Here you go nerds, how to start and manage a milita

A little introduction:

A while back I saw a post on /r/SRA about ways to run a milita. I felt the info was pretty outdated, but there were many useful tips. This is a kind of update, using new info and tips. Keep in mind english is my third language, so forgive me for any errors I make. I'm also a general retard, so if you do blame yourself.

So, a miltia needs:

These are the basics, any other shit is either a pipe dream (you aren't going to be charging into battle bullets flying around you), or I am just too lazy to type it.

Point 1- Guns

There are many viable calibres and platforms that you can use and/or may already own, but for those that don't already own weapons, there are a few basics you want to own.

This is cheap, small, and has little to no kick. 22s are the basic rifle that EVERYONE has shot. They are tremendous guns to practice on, as the mechanics will carry over to other guns. As a bonus, if small game is needed, .22s will take down squirrels, rabbits, etc. easily, without harming the animal unnecessarily. The most common .22 is the Ruger 10/22, and you need basically no other. They are so ubiquitous for a reason. They are cheap, around 300$, well made, beautiful, and they last forever. If you are only able to buy one gun, purchase this one. It is the best way to train your skills.

Ahhh, yes. The AR-15. Developed in the 60s by Eugene Stoner, these have been in service for YEARS, and for a reason. They fire the NATO 5.56/223 Remington cartridge, which is a bonus, as they are easily the most common useable (read: will actually kill) calibre in the US. The AR is a huge platform, with lots of different parts, manufacturers, and fun builds to shove up your shitter when you are running away from fash because you have NO IDEA how to use them! Regardless, buy an AR. They will be your service rifle. Everyone uses them for a reason.

12 Gauge fudd guns are a great tool to have in your arsenal. This isn't Call of Duty, these babies can go up to 400 metres. They are extremely potent at the range where you can see your enemies swastika tattoo (or police badge if we have reached that level), and they are a bitch to remove from the body. Mossberg shotguns are my favourite, but Remington also makes great ones. These are situational though, as you don't want to be in an open field with a shotty. Know your zone of engagement.

These bad boys WILL get the job done, but not everyone is going to carry them. They will either be used by designated sniper teams, with the spotter carrying either a 12 Gauge or a AR, or when your compañerxs need some meat in their tum-tums because fighting the fash is hard. There are so many to choose from, it doesn't matter. Just do your research, and make a good purchase. Customise them to your heart's desire if you have an AR platform rifle, or stay old school with a nice wooden exterior. Remember, it's your life. Purchase wisely.

This is the ONLY pistol calibre you want. 45 ACP is for losers that were to chubby as kids. Beretta, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, and GLAWK all make great pistols. Keep in mind that pistols are harder to shoot than rifles, so they will take different training and skills to use effectively. They are NOT your combat gun! Use your pistol to grab your rifle, and no more. They are great for CCW in the meantime, so if a fash tries to bash you, bash him back with the glorious BRRRRT of a full auto GLAWK.

As you read this, there are definitely people that are going to be commenting "but but muh 7.62 but muh… muh Mosin >:🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧(" These are great rifles, to be sure, but 7.62 isn't prevalent in the US, and the AR is simply a more accurate and common platform. Pick one up if you please, but make sure to have a 5.56 gun aswell. As for the garbage rod, just don't get it. There are better bolt action rifles for less. Save yourself a couple hundred bones and buy some viagra to stop your raging Soviet boner.


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I would like to learn how to use old good Kalashnikov which is most popular here, still it's illegal probably if you're not in army or Police.


Point 2: Ammunition

Ammunition is clearly an important part of running a militia, or any army. As a guerilla force, you won't have the factories or mines needed to make your own, unless the war drags on for years. The primary methods of acquiring ammunition will be through stockpile beforehand or through the capture of enemy ammunition. This is such an important part as to why you want common calibres.

The most common calibres in the US are

A huge part of why 5.56 is better for a militia is because it can be reloaded. Once fired, collect your brass and bring it back. A good investment would be to get a shared reloading machine, a bunch of powder, copper bullets, and a scale. There are many tutorials online, so look them up if you have the chance.

7.62 doesn't have this bonus, so it is less useful. However, it is a larger bullet, so it will hurt more at closer ranges. It is still useful, as is all ammo, just not AS useful as 5.56.

When using powder, make sure to use smokeless powder. Seriously, I have seen so many noobs look up how to make gunpowder, and then walk up to base with a bag full of black powder. We usually set it off in the countryside for kicks. This isn't the 1700s, our battlefields don't look like a hotbox. Use modern equipment to win modern wars.

