Alt-Right is re-branding as AntiCommunists. Plan new protest in Charlotte, NC in December

It's basically the same people organising the event as the people who organised Unite the Right.

We should steal as many Twitter handles, facebook links and other stuff like that from them. On Twitter stuff like @AntiComCharlotte, @AntiComNY for example and so on. Whatever you deem appropriate to hurt the event.

P.s.: They're encouraging nazis to bring guns to the protests,. Gonna be a shitstorm.

Can the FSB cut me in on their twitter antics?

don't they know anticommunists are the REAL communists? fucking morons

this. just use their own retarded rhetoric against them.

No, you fucking retards. Don't associate communism with these shitheads.

just ignore them and don't go to it

Haha these morons are going back to Charlotte. They better hide extra hard behind the police because people out there got an edge from their last visit.
Seriously these faggots didn't even wait for the trail to get cold.

Charlotte, NC. Not Charlotteville, NY

Are you a little slow? It's a parody of "anti-fascists are the real fascists".

No they went to Charlottesville in Virginia last time. This time it's Charlotte in North Carolina.

Charlotte is different from Charlottesville you Mongoloid.

VA, not NY.


Are you familiar with the "not real socialism" meme? As soon as you call someone a commie, liberals will never let you say they are not.

Well, nazis are being helped by the aut-right getting an inflated amount of attention in relation to their being fringe. It seems to follow that we'd get helped by their getting that attention and giving us attention. I'm for this re-branding.

Thank you for educating me.

eat a dick bastard.


Yes make this a reality

You realise fascist often try to pull the Not Socialism is socialism bullshit? Jesus, they're like a racist goldfish, zero consistency.

Pretty fucking sad I know more about American geography than Americans.


Fuck off tankie.

Is such bullshit relevant?

Not when they're trying to build a coalition with the """libertarian""" right

Fuck off I'm not an american.

Learn where things are you sped.

Then you get a pass.

…the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

They've always pulled this, they called their gay music Rock Against Communism after all. This is good for us because it implies to be anti-communist you have to be a stormnigger, we should definitly run with this.

Screencap this post.

Ehh I don't know. It is a double edged sword, because then people will feel compelled to go on about how they aren't really communists and it may just reinforce their liberalism.
But honestly I agree in general because the anti-fa thing is already doing that to some extent. So either the political reaction will be as you described or will just stagnate in its current form.

Good, we don't need red liberals. The retention rates for college radicals is terrible.

"Antico" just doesn't have the same pizzazz. Also it means "ancient" in Italian I think.

It's anticom

Kinda leaves it open, like anticommercialism or anticommunity.


What communists are they protesting?

You know those commies that run google and the gov

The non-existent communists that control everything

everyone to the left of them

These people unironically believe public transportation is socialism

These people think public transport is communism

The gray death was a good thing.

srsly tho we need some infiltrated leftists to burn abus or something in a rightwing protest so righwinger get a taste of what is getting btfo by the police and stain their image.

Fascism will finally be associated with capitalism.

If nobody shows up their whole reunion makes no sense because they simply want to be chased by antifa to prove the alt-left exist.

Leave them alone.

If they aren't chased off then the rally will only help them recruit more members .

Fuck off Holla Forums

it's not just the latest crop of them

Someone infiltrated should burn a bus or car and incite the police against them so they have a taste of what is like being in a leftist protest. It would also be bad for their reputation.

If you're going to do that, burn something public and call it communist.

honestly, let them.
If bakedalaska is any indication for how this will go, it will be hilarious.

not murican, but yeah even better. grafitti taxation is theft or some shit.

Who are they trying to appeal to? No one except the petite bourgeoisie gets triggered by the mere idea of communism in the west nowadays.

They're not trying to appeal to anyone per se, they're trying to use "anti-communism" as a shield so they can accuse their critics of being communists.

So basically this is fucking pointless and nothing can be accomplished from it. So much for Holla Forums's great victory.


Has the alt-right saved America from the possibility of a fascist coup with their idiocy?

Well if anyone lives near there, hope you know how to make Molotov's.

“Under heaven all is chaos. The opportunity is perfect.”

Right, you know the drill, boys. Stand down and let them make dickheads outta themselves just like last time. Charlottesville was such a colossal clusterfuck for the alt-right they're tryna rebrand themselves after all. The only way for the far-right can get popular is by the left making themselves unpopular so don't make loud, fat, purple-haired, megaphone wielding spectacles outta yourselves if you go down there.

Right wingers don't actually associate "communist" with communism. Instead, they use it to describe a sort of boogieman of their own invention. In their minds, a communist is someone who is actively working to destroy america, revels in the lower wages and depression people are going through, advocates fun for the sole purpose of 'anuddah shoah' and basically is a satanist lizard controlled puppet of the jewish overlords who delights in performing evil for evil's sake, fully aware that they're opposing the forces of good. They point to blue haired liberals as classic examples of communists because communist has absolutely nothing to do with anything economic, to them. Also, because of their paranoia and bizarro fucked up worldview, they feel that america is absolutely filled with their version of "communists" and it is a dire threat that must be opposed at every opportunity.

It's just more 'humans vs. orcs' bullshit.

But isn't that what right-wingers do? Y'know, "pull yourself up by your bootstraps", "it's your fault you're poor", etc.

Like a police car.

I think that's the whole point. They cannot accept that capitalism is to blame for the sitaution (or perhaps they simply do not want to.) Thus why they need to boogey man in order to keep the proles preoccupied.

It's not communism or evil statism when you're worshipping cops.

which is weird considering the attitude five years ago was "Da police taek 5 minutes to get to ur house das why u need a gun" the right wing's pro-police stance is entirely based on racism


They do, but at the same time, they look back to the prosperity of earlier decades and see that something's gone wrong between now and then. They don't own their own home. They don't have a wife and three children. They're future rich people like all americans, and so they have to shit on the poor people, but at the same time they're also not rich people yet. Someone has to be to blame, and it's the filthy communists, hiding underneath their beds, waiting to steal their chicken tendies as soon as they let their guard down. That's why they must be vigilant against the niggers and faggots.

Ironically, the good ol' days that they look back to had much higher taxes than today.

B-but taxation is theft, Bill Gates has a billion dollar idea and if we don't literally pamper him at everyone's expense we'll be less "competitive"

jesus christ

That was never an anti-cop argument (though it could be turned into one), just a pro-gun ownership reflecting on the (accurate) ineffectiveness of police to actually stop crimes.

Therefore the only reason right wingers would support cops if they're so inefficient and ineffective is the fact they kill black people with impunity

The good ol' days had a lot more then just higher taxes. They weren't absolutely fucking poisoned by the right. They didn't have one of ayn rand's shit eating inner circle running the federal reserve for twenty years (coincidentally, he happened to begin his reign roughly around the time when everything began going to shit, and left right around the time of the housing bubble collapse and recession). They weren't skewered by decades of legislation that improves corporate interests at the expense of the common person.

But all of this is the fault of communists, of course. If we didn't let fucking niggers into our classrooms, we'd all still be living in the glory days.

Well, yeah. Everything going to shit started with their hero Reagan.

Americans deserve to be shot tbqh

Says the EU cuck. xddd

Hopefully Baked Alaska turns up and somebody catches him pepper spraying himself on camera

Can't they see that anticommunists are the biggest communists that there are out there?
These people wants big gov'tto put its hand in the free market of ideas to stop workers from unionizing and us from making people woke, if things go as these people want we will live in a communist state without liberty.

I mean yeah, but no, that's just irony to trigger marxists

the right isn’t a single unighted entity. Remember this.