Left Leaning Centrism

I've always been a left leaning centrist, I had a fascist episode for a short time I attribute it to being on half chan Holla Forums and the propaganda getting to me.

I've been shat on many time for being against totalitarianism and also free range capitalism which I have a huge problem with and i'm starting to lose friends because it, they claim to be Ustaše (fascist) but they didn't even know what state corporatism how can I show these people that free range capitalism is shit and total totalitarianism while remaining an ardent Nationalist which I am. They won't listen my mans they keep cucking for billionaires.

Also first time posting on leftypol and only lurked for a bit so I don't really know the collective mind on nationalism and centrism.

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But did you read the FAQ?

Your position is understandable assuming you haven't read any books.
Read some books about leftist political philosophy then come back

Recommend any books? Also being left leaning is a death sentence in my community and my whole family despises Communism and anything of that sort and so do I. Albeit what i've just stated i'm open to almost anything.


Quit being a dick, this guy is new and is very clearly curious about what goes on here

But yes there is a reading list in the sticky that you should check out

Google Bookchin

You say that every time I tell a newfag to read the threads we have specifically for them, and they keep not reading them and making the board worse. Might as well just delete those threads and let every newfag make a thread for the most basic questions we get every day.

Ok thanks but I have school and work which book would give me the most bang for my buck?

Also i'm quite cautious of that "Progressive" label does it mean what I think it means in the social sense of today aka "SJW's" or just equality?

I honestly don't know why the hell was the word "progressive" used the person who made that book list.

Oh so you don't know neither? Welp I would assume "Das Kapital" would be a good start?

Probably an attempt to get liberals to read it.

Israel is turning me on.

Das kapital will probably be too much for an introductory lesson. I say go with society of the spectacle, it's not too hard for beginners

You sound irrationally angry. Also I have no idea who you are.

Get outta here Zionist piggie.

Ok i'll try it out, also how do combat capitalism and still have a healthy economy and society?

there are a million answers to your question. To make things easier i will have to ask what do you picture as a "healthy" society.

No poverty nor huge wage gaps between the peoples. Traditional and Nationalist sentiment.

lol don't ask me
This planet is pretty fucked. The only places on earth that are close to "socialism" (I would put that inside as many quotes as possible) Are capitalist societies that tax industry and those with high incomes to a significantly greater extent. So nowhere on earth is real socialism, and never was. Anyone else who says otherwise is deluded. We're stuck working within capitalism and bourgeois democracy for the time being.
But, hey, that's just my opinion man.

All three volumes of Capital are about 1500 pages long, and it can be also confusing and dry at times. Although reading the first chapter of Capital Vol. 1 would be useful to understand the very basics of Marxist economics.

Jesus that's long. I'll read the other book recommended to me.

I didn't tell you to read all of it. The first chapter of it is only 20 pages long and pretty important (it's basically the labour theory of value).

You can't realistically keep the society stable and resist capitalism. If your movement has any substantial power and is a threat to the burgeoise it will be repressed. With repression, civil war or any knid of revolution you can't expect living standards to stay the same during the unrest. If the burgeoise are not repressing your movement you are not a threat to them and you are no fighting capitalism.
What is ironic in fact is that the superior living standards of modern society are a reaction to socialism, most social democratic and welfare politics are meant to satisfy the working class and prevent revolts. What we can see today is this model becoming unsustainable, and the burgeoise wanting revert to old, lower living standards and work realations. You can see this reflected in the new uber model and worker rights being taken back all around the globe.

Wage, Labour & Capital and then Value, Price & Profit before anything tbh. They're only like 30 pages each and will be good enough to prime you on the basics of Marxist thought before you try and tackle any of the 1000 page volumes of Capital.

Read Marx, then read Lenin, then read Trotsky

don't actually do this

seconding this


Lurk more.
Also read Marx. See PDFs related.


Excuse me?

It's literally the product of bourgeois ideology.

You can't just say that with no explanation.

The nation-state was created through the overthrow of the then ruling-class (monarchs) by the bourgeoisie class

Did monarch's not rule over nation-states?


Not a nation state in the way we conceptualize it. Feudalism bruh

And when you say nationalism is important, may I ask why you think so and what value do you perceive in the nation?

Easiest way to conceptualize it (and this is obviously simplified) is the difference in fealty, where under feudalism you pledge loyalty to a monarch and under the nation-state you pledge loyalty to the nation (hence "nation"alism)

No. Feudalistic kingdoms are not analogous to modern nation-states.

start by watching these videos instead of jumping right into capital


If you are interested in anarchism you also have this.

Nationalism is a misguided notion really. It tends to squash localized culture and ethnicity in favor of some false construct that is "the nation". France use to have hundreds of different dialects before efforts to create a single ethno-state destroyed them. My suggestion would be learning more about anthropology and how people have actually organized themselves and lived historically first before reading anything else, but if you just want a critique of the commodity form then there's plenty of good suggestions already posted ITT.


Is the book related about anthropology?

The 8 values test is shit.

Predominately yes. It covers other things as well though.

Read the last PDF in
Nationalism from the beginning has been a ploy to make workers accept their own exploitation in the name of the "greater good".

Maybe, if you're very brave, try to read what inspired socialism ideology and socialism ideology itself in historical order of appeareance. This is the best way to look critically at each doctrine.

La Boetie : Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, or the Anti-Dictator
Rousseau : The social contract
Proudhon : What is Property ?
Stirner : the ego and its own (must read before german ideology)
Marx : manifesto, German Ideology Gotha Kritik, Capital volume 1 chapter one is good. I have only read the abridged version Capital so I can't tell if the full work worth it. Maybe from an historical perpective if you want to know exactly how industrial revolution happened.
Bakunin : God and the State
Lenin : State and revolution
Luxembourg : Reform or revolution
Bordiga : Party and Class and Fundamental Theses of the Party
Malatesta : well i read all his work in one book and I don't remember what is from what but it's not long or hard.
Trotsky : the revolution betrayed
Stalin : Principles of leninism (never red but tankies will get butthurt if not quoted)
Mao : On contradiction
Debord : Society of spectacle
Bookchin : Post scarcity anarchism (other books recommended by user are good tho)
Hakim Bay : temporary autonomous zone
And last but not least, the shitty infight of communisation theoricians Dauvé and "Théorie Communiste" :

Well maybe i made little mistakes with order of appeareance but not so far so nevermind

Moje iskreno sožalje
P.S. Gib access to sea k thx

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