Other than those tips, just generally learn about bullets. Learn that grain means the weight of the bullet (casing not included), velocities, trajectories, the like. Having a basic knowledge of bullet physics has helped me out immensely, and has saved my life.


Thanks FBI!


In this Post: Doctrine

Doctrine is an important part of running a militia. Having your militia members not constantly at each other's throats is a great morale booster! The difference between the Catalonian fighters and YPG is mainly in the doctrine section. The YPG generally agree on the goal of democratic confederalism, and the ones that don't stick with left unity. In Catalonia the situation was different, with many splinter groups (did someone say trotsky??). To be a unified force, we must be platformist and stick to the end goal: FALGSC.

Personally, I print out books that we read as taburs, and when I was in Rojava we went through 1 month of ideology training. It is useful to have a unified force.

For organization, I like to divide it like such.

Your basic unit, the fireteam. Consists of 4 guys. One leader, chosen by the men, a rifleman, a support gunner, and a grenadier/medic. Support gunners here use bumpfire stocks or binary triggers with 100rd drums. The medic is important, but is not necessary on a squad by squad basis. One medic can generally cover two squads. The leader chooses the individual plan of attack, when out on the field. However, he must follow the tabur leader's orders. The rifleman speaks for itself.

A tabur is just another name for a platoon. 3-4 fireteams make up a tabur. A tabur will choose a leader, who will then choose an assistant leader if he is to get headshotted. The great part of a tabur is that they are very independent, which goes great with the guerilla style of fighting. They will generally be given an area to engage in, and the rest is up to them on how to proceed. Bonding as a unit is important, but I will touch on that later.

Officers should be chosen by experience and by nomination. I think we all know what they do.

forgot to add, to be continued


You're making the same mistakes all militia fags make: starting with weapons.
This is a mistake because most people here couldn't run a mile to save their worthless fucking lives. The gear does not make the soldier, and your most valuable resource is people. Get people first, then get fit, then learn organization and other things. Leave the guns for the last item on your list. They're important, but not so important. Also shotguns have no place other than breaching.


list isn't necessarily organized

if you cant run, dont join a militia

if you weight 400 pounds, no one gives a shit. you arent joining any miltia. good point tho

As a fat gearfag who's never been able to run: This is painfully true and it's why I'd never join a militia except to provide the more fun stuff for the people who can.

I can, I make sure I do a mile every day. Bong though so it's mostly because pretty much every level of combat requires a lot of running. Americans get to fire their blunt force instruments through the air like the fat sacks they are.

Also, related to this:
I know logistics handling enough to know I'm not letting you chucklefucks all try to decide what you're going to be getting.

On top of that, there's a whole bunch more other crap that comes with gear because small arms just aren't enough, and I'm doubly not letting random fucks try to make any kind of ordnance or other things more complicated than a molotov on their own. I know well enough what you infantry fucks do.

Get an air rifle to build basic marksmanship. PCP air rifles are more expensive, but they mimic the feeling of a trainer .22lr better than anything else, and you may be able to hunt with it. Building the four fundamentals of marksmanship does not need to be done on a real rifle, and it's better that you start small anyway. Also, run more than a mile. Standard should be 3 miles in less than 24 minutes. A lot of faggots that have never been in any sort of military will tell you that physical fitness is not important. They are wrong and are just trying to not feel bad about pretending to be revolutionaries while being completely unfit.

Your unit leadership should decide, but ideally you should be interchangeable with any other unit in the area. Think of it like a socialist national guard.

True, you have web gear, magazines, a helmet (more important than body armor), boots, clothing (nylon drips when it burns), and so on. Then you have to look at night fighting, slings, etc… It's the little things.

Whatever happens, I'm not letting 40+ idiots all try to bring different snowflake rifles.

As long as you have a STANAG compatible 5.56 rifle, I think you should be good, but since the AR is the most cost-effective rifle anyway, just a standard AR-15 should work.

I'm not going to be learning maintenance procedures for 20 different guns, nor getting replacement parts for them.

I'm not saying you should. You really should learn some reading comprehension.

Still waiting for more parts fam

What country do you like in? AK's are very popular in America. You just can't legally obtain a full auto one. Semi auto variants have been on the market for decades.

Guns and ammo parts area bit US-focused aren't they?
What's common/advised in other places like yurop?

I am a little unclear on Euro laws, what sort of weapons would be easy for you to obtain? In America we can just order bowie knives and crossbows and spring assisted pocket knives on Amazon straight to our doors, no weird legal hoops to jump through, no sort of verification or anything. How different is it there?

