Second American civil war

How likely is a second American Civil War to happen and if it does happen how likely is it that there’s a socialist faction.

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It'll be like the Spanish Civil War.



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Okay, explain to me where it is wrong?

there is nothing "wrong", it's just hearsay.
you think people don't lie on the internet?

Could probably make this a mod in DH or HOI4


This. /k/ has additionally been slowly flooded with glory seeking "EPIC GREENTEXT XD" fags since at least 2014.

That's what they said about Russia

wrong. read molotov and rafiq

Why is the north red? I thought they were liberals in there.


In America red is associated with republicans/conservatives; blue dems/liberals

only since the 90s.


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Same goes for Russia and China. Before the revolution they were very right wing.

None. Americans are too cucked and stupid.

-Alaska joins up with canada
-Hawaii just becomes some shitty polynesian country with a lot of white people or seeing as US territories are up for grabs joins Japan as it tries to beat China to the punch
-Washing and Oregon team up
-California breaks up into South vs North (Jefferson) vs Silicon Valley
-Texas absorbs Oklahoma (they're literally just poor north texas with casinos anyways) and bits of Louisiana (probably at least to Shreveport)
-New Mexico and Arizona would probably team up for a south-west country, and probably make a lot of deals with SoCal and mexico
-Utah would declare themselves their own country and legalize child brides, libertarians across the globe declare themselves mormons and move to their pedo-israel
-Wyoming and idaho would probably just be broken up and split between other territories
-Dakotas unite and maybe a few states like Nebraska and Montana join them to form some libertarian Yeoman state, maybe bits of Minnesota
-Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio team up as a Great Lakes state and holds all the surrounding state/country hostage for water
-Most of the northern New England states try to get annexed into Canada (I'm sure they'd love having New York City) and those that don't join (like Maryland or New Jersey) would probably form they're own Central East Coast country
-Lower mid west states like Illinois and Pennsylvania team up and form Coal Country
-Shitty southern states join up and form Noe-Confederacy, massive white flight from rural Great Lakes and Coal Country into it and massive black flight out to Great Lakes or New England
-Florida might try to form its own thing with its neighbors, but the state is so divided that I could see a lot of hisapnics fleeing and then the southern peninsula being taken over by crazy rednecks who want beach front property (who will then get btfo'd when the next hurricane comes because)

Its already happeing. War is online and thru secret agents now

A communications disruption can mean only one thing…


right wingers are such LARPing faggots

Better question is why would a civil war in the usa ever happen?

The idea that they'll magically have a monopoly on agriculture goes to show how fantastical that scenario is.

Will end instantly as military declare martial law and militias side with them.

Don't start a war where your faction biggest flaw is the lack of army/police support.

And look how that ended.

Not gonna happen, Ameriburgers are far more concerned with chicken mc nuggets than politics, almost all the population in the US are brainlets.

No. What would the sides even be?

Most likely, it would be a minority coalition + socialists vs. the Federal government and the military and police. The odds aren't good for the socialists unless you get backing from Russia or China.

Unlikely. Despite is being in Burgerland, it’e pretty woke.

That isn’t war

Let’s be honest. A civil war in America will lead to a lot of urbanites starving. Urban agriculture can save some people, but It can’t feed everyone though.

The collapse of the petrodollar is inevidble. And when it does the America will be in a similar situation as 1920’s Germany.

At least they had a revolution…that's a lot more than what you could say about pretty much every other fucking country in the world.

Since the 2000s, oops.

If you think America will ever have another civil war in our life time, you clearly have no understanding of the socioeconomic causes of the first civil war.

How is this game even played out?



America won't be having a civil war like Syria or Spain, it would most likely resemble something like the troubles in Ireland or the "years of lead" in Italy. Depending on what happens in the coming years with the overdue recession and failing economy it's up for speculation if there will be a substantial socialist presence in the country, more people are being receptive to left-wing ideas but it seems unlikely though that any region in the country would become a Catalonia 2.0. If things got really out of hand you could expect martial law for a while with the gov. fighting militias in a bush war in rural areas and bombings in cities while porky tries to escape with all his shit.

Not going to happen. The Roo is right there is no financial interest in a 2nd civil war like there was with the first one. We might see more civil unrest but we won't have an all out war.

not gonna happen until next crisis.
also a second american civil war will undoubtedly be located in the context of a third world war (aka the ultimate class war)

Was that pun intentional?

