What common views does Holla Forums have with Holla Forums and the rest of the right wing?

What common views does Holla Forums have with Holla Forums and the rest of the right wing?

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liberals are dumb

There are a group of people enriching themselves at a great cost to everyone else.

video games are fun

Killing is good.

Neoliberalism sucks

speak for yourself bro

I'm not even sure nu/pol/ agrees with this tbh

England is doomed

Good one!

sometimes i get a cheeky middy in quake and feel a twinge of fun in my gut like old times

Yang > Reinhard

Nu-Holla Forums likes it seen how they shill for trump, old Holla Forums even supports nord korea now that they discovered that is one of the only non-arab countries that doesn't reconize israel


So wrong. Many of them like the aryan pseudo-fascist.

oui, mi amor

Some on the left are spooked about degeneräcy or alienation (i.e. everything they don't like falls in one of these categories, from sex before marriage to rock music and so on and so on). Either this or they call things fascism the same way the right call things communism ("modern art is fascist!" "Homos are communism!" etc).

You better be a Honecker homie, genosse…

And ❨❨❨Fezzan❩❩❩ is our greatest ally.

supporting Assad
hate for neocons
like anime

That depends on what ideological block(or lack there of) on Holla Forums you are talking about. There are a lot of State Syndicalists, Tankies, Nazbols, Socdems etc that probably agree with Holla Forums on quite a bit while with Leftcoms, Trots, Communalists, and Anarchists probably much less so.

what is KARL MARX

This, the real left is far away from Holla Forums.

Well many leftcoms don't really consider themselves to be leftists

Probably I don't have any common. I think bourgeoise demcracy and bourgeoise values are shit, nationalism (commonly called "idpol") is shit, I reject feminism not on basis on reactionary religious values but it's lack of class perspective, so despite I'm not feministm I'm also radically pro-choice.
I support vaccines, reject statism and authoritarianism, imperialism and militarism, I beleive ethnic divisions are matters of superstructure not basis, and therefore secondary to real structures of power and opression based on economic relations.

Doesn’t change the fact that Jazz is fascist. But seriously commercialization of culture is a serious problem.

Pick one

This. Also it depends an what part of Holla Forums you’re taking about. Most people on Holla Forums have some stuff in common with Varg, (fuck christianity) but not with Ancaps.

Not that poster but you don't need a state for a group of people to arrive at a consensus. A community can require all children to be vaccinated, and no allow student in their public schools if they are not. Communities can draw ultimatums through voting

Well post-punk, krautrock, noise rock, psychedelic rock etc are all great. Still people on the left will criticize them for being commodified/elitist/degenerate/alienated/petty bourgie/non-proletarian/fascist/whatever. Stop being spooked cunts.

Culture is important and the more power capital has over culture the more power capital has over society as a whole. You might think culture is a spook and not care about it, but the same can’t be said about the majority of people.

Hating Zionism, Israel, and bankers.

Thats true too, I was mostly speaking of 8/pol/ but 4/pol/ is fairly diverse in comparison.

Source on comic? Search failed.

lefties are dumb humanists

This for the most part, the pinnacle of the 1% are having fun at everyone elses expense.

Both hate women and minorities :^)

Hahahhaha good one

It's that old "can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em" saying.

Nationalism needs women for their unique ability to bear children that can be used as cannon fodder in future wars, but by the same token treats them as property – i.e., Less than human.

Which is why patriarchal ideologies often times go hand in hand with being a white knight, and why MGTOW rejects such spooks

t. Fat nerd who can't talk to women

Now I feel old…

t. white knight

I'm glad it's still there

What the fuck? This is the first time I hear it and it's coming from a tankie. Butthurt-induced slander perhaps?

Society must give in to social necessity.
The oligarchy must be crushed
Lots of people are stupid as hell because they live in a playground version of society
The intelligence agencies are the largest obstacle to the change we want
Did I mention everyones a retarded faggot
Both wish their past leaders had been more competent
Both want to take over the world

pol support capitalism and are therefore liberals

LMAO as if.
And yet they support Front Nationale, AfD and Trump. They are anti-Israel in edgy memes only.
They are 100% fine with bankers as long as they are white.

all girls are sluts


Turd positionists say the same thing

Rule by the people is still rule. Democracy is still statism.

Missing anything?

Disliking Islam and every form of (organized) religion


Good one.

Not an argument


t. virgin

serious ownage itt


Both groups don't/won't ever have a say in actual politics because they're too busy sharing funny memes and spending time on anonymous boards.

both hate niggers

aren't they mostly neo-pagans tho? alt-right


being an extreme centrist is just as bad as being an extreme left/right, you know.

Hating isreal

I guess liking the imageboard format?

You are all collectivists that hate individual rights.

ironically this is even further extreme centrism


I'm all for individuals living their day to day lives with minimal interference. That being said o don't think you should have the right to pollute the shit out of drinking water, as an example, in the name of chasing profit. Something that happens under capitalism constantly

cool spooks nerd