I thought you were saying that they'd all be interchangable from the armorer's perspective just because they're similar caliber.
It's true, they'd be okay if you do that, but you lose out on compatibility between weapons parts and will probably need to service your own weapon entirely.

Also nobody should pick up an AK47 or an AKM, fucking seriously. There are better guns that do similar for similar prices.If you really need the AK family learn what the other family members are.

In my country you need a paid permit to own a rifle or shotgun and an expensive-as-fuck gunsafe, and you need to be registered to a gun club or have a hunting licence. Automatic weapons are a no-go, as far as I know (though I think it may be like Britain in that smaller calibers are allowed).

People here can't even run 10k you think they'll run a militia.

.22 is only good for target practice, hunting small game and mafia hitmen, if your poor then buy a proper rifle and surplus ammo, you need to train with the weapons you fight with. You can get a 5.56 AR or a bolt action .308 that'll shoot MOA at 800 yards for less than $600.
No a shotgun won't go up to 400 metres, a slug at 400 feet(120m) could hit a chest size target but that's about it, buckshot isn't much good past 50 metres
Bump stocks are hard to control accurately, a full auto sear for an AK is easy to make, AR not much harder but I think you need to modify the reciever as well, illegal to do but some people in the US have them partly made and ready to finish in a SHTF scenario

What? There's basically no functional difference between the AK47, the AKM and their "family members". Are you talking about different calibres? Stamped vs milled? Thicker reciever Yugo and Vepr? Overpriced Valmet and Galil?
Anyway if anyone wants an AK then find a cheap one in 7.62x39 and look up reviews, 5.45 is a decent round but not as available and almost the same as 5.56 so you might as well buy an AR instead. With today's prices though an AR is a better deal, the 7.62x39 will penetrate vehicles and might drop a person faster, it'll also take a deer or a hog at 200 yards, 5.56 will shoot flatter and if you load it with 75gr or 77gr bullets it'll reach out to 800 yards

AK family is a collector's item in the US more than a working rifle.

But yeah, bruh, I was saying having a single rifle for the unit would be best, and even better if it was interchangeable with the wider units in the area, but if a whole lot of you decide to go with the 805 Bren, then power to you, but everyone should have the same rifle.

Post what you have for ideas.

Gorka seems really comfy.

Dude, that's a very outdated set of gear. You should be using new fabrics, as well as web gear. I never saw anything wrong with the old BDU cut, and you can roll up sleeves properly. The only thing I would change is giving them a boonie instead of a PC, and updating web gear and boots, as well as a few combat shirts in whatever camo you pick for wearing underneath armor, though the BDU coat works okay even then.

Uniform are fascist. Street dress are the way

Any professional fighting force requires a uniform and standardized equipment.

Let the IRA know.

Uniforms don't really go "out of date", also we need some sort of red on our uniforms.

The IRA doesn't agree

Yeah, did they achieve victory or something? Oh, no, they didn't.

Are we talking field uniforms? Then yes, they do go out of date. The pic you posted is a parade uniform

IRA is not a professional fighting force and has no way of achieving tactical victory.

Uniforms are good for telling who is on your side in combat. Also they look cool.

Uniforms don't go out of date.
Also Its a police officer uniform you brainlet.

Combat uniforms are tools to keep you away from the elements and keep you from overheating. Soviet style uniforms from the 60s are out of date. They are heavy, soak up water, and are too hot. They are incompatible with modern armor and webbing, and will burn much more than a modern FR fabric. Yes, I would called that outdated. But if you're that adamant, then why not American Civil War style uniforms? After all, that isn't out of date, according to you.

Sorry for not knowing the uniform of every police force out there. The white gloves almost make it seem like that's not the uniform the work with on a regular basis, and this is, in fact, some kind of event.

Civil war uniforms look autistic, thats the difference.

No, they are also made out of shitty wool and aren't cut for the field conditions the modern soldier is likely to see. There is a reason equipment gets updated, and it isn't for looks.

Soviet Uniforms work as good if not better than modern-day uniforms.

You just can't admit you are wrong. This guy reviews camouflage, watch it.

No, not really, else they wouldn't have been replaced.

I know his youtube channel, but he's reviewing a camo pattern, not the uniform itself. Modern day uniforms are made with fire retardant fabrics. That's a rather important thing unless you want to get a lot of skin grafts if you come near flames, retard. Stop obsessing with larping as a soviet soldier.


Stop acting like a low lQ rightist.
Anglo American uniforms are for cucks.
Stop larping as a military expert.