The two civil conflicts in America's history were started because the rich couldn't stand the thought of becoming less rich. You better bet the third one will be the same.

I feel like the Great Lakes coalition would do pretty well, considering there's a nice mix of industry and agriculture, while most of the others are only one or the other. Anyone know the revolutionary potential for the midwest?

What is New England? It’s already has much more socialist organizing the most of the country. It’s also the birthplace of communalism.

Michigan Upper peninsula. It was a big mining area with a lot of unions, but then the mining stopped and they started voting republican, but there’s still a union mentality. Leftist has been increasing there due to the farm to table movement. There’s still lot’s of natural resources there, so in any civil war we would want them on there side. The also control a canal connecting lake superior to the rest of the great lakes. (St. Sue Locks) The problems is that very few people live there, and despite having a bunch of proud peasants, agriculture is limited by a short growing season, but using hoop houses (an inexpensive version of a green house) that problem is reduced. The best way to incase leftist there is by showing the small farmers there how to do collective farming to fight off big agriculture. Getting them on our side would be useful because there near Detroit and they can supply Detroit with natural resources and food while Detroit manufactures weapons.

Considering the amount of execs and money in the region do you honestly think porky wouldn't crack down hard on that? Some regions will have more agitation than others in the event of political upheaval following a severe economic crash, with some even having gov. authority overpowered in areas. But an autonomous region within the US would have to deal with America's already massive and expanding air fleet.

The thing is that New England (especially Norther New England) has some terrain which is great for guerrilla warfare.

But would that terrain completely nullify the advantage of the gov's air fleet? Like I said I wouldn't be surprised at a bush war being waged in America between guerrillas and the government, but a completely autonomous region like Catalonia holding territory and existing in the US with drones and missile strikes still around seems unlikely.

I feel like with how spooked America is another civil war would be heavily race-based (or based in some other kind of spook)

i can see it being taught in high school 100 years from now

Idk I think it really depends on where you are. Issue with New England is there is a really strong libertarian sense in New Hampshire, and TONS of cushy liberals too comfy to push for revolution. Blue collar folks are also very republican, it just so happens there are a lot of more lefty people in differerent industries

im not a native speaker, i tried to refer to an hypothetical wwiii, not a war in the third world

But didn't he liked cuckquean porn on Twitter?

I meant more like a race/gender war but that too

It was a Rick and Morty reference that nobody got because his fans are idiots, retard.


Most cities are built along the coasts so we can just import food from other countries while starving rural America of the subsidies that have kept them afloat for so long.

War is the continuation of politics by other means faggot. Ur saying cyber isn't war, that social manipulation isnt war? Fuck oooooffffff

To be fair, you have to have a very high Autism Level to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewers head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂
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Again what we need to do is get and train people in Anti-Air defense.

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i think increasing political unrest followed by one form or another of balkanization is more likely than any kind of organized civil war. the underlying social contradictions of american society would surely erupt in racial violence and genocides.

7/10, comes off as genuine

leftist urbanites will be genocided by their own pet niggers

the right will win within 48 hours without having to do anything

But where you get advanced weapon like Pantsir-S1 or 2K22 Tunguska?

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Make them. New England has lot’s of weapons, factories, particularly in Boston.

How much of America's air arsenal is made in New England? If it did go full lefty would it be able to even the playing field between the gov. and any other militias in the country?

During civil wars it's best not to think in strict geographical divides [x state goes left]. Concentrations of equipment become vulnerable of stay stay by virtue of the local opposition forces, luck, and other factors. The entire country turns to liquid and local forces fight for petty local control depending on prevailing sentiments in the area.

You deserve a (you) for that

Not to much, but higher then average amount of equipment per capita. New England only has 15 million people, so most of the fighting would be guerrilla style. The US military could still function well if they lost New England, but New England would have aces to advanced weapons.

Consolidation of American bacon, more like. I live in NJ and the plants in my backyard never grow because he blots out the sun most of the time. The law the NJ government passed preventing state employees from living outside the state was to keep him from growing any larger.

do you have any more of those memes?


Yeah, good luck with that. They might make minor inroads to secure resource-rich areas but they will be contested and most of their eastern neighbors have been looking for an excuse to shoot Californians on sight for thirty years.

