Are there any leftist American parties that are /ourguys/?

Are there any leftist American parties that are /ourguys/?

not these fuckers

The Democrats are the only ones holding the tide of reactionaries at bay, fam. We gotta go with them until we can get rid of the Republicans.

Are they really infiltrated or is it just a meme? Have other parties been infiltrated too?

leftist American is about as oxymoronic as Anarcho Capitalism.

t. fascist

They're pretty bad; they have been a serious party since 1940. They just endorse the Democrats now.



Historically? Absolutely, the CPUSA was targeted by the FBI for decades as were other communist organizations. These days they may not even bother with the CPUSA because they've become pretty docile and don't have the backing of a foreign state like they used to.

I was at a socialist convention a few months back.

There were a few former CPUSA people there, they said it was tash and got thunderous applause.

the SLP

This. Daily reminder that it is basically illegal to be a communist in America (both literally and figuratively.)

excuse me fucker?


Context of this image?

the International Marxist Tendency is /ourgroup/



On one hand, if you're a leftist party in the US and you don't get even mild attempts at infiltration you're probably doing it wrong

On the other hand, they were the most popular leftist organization in America at the height of the red scare, so yeah they've been infiltrated harder than basically anyone else

Oh damn is the filter gone? Nice
Also Fetonte can eat my ass slowly

I'm fond of the SEP, but wish they'd tone down the sectarianism.


Bob Avakian

Is there a way to join a Socialist militia without having to live in the same area or am I being retarded

Socialist Equality Party are by far the most theoretically sound

I think that Stalin should've just nuked them on grounds that they send terrorists into the Soviet Occupied Zone and the Soviet Sector in Berlin.
Or as our arab friends say: "Death to america!"

a dumbass substance free comedy downplaying fascist terror as a joke

Yes, proles. Keep voting for the party I'm funding. Maybe I won't cut your wages.

That explains nothing

We need a new party modeled after the old.

They literally bullied him out of the org.

Why don't we make one? An actual leftist American group that isn't conservative-lite or just general retardation.

Your encode is fucked up.