Equipment isn't right or left wing.

Well, seeing as how I have 8 years of experience being an infantryman, I'd wager to say that I'm much more of an expert than you.

Where did you join Rojava?
IRPGF, YPG-international?

That explains the low Autism Level rightist thing.
Did you ever did something of worth?

I have a degree in mechanical engineering. Sorry to hear you're a retarded larper.

ypg international

irpgf is more propaganda

Yup, 100% certified larping

Im back motherfuckers

To update, my internet is fucking dogshit, so I will update when I can.

Transport can make or break your militia. Luckily, acquiring a truck is MUCH easier than acquiring a gun, at least where I used to live. Transport has 3 main roles that you will want it to fill:

2113581 made a great point referring to shotguns, I was overestimating by a fuckton. IMO bumpstocks are easy to control but its all personal opinion. If you have a gunsmith, which is a HUGE bonus, use their skills to provide. It will save your ass.

Point 1 - Fire Support

When you look at all third world countries, you see a vehicle generally referred to as a >, but here we call it a >. Technicals are those trucks with either a MG or a recoilless gun. I've learned to build my own through my time here, so definitely find someone that knows how to work guns to build your illegal shit. Quite easy once you get the hang of it.

With dshrkas you are going to want the old, steel toyotas. Steel is great because it can be welded onto for some extra armour, because if you stand out in the open for long enough, you are gonna get tapped harder than Osama. IF you find an old ass tank turret and you want some shits and gigs, you can try to mount em on a a techie. I havent used one, but i know they exist here.

Techies should be quick and fast. If it gets disabled, abandon it ASAP. An immovable techie is a dead team. You will always have opportunities to get others.

Point 2 - Supplies

Supplies are the most important part of war. You can't fight with no food, water, and from what I learned in Rojava, cigs. Seriously, we have mountains of em here.

Basically everything will work to move food and water. If pulled over in an active warzone (by fash) just say you are a humanitarian mission. I did that back home and it was ez pz. Try to avoid it though, not fun gettin questioned. Obviously if you are in friendly territory you have no need to worry.

IEDs exist, and they WILL destroy your vehicle. Make sure you know your layout. You do not want to fight with no supplies because some walnut got his ass handed to him by an IED. We always aim for known IED factories, and I advise you do too.

Point 3 - Movement

Troop movement is essential in any warfare, but since you are gonna be fighting a guerilla war (unless the revolution is fuckin huge), quick movement is going to be your greatest advantage. Knowledge of the terrain is essential. Give each tabur their own truck and send em off. They can then quickly relocate if need be.

Make sure your drivers speak the native language, if you have internacionales. You dont want a gringo to be your driver, trust me.


This isn't a game

You aren't runnin around like that

Were a keffiyeh or some shit to ID, we don't have problems

BDU ACU should be what you are using

FBI confirmed.


A bumpstock is a toy. Contrary to popular belief, automatic fire is, in fact, aimed fire. A good SAW gunner can hit targets out to 800m, and regularly kill everything within 500m, but that's rare, mostly because the SAW is given to new guys. When I was in LRS, we gave it to the most senior specialist, that way the TL has to do less baby-sitting. You should, ideally keep them close, though, since the TL's most important weapon other than the radio is that AR and his SAW. The 240, or whatever MG you pick can do a lot of damage if properly employed. However, you first need to get your hands on these weapons, and they are more rare even in the states.

I don't know how do to it in posts, never done it before

the tactics and strategy depends on the walfare, if you want to make a revolution in the third world, uniforms and fansy weapons are not needed at all, this is specially true if you are seeking for an urban, industrial centered revolt.

In order to gat an automatic rifle, I’m considering joining the state guard. Would I be sent to crush unions or fight overseas, because if I am I won’t join.

and how many terrorists did you kill?

If your starting a militia people will probably just use what gun they prefer and know how to use best.

Civilian cloths will be good because in places like rural America you can just shoot soldiers in the woods. Then go back into a small town, (preferably one where people know you and are sympathetic to you.) In order to know who’s a fellow militia member all here something similar, like had knitted wool plad coats or a certain style cowboy hat. Make it something noticeable to fellow milita members, but something outsiders will confuse it for civilian clothing.

We Navajo now.

Learning to create one is VERY easy

Dark web is open

Surface web you'd have to skirt around the guides, but they tell you

Experience is the best teacher, finding someone to teach you is the best way

If you're american, it's much simpler to just buy a regular AR or AK and then buy the necessary parts to convert it (illegally) or you can legally just buy a binary trigger/bumpfire stock and achieve the same results. Really though, full auto is a meme with very limited uses.