Which colors represent who?

I have no fucking idea, but it's retarded.

Yes, which sounds more like a bush war, with no side having complete geographic dominance but rather they fight one another in skirmishes or raid locations that have opposing sentiments. Although what would have to happen to the US for it to break down to such a degree?


yerp 609 native here solidarity NJ comrade

Would NE factories producing weapons be vulnerable to airstrikes and the like? While guerrillas could still fight in the countryside with AA weaponry what happen to people living in cities and any weapon manufacturing plants in them?

the civil war will be an almost instantaneous leftist holocaust for us bros. we have no chance in a situation like this

Not really, I honestly think socialism is on the rise in the US considering something like 50% of millennials are okay with it and an even greater percentage don't believe capitalism is working. We all know that they're not actually in favor of real socialism but half of the next generation in power aren't afraid of that word. That means a fucking lot especially after all that cold war propaganda.

socialism is a nebulous term but people have the freedom to research things for themselves with the internet. our only power rests on denying reality and unfortunately the reality of the great American experiment is coming home to roost.

our only power will be in urban zones and even then it will be undermined by massive unrest and starvation. we really have no chance at all if you take all factors into account.

My point is though if there was a socialist faction fighting for socialism in the US we'd receive a lot more support than we may imagine during this hypothetical civil war scenario. It will happen, families are always rising and falling in America as Hawthorne put it.


You're wrong on literally every point.


Also Snowden is lolbertarian

What the red team planner says make zero sense, half of the army are here purely by default and will just follow orders, not riot

He also fail to take into account that the Feds would have the tanks, the international legitimacy and therefore the international help, the ability to rack up debt to pay the soldiers - something the "rebels" would lack - most of the population which mean they can field extra divisions if need be, and the money to pay for supplies and other shit like that.

The redneck states have absolutely no money, no cities, no critical infrastructure and no allies whatsover

The political apathy of the US is such that the vast majority of people will do nothing and passively wait out any potential conflict.

90% and 0%, respectively.

Reminder Bernie won the primaries in Oklahoma. I think we have a lot more supporters in small towns then we think. The problem is connecting the rural areas where we have support to the urban areas,

And Oklahoma itself went full Red without a single country with Clinton majority

Rly makes me think

Clinton was a crook and Berniebros (although not Bernie himself) campaigned on her being a crook. As did Trump
Measuring his appeal on her success is just plain pointless.


The only reason they voted for him was because he was talking about talking money away fro rich folk. other then that they don't understand what he's really about, and on top of all that all those fly over states are patriotic and once some lolbertarian explains to them how that ideology is what America was founded on (kind of) they'll agree with it even if against their best interest. Mostly because a lot of fly over folk are concede to statolatry and just want to keep the idea of America alive. Personally I believe that the America empire must fall so that everybody else can be free and safe, across the world. On top of all that because these things need to happen it just proves we are hundreds of years away from ANY type of utopia, maybe even a thousand. And even when people will be able to have some kind of anarchist society, other forms of anarchism will creep in like an-caps. Then that fight will have to be held intellectually and possibly physically as well.


*holds up spork*

Clinton isn’t a leftist though.

There’s a poll that showed most people support Bernie’s Social Democratic reforms, as for libertarians explaining there ideology there, well it’s our job to do that first.


Pick one.

Here's how I see it happening.


Christian fundamentalist faction

Tea Party faction

Ultranationalist faction

Black nationalists/separatists

Socialist faction

Clinton is a bourgeoise capitalist cunt LARPing as a leftist.

Wow, you in US must be really under the fist of bourgeoise ideology if people like Clinton looks like LARPing leftist to you. :O

Here where I live even Bernie Sanders looks like bourgeoise scum, and his ideology is viewed as pure capitalist.

I'm Canadian. Even for us, she's not ostensibly bourgeoise. The North American left is a total joke. Justin Trudeau is being viewed as a champion of the left here, while he's being a total neoliberal with his tax cuts and tax exemption to corporations and services like Netflix.

nice bait

How's that bait? Sanders is no socialist.

Probably will be racists backed by rebel oligarchs against the radical centrists and alphabet soup

Justin Trudeau is THE classical Liberal from my textbooks, basically, next to Reagan and Thatcher. Which sources do view him as Socialist?