What does Holla Forums think of Trumps proposed tax plan?

What does Holla Forums think of Trumps proposed tax plan?
I know huffpost/slate/salon/Bernie have shit all over it. But does Holla Forums approve of lower tax rates for middle class, no taxes for combined earnings less than $24k annually, increased child tax, and no estate/death tax?

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Out of interest, what board do you hail from?

I'm usually not political at all, but I was just curious what you guys consider to be a good tax plan. I know the "mainstream" left I guess you'd call them will oppose most of Trumps actions, but I was hoping this would be nonpartisan.

No tax plan is a good tax plan.

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What's with left always wanting high taxes and right lowering the taxes?

I mean how do we benefit if the poorest pay high taxes?

The worst of all I've seen was anarchists defending taxation, like this mylittletripod.deviantart.com/art/Statist-and-RWLPTBA-Anarcho-Peoplewhoopposeus-562437098 autist

you have to go back


wrong. Read Critique of the Gotha Programme.

whatever's necessary to sustain society.

Yeah I understand the argument that this is needed, and that this is what keeps White families in power, and this is one of the things they're attacking trump on. I've not agreed with anything trump has done for the most part, but I feel like this plan would benefit me, earning only about $40k at the moment

every time

it's not even about whiteness, it's what magnifies the accumulation of capital

Okay, interesting, leftypol is a bit out the way so I just assumed you inhabited an Holla Forums board.

Well most people here see the bourgeois system of taxation as a falsehood and the best way to provide for services is by not taking wealth from individuals but using hte productive means of society itself to generate the wealth needed for the provisionment of services. In the USSR's case this came from a "turnover tax", which is basically like VAT but the income comes from the productive forces rather than the consumer. So yeah, you "tax" the wealth of the productive forces rather than put the burden on the individual forces in society.

One thing that is kinda popular among certain branches of leftists is LVT however.

they don't, not in America, your government is funded by superprofits from the third world.

kek wat. Porky doesn't care what skin they are, just so long as they get to keep on hoarding capital.

What a sham. You can't lower taxes for people already so poor they barely pay taxes. Deductions do nothing for them.

Tbh this. You can't untax people into being more wealthy when the nature of wealth distribution is what it is.

Perhaps this is how conservatives will give us the ropeā€¦

unironically kys

I agree with simplifying taxes.

He's lowering taxes on the wealthy, who don't need it. "The middle class" essentially doesn't exist in America, now - there is a massive income gap between the very wealthy and everyone else which separates them from the rest of society. There are varying income levels of "working class," the petite bourgeois, and the bourgeois.

Removing taxes on the poor is good, but since he's also giving tax cuts to the wealthy it won't help them much. It also seems like a poor economic decision to pair the two.

Removing the estate tax specifically is a bad idea and only serves to benefit very few.

There is very little practical difference between a tankie and a conservative. It's also worth noting that while the federal government doesn't tax the poor, states with a sales tax do and that is for all intents and purposes a regressive tax. This is why lolberts were on about the Fairtax a while back.

There's data in there you know. Prager is a shill but he's a reputable one.

you can with a negative income tax / UBI.

Taxes on land make Porky feel claustrophobic.

That's one of the main goals of this reform. They're going to remove exemptions from state taxes. So that Democrats in California and other states with a big public sector get hit and are forced either to give up on expanding the federal gov or to shrink their own state's public sector, (which is apparently on the GOP's agenda since they were talking about making single payer illegal, and made local increases in minimum wage illegal in the states that they govern).

No, as it's nothing more than a means to an end to pass lower taxes on the rich. Sure, ideally everyone would pay their "fair share", but it's a bribe. Someone like my dad would get to keep an extra few thousand of dollars a year so he keeps voting republican, and the US economy will keep veering towards collapse.

Does that include regressive taxes like sales tax? If no then fuck it, anyone who makes that little is already paying next to nothing. It's an attempt to get working poor to vote away their own interests by giving them some chump change at the end of the tax year.

Well I don't mind that personally but it goes against republican's "pro family" stance.

This is what they want and everything above is to get it.

it's an increased tax break, not an increased tax. OP got it wrong.

Because a major source of the left-wing's suport is public sector workers.

I just meant I've seen identity politics brought into the estate tax debate, and have heard people claim this is why blacks have been held back for generations etc.

Correct, I meant a child tax credit.

The GOP wants to take the Kansas tax plan and spread it nationwide, completely ignoring the fact that it failed horribly.

you imply that the GOP (or the DNC really) cares about how the country fares, for the superrich it was a great success


Doesn't work. Porky just sits on the surplus. If you want to stimulate the economy, you need to pump more money into it. Just lowering taxes does nothing. This is not even to mention the fact that the rich don't even pay taxes
Most people are gonna lose more from the cuts in public spending than they'll ever get from the tax cuts
What estate tax? It's practically nonexistent as it is
These tax reforms are just a big bag of money to Trump's pals, nothing more. I'd recommend you watch Richard Wolff's videos, he makes a pretty good summary of what all this bullshit means

The child tax credit is nice, but everything else is either retarded or useless.

Have more kids, but no roads or higher education or even drinkable (public) water.

It also encourages parents to stick together. Which has proven benefits, i.e. less risk of crime

Trump is effectively raising taxes on the non-wealthy.

But that's stupid, we need more crime

So ppl should be (economically) forced to stay together just because they have kids??
What about victims of domestic violence?