Post /leftpol/ waifus

Post /leftpol/ waifus

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Why is she so cute, bros :3

That lady needs to fuck off and die.

Angela Davis is cute


You're in the Revolution of 1905 and this girl kills your peasant-oppressing security chief. What do you do?

Name a single person that triggers reactionaries more


She's essentiall a islamist Trojan horse amidst America's retarded nu-feminists. She supports sharia, supports a jihadist that may have been involved in 9/11, dismisses homophobia coming from muslims and sucks Erdogans cock.

youre waifu a shit

This bitch triggers me too. She supports fucking jihadist. Having this one as a waifu it's like having zoe quinn to trigger Holla Forumsirgins

Is vinterflama that hottest leftist woman on twitter? Who are the others?

This. Islamo-leftism was an error.

I dunno about twitter, but I think the hooker anfem gives her a run for her money.

There's nothing wrong with islamic leftism – well, nothing wronger than with christian leftism and such. The thing is that Sarsour, much like the SJWs she's infiltrating, aren't leftists in the first place, even if the latter think they are.




I'd unironically let Anita kick me in the balls until my dick bleeds.

But why

Akko is cute! CUTE!



what in the fuck is this

It's the "too lazy to shave under the chin" haircut.
I have the same

It's clearly eyelashes of a closed eyelid. Muke is hiding an eye under his chin.

Who is the girl on the right?

Rebel :^)

The hooker who posts here.

Rebel Absurdity

He thinks he's a manly man so he grows out his chin pubes and larps as a lumberjack. I bet his thighs are naturally hairless.

Apparently you're new. We're not liberals.
To the mod that banned, it could be worth it to put that in the personal ban message as well(the red public mod message was great, though), that we're not liberals. This seems more shitpost-y than bait, I think.
I know many times it doesn't seem worth it, because you don't know if they're interested in anything other than shitposting in the long run. But for the few that will listen, it's worth it. A lot of us were confused when we first got here, especially given the shit that other boards talk, out of their ass.


Thank you mods you are truly our greatest allies.

Last year we had a pro-Trump act thing here in the busiest avenue in HUEHUEHUE, and they were outnumbered by the anti-Trump protesters, mostly antifas. I recall spotting this seemingly natural redhead.

On the other side, there was the one in the 3rd pic, but she's clearly dyed, rather appropriately.

I would have no problem with fucking Luke tbh



I mean cultural liberal. Why doesn't antifa protest the fucking government in general?

They did in Hamburg.

Tai-Jin "String the bourgeois by their prostates" Kiloh

What does that mean? Idpol liberal? Because that goes hand in hand. May as well just say plain 'ol liberal.
They do. They protested all recent Presidents coming into power. Obama, Bush & Trump. Not sure about Clinton but I don't see why that'd be any different.



That's mine

If you're going for reactionary pussy at least go high quality like roaming millenial instead of this slag.

Stop bulling alison. Roaming millenial is hotter tho, I agree

She's not your gf and she'll never fuck you, stop white knighting on a chan.

Since we seem to have an Asian taste, why not Mahakali? She already carries a sickle, too. :^)
Now I'd really like to see what Alunya would look like, in her ultimate form…


Yep… She needs rehabilitation. Also she got an american flag in her bedroom, fuck


You've been cucked by Big Burger Cock pastafag.

First time I ever heard her speak and holy shit wasn't expecting the accent.

oh my

I'm one with the red hat

Anglo as fuck

wew, all these activists, when did Holla Forums turn fullidpol ?

I'm not sure quite what you mean. You don't need to be any type of liberal to protest Trump, and at least in Brazil, antifa does regular protests.

She's like the female version of Muke. Overall not wanted, but a couple of anons keep trying to make it a thing.


That's my reaction too.

Anyone else got the hots for Rosa Luxemburg?

Pretty sexy
Gulag wothy if I hadn't hots for her

She is even wearing a Metallica shirt and has Malcolm X frames. Holy shit.

rageafterstorm is a massive Americophile, poor stalinstache, she likely is going to be fucking Chad Miller for that citizenship instead of him.

Liberal shithead. Literal succdem Bernie fangirl. Worthless/10

Why does stalinstache like Rage so much anyway?


Maryana Naumova. Easily in top ten favorite young Russian tankie bodybuilders.

Fuck If I know pal. It's just a feeling.


We should make them both go left with the power of our cock, dude.

Like I said, for the few that will listen, we can gain something in bringing someone more to the left.
If there are no serious posts, then we're all just shitposting & wasting even more time than usual.


oh snap

Waifu material

Anita is objectively attractive.

an actual neckbeard


Slavoj Zizek is a piece of shit.

he's a meme philosopher but i don't think he's a piece of shit.


shhh, user

His own son call him a pig tho…

he's jealous that papa pulls the prime pousey

Zizek is easily most alpha marxist alive


Your waifu a shit

t. redkahina

love her, even have a flag of her in my room


Based Brooke

Catie "boxxy"

Bitch what


Is dodger actually an antifa supporter, or is Holla Forums just putting shit on pictures of a random woman?

foxxxy ladeh

what a fox

You must really love your mom.



She's like a white Whoopi Goldberg, eww.

Surprised this hasnt been posted. Second one is just personal opinion.

anna karina>chantal goya

I was going to call you retarded but anybody that enjoys french cinema is good in my book.

Those fucking earings, a hoop girl indeed.