cool. Occupy + Antifa + tankies + smashies? Sign me up


Looks like a really shity comic con meet up