Ideology done fast

Describe your infallible branch of leftism in one sentence.

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In a word: pragmaticism


read bordiga.

Better thread idea: In one picture

Marxist-Trapism is the future

What if Cicero and Jefferson actually took what they were saying seriously, read Marx, and were also influenced by Carl Schmitt for some reason?

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it would look like this:

What a shitty question. I don't associate with left-wing capitalists of any kind.


Are you the guy who pretends to be an AnCom but deepthroates Leftcoms in every single thread?

Decentralized democratic pragmatism with ecological and anti-consumerist tendencies.

Pretty much everyone who uses any adjective starting with the prefix "de-" (especially "decentralized") bathes knee-deep in ideology

Georgism: The land is a public resource.

Can you be more specific?

Fuck off anarcho larper.

Social-Democracy with everything labour-related being managed by elected worker councils coordinating with the state

no, are you that tankie who believes state=socialism?
oh wait, that is literally every tankie lmao
leftcoms are uncritical as fuck of their own position

History is determined by material conditions.

Leftcoms are right about one thing, it's that a lot of terms are misused
Socialism is a real movement to change the present state of things
Which is why I'm not really a socialist

No people, no problems.

Life comes at you fast.

That's not something leftcoms made up, that's a quote by Marx. But unfortunately most marxists don't really care about Marx.

People who think that quote is the only definition Marx and Engels proposed for communism have most likely never read much Marx or Engels.

Despite what they said, in many of their works (including the Manifesto itself) they absolutely describe communism as a future state of things and not purely as a movement.

ANFO and cocaine

Marx and Engels were very vague about the future. Except for one very small part of the German Ideology they mostly described Capitalism and Revolution.


Sure, but at the very least they did point out several times that they viewed communism/socialism as proceeding from the demise of capitalism; that it would constitute a new mode of production in and of itself.

Expanding network of co-ops providing community survival programs and funding agitation and self defence, and buying means of production outright, Which will gradually abolish value as the network expands by providing more and more services for free. Nobody else here has as coherent a revolutionary strategy as this. Fact.

Glad someone else has noticed. He's a leftcom that deliberately pretends not be, he even said he does this a while back, his reasoning was that the leftcom flag gets bullied to much, so now he pretends ancoms are leftcom sympathetic by flagging as one

Mandatory psychedelics and physical affection therapy.

all the good things but none of the bad things, because good things are good but bad things are bad
i just defined fascism in the mind of the fascists
forreal tho:
whatever works for the conditions present in a revolutionary period

sounds good. even if it wouldn't bring on full communism, it would at least put an end to Holla Forums and /r9k/.

That's the idea. Reactionarism is a pathology, and altho we haven't properly studied it, we can start empirical treatment.

Take your meds.

Don't ban booze and smoking. Focus on working rights and making identity hostilities between the transition as negligible as possible so they don't fall back into capitalism, and see it as protecting themselves more.

Well it's a shares hallucination then. I'm just putting together things I've seen with my eyes

Deterritorialized fully automated luxury gay communism without religions.

Who are you talking to?


The "take your meds" comment, which was an accidental flagless double post. No biggie. Easily spot able signs

bureaucratic socialism and frequent masturbation

manifesto is socdem-tier, it's crap

black flag posters are without exceptions the worst

Mutual masturbation?

Non-sectarian socialism


I was commenting on something two people have now noticed. There is certainly a leftcom in ancom clothing who posts frequently.

If we cannot adopt how the climate will change drastically for every successive future generation into our theory and our praxis; we aren't doing good enough.

that's just regular sex you know

are you the black flag who samefagged as a mautist?

lol, it's where the "communism is the real movement" quote comes from, that's why I referenced it.

Save the environment by any means necessary

What if Kropotkin and Bookchin met, spent an hour arguing about the finer details over beers, and then also decided that a minimalist Transhumanist AI could calculate allocation of resources, necessary labor time, and basic non restrictive laws (ie don't murder, wear a seatbelt, etc.), and that cops are okay as long as they are trained thoroughly and strictly punished for poor actions against the proletariat.
I occasionally use the Ancom flag, but only when I'm Kropotkin posting. I don't really align with a rigid branch of leftism. I guess I'm a retarded Ancom. inb4 hurr durr snowflake

Juche: Self Reliance and Lenin :::DDD

Strongly authoritarian liquid democracy.

Destroy the bourgeois state first, ask questions later.

Any ideology that has survived 200 years of capitalism cannot be trusted. Tear it all down and we'll see what comes next.

Start with yourself

For sure

only serious suggestion tbh

Dutch Council Communism
Match ticks
literally /bestcomm/



Lift Weights, Read Marx, Tear Shit Up

decentralised council based governments, democratic means of production ownership.

Libertarian Marxism with ultra sympathies and communalist characteristics.

Sextus Empiricism.

Which should I read first? Which should I read period?

i have a feeling trepanation will work best in your case.

Am I just supposed to assume he's bad because of memes?

how about not trying to siphon an education off the back of memes?

What? Are you against bordiga because he's a meme or against being against him because he's a meme? Like I asked for a book list, does that count as being a pleb?

The only way this summary would be better is if I didn't say anything

start with Phenomenology of Spirit.

Transgender egoist Leninism with southern characteristics

Newspapers bitch

Socialism with technocratic administration

Genocide is a mercy


workers of the world, unite

Remove the bourgeoisie then devolve power to local councils.

Anarchism-Nihilism-Antinatalist Thought.


Rosa unironically called Lenin a Rehnquist

that's the german ideology
fucking trots man

Generic international socialism.

My man ! we must take the space left by the withrawing wellfare state and the economic crisis to create solidarity, class consciousness and self defense structure. This is how you fight alienation. By providing solutions to those for who the state have none.

Utopian State Capitalism with Scandinavian characteristics


Thanks, how do we do this?

it's maoism, but replacing all the platitudes mao made towards democratic centralism with organic centralism instead.

there is just no way this isn't bait. This is going to trigger too many people, my self included

whats the issue

combined with

historical leftcoms had no practice and were just fat italian guys. they thought the correct form of the party would just show up once the correct revolutionary politics were found. but the way you find the correct revolutionary politics is by struggling with the masses, practicing self criticism, and combatting liberalism.