How do I stop being a paranoid reactionary in general?

How do I stop being a paranoid reactionary in general?

Get laid.

Usually when I have plenty of time, usually from a couple hours to a couple days to think, my thoughts start to rationalize again, but how do I skip the reactionary stage so I can rationalize in minutes?

Read more frequently

Don't overestimate human agency. FEMA can't manage basic disaster relief, let alone run a nation-wide complex of secret concentration camps.

Read a lot

As a stress-relief?

Just become a tankie, it will suit you.


Well that too, though you'd probably have to be a special kind of person to find Marx relaxing.
I mainly meant as a way to learn more about a given subject. It's not a coincidence that most reactionaries are dumbasses

I thought they're just stupid though.

Being a reactionary in my context has to do with anxiety, ocd and plain paranoia, not political paranoia or anything.

it just means you're actually reactionary

lmao it's filtered?
soc.ially cons.ervative not "actually reactionary"
nice work, BO.

Can't fix brain problems.

What's the difference?

Playing the devil's advocate: a soccon believes virtue exists and that people should be encouraged to choose a life of virtue freely. Reactionaries believe virtue exists and that people should be made to be virtuous by the sovereign.

Google Bookchin and then read The Next Revolution.

t. roastie

Realize that the #1 source of leftist fun is femoid agency. Deny females agency and the NWO collapses on itself.


Become a paranoid radical.

Like I said in another thread: mandatory psychedelics and physical affection therapy.

Communists are authoritarian statists who want the government in your mind. Not surprised.

Government is drugs? Say, that's might be a nice story plot deviceā€¦

find tranquility by contemplating the great return to the womb promised us, wherein your disgusting vestigial amygdala will simply be carved out of your skull.