You morons do realise we celebrate the death of guy Fawkes on the 5th of November, right...

You morons do realise we celebrate the death of guy Fawkes on the 5th of November, right? We don't celebrate the (failed) coup attempt.
All you retarded "anarcho" communists are going to do is create another day where firework companies can into capitalism.


When have you ever seen Guy Fawkes mentioned on this board?

The 4th of November anarchy shite that's being planned.

Probably should've made that more clear.

Oh, THAT's what that thread was about like a week ago?

lol stay butthurt your lolberg is still statism faggot. Anyway no actual educated ancom celebrates guy fawkes, and anonymous is taken over by FBI and liberals, have you been in a coma since 2007, faggot?

Who the fuck on this board has even mentioned Guy Fawkes. Right wingers are literally schizophrenics who make shit up to be mad about. sage & anchor pls

Guy Fawkes was just a butt-blasted Catholic salty about then current King of England James I's Protestantism, you know.

Guy Fawkes is an old English man who attempted to blow up the houses of parliament with a couple tonnes of gunpowder. He was arrested and executed. His death is now celebrated here in England.

'An'coms are just buttblasted lefties salty about their president being right wing.
Does that put it into perspective to you or not?

Really made me think.

Anyway, this is getting us nowhere. Anarchism is not "blowing shit up", and we don't celebrate fawkes here. If your country does, that's your fucking problem. Why don't you go start an activist group or something and hand out flyers about how much he sucked instead of complaining on a tazmanian homemade sunglasses making forum? You could even boycott buying fireworks. Please stop shitting up our catalog.

And…….? So…….?
How does that even address what I said? Have you ever had a conversation outside of a message board before?

Are you 9?

Because leftism is inherently more authoritarian than the right.
The right is for open markets and the left is for closed economies.
A closed economy is far easier to control and is far easier and quicker to corrupt than an open market (see communism and how easy it is to corrupt it). I don't only believe in short term gratification and much prefer a system to last more than a couple years.

Substantiate your claims faggot

What does "open" or "closed" economies (whatever that is even supposed to mean) have to do with authoritarianism?

An AnCom is not supportive of any president, ever. That's the point of anarchism, you know.

That's not the point I was trying to make. I was comparing guy Fawkes to 'an'com.

Almonds = activated

We still don't get your point. This is a leftist board, not a Jesuit board.

Guy Fawkes was a militant catholic, he had nothing to do with leftism and the only people who give a shit about him are teenagers who have seen V for Vendetta too many times.

And how are they even comparable, exactly? They have nothing in common.

Wtf are you on about Bonfire Night is like the last holiday that isn't commercialised to shit.

Shit tier flag. 2/10. At least it has a real flag in it.

Have you ever been to the UK? Bonfire night is the best night (and leadup) for sales of fireworks. Creating a second one will only make it better.

No. A system where hard work is rewarded with monetary incentives is freedom. Communism does not reward extra work done. It encourages laziness and discourages progress. You commies have literally no solution to this without implementing capitalist services like food incentives as this will create classes.

They are both retarded 'anarchists' that want(ed) to eradicate the government. Not to mention the fact that the nationwide 'anarchy' event is so close to guy Fawkes night that there isn't a glimpse of doubt it was made to happen then.


have you ever stop and thought about who rewards you in this system, lad?

Those guys are mentally disturbed. It's a shame they're into snekonomics but what can you do?

The people I sell to.
Yeah, that first part was unnecessary.

As by my use of "commercialised" and calling it by its proper name: is it not apparent I am actually british?

And wow they sell fireworks on bonfire night: compared to everything else it is fine. Yu put on some bangers & mash, burn your documents for the year in a drum and light some sparklers for funsies. It is a holiday I enjoy because there is no obligation to do anything except burn shit and there is no "HYPE" like with halloween or christmas or easter.

That said, no one outside the UK should celebrate it tbh it is specifically about us not getting taken over by a catholic autocracy.


How much of a brainlet do you have to be to slobber over Koch propaganda and think you're enlightened?

There is still a much larger number of sales of fireworks than at any other normal time of year. Any holiday is likely to drive sales in fireworks but one where one of the main activities is to light off fireworks will increase it even more
For now. If this nationwide commie loot party is going to actually attempt to kill the president goes ahead then good luck stopping the celebration of hundreds of dead communists.

kek, literal porky. who could've seen that coming

please tell me you're not that gadsdenflag faggot

I am my own boss, mate.

I'm not a regular here if that's what you're asking. I'm just here to tell you that the commie rally on the 4th of november will fail.

neat, we don't know about it and don't care to either

That's… Surprising. I expected you guys to actually care about the rally considering the main purpose of it is to kill the president.

Wow more people buy fireworks…

That doesn't mean it is commercialised right? I mean that's like saying winter is commercialised because more people buy firewood.

That sounds unlikely, and if I were wrong and it was actually the purpose of the rally and it was successful and not the most retarded idea ever conceived I'm sure it won't kill me to wait and read it on the news after. Until then I don't think any of us are missing out