First as history (Paris Commune)
Then as tragedy (Spannish Civil War)
Third as LARP

finally a realist


The Provisional IRA, whenever caught performing serious shit, always had uniform, plain clothing (occasionally camo and not neccessarily military uniforms) and facial protection of some form or another to prevent identification. A soft uniform is still a uniform. Additionally, according to my Irish expat buddies, there was light standardization around whatever arms were most available at the time. First Lee-Enfields, then Armalites and later AKs, if he is to be believed.

The darkweb is not some mystical, magical guide of forbidden knowledge. Almost all of the information there is found on the clearweb, and some onion libraries have closed down due to being surpassed by clearweb libraries.

But pretty much everyone arguing with that poster is (later in the thread) suggesting what you're saying is still a uniform. People aren't going to stockpile gorkas when they're expensive as fuck when considered along with all the other shit people should be stockpiling.

There really is no point having a revolution if you can't look good doing it.

Full auto on that kind of rifle is good for two things

What did he mean by this?

It's either:
A) Reference to British style in the 90's - 3310's were immensely popular
B) It's so popular that it's still used today as a hard to track drug dealer phone

This is why people like you should shut the fuck up.

Not my fault some American got weird on it, it was the only pic I had.

you're gonna look about as autistic in a soviet uniform from the 60s




w28th st coney island recognize
I am prepared to kill and die for Ferris Wheel Thought, ya dig comrade



This is retarded LARPing. A guerrilla insurgency (especially an urban one) works on the idea of moving among the population as a fish moves through water. Trying to engage a platoon of burger soldiers will simply result in you being turned into pink mist by a drone.

Sabotage, sniping and IEDs are a much more effective method of resistance. A compact pistol or hunting rifle will be effective at assassination, otherwise start learning how to make simple explosives.

Read The Warriors (on a television)

Jeans aren't cotton friendo.


These will come in handy when it's time to kill the possums


they protect the HATs?

/fa/ is a great board. still kinda is. but most antifas prefer using all black something more like techwear. but this guide is good people should look into bending with the urban enviroment, looking normal af and blending with the rest of the citizens that inhabit a city.
even militaries dress casual like citizens when they're going to pull off something controversial so they can blame things on citizens it's not like it has not happened before. the true urban camo is casual wear.


ITT: wannabe faggot lefties

off yourselves so we dont have to

t. The Fire Rises

The guide is more referencing the style of the IRA

I have a thread on event /fa/ here –

Can you stop fucking fat shaming? Asshole? THANKS!


Heard you guys were talking shit

I dig, man, I dig. Cleon did nothing wrong, ya heard!?

What's it to you skin-headed fucks?

What's the matter, you going faggot now?

Some of the most important things are logistics and training. There need to be a set of standardized gear that you will use. Meet with your members and discuss which caliber would be best for all of you. Like the OP said, 5.56 is good, as is 7.62. Equipment should also be standardized, as well as stuff like batteries.

Not joking. This small stuff may seem unimportant but when you've got a hodgepodge of equipment and calibers and all the general retardation it gets stupid fast.

Training can be up to the individual groups as well, but I really suggest it. Marksmanship, maneuvers, communication, etc. Very important.

Get the logistics down first, though. They're arguably the most important.

daily reminder that fat-friendlyness is also idpol

clearly a false flagger

i forgot to take off my non-shitposting flag, fellow bordiguist.

also obviously u r chubby too

Read Bordiga


this tbqh

Again this is why I think rural insurgency is better. Because you can snipe people from the woods you spend a lot of your free time hunting and hiking in. I think for tactics we should start a bush war, take control of enough rural areas to feed the city we want to control then start the insurgency in they city, seize weapons factories then start shelling the government military bases with missiles. As well as protect the land we already consolidated with anti-air weapons.

You can also get hunted down easily by thermal imaging by being the one idiot in the woods running away with a gun.

Fellow NM bro?
You're a fucking retard.

Did such social-revolutionary militias exist in Murrica historically?
I know such cowboys smashed anarchist workers during the Haymarket affair 1886.

I bascially know your country is tough, when it comes down to guns.


There exists anti-thermal cloaks you can easily make

I personaly have one, search on youtube, there is an oathkeepers video. Shitty ideology but it is really smart

A zero-emission thermal cloak isn't that unimaginable. You mostly are just looking for a fabric that works well at blocking IR and getting some heat absorption in there.

Looks like this?