Where do you consider human life to begin, leftypol?

Where do you consider human life to begin, leftypol?

Ejaculation or ovulation.

It ends at Holla Forums, it begins when you fly out the wazoo

Somwhere in modern day Ethiopia probably.

It begins at 16.

unimportant question

Somewhere around 1 million years ago, and it's a continuous process.


Upon being produced within a man's testicle

From beings that fly across the sky with chariots.

I believe, you meant to ask "when is a thing starts being considered human being?"

Right to live: 12 weeks since conception.

I'm a determinist. Literary everything happened at the big bang and time is just an illusion.

when the sperm forms in a man's testicles. Masturbation is murder.
Jokes aside, when you develop self conciousness, as that is (arguably) the only thing that separates us from animals.

why would that be important? Are you saying animals aren't alive?

Upon conception, of course.


Inside the benis.

no, he is saying they aren't human

After the abolition of capitalism.


he asked where "human life" begins, not where "life" does. Life starts with metabolism

At birth, even arguably later.

Humanity is a spectrum

Go on.

Probably Africa.




Best answer.

Strangely funniest answer.

When you realize you've been wasting it

when you achieve class consciousness.

It ends at 16

When a fetus reaches a viability of greater than 50% outside of the womb. Then it is theoretically independent, and thus "alive".

Whatever most people around me agree with. So do you.

When you decide it did.

Life is irrelevant. Consciousness is what matters.

It doesn't

Around 250,000 years ago in Africa.

Development of the brain.

You are a monster.

Human life will not truly begin until we have communism

After reading Nyden

Who is this Nyden?

200.000 years would be more accurate

define this or its meaningless

illusion is misleading and not accounting for the possible things outside Big Bang that are also outside of human senses and realms of understanding (not magic but beyond the totality of human experience)
also time is an absolutely relative concept