Who here has watched the most leftist anime on televison, Neo Yokio?

Who here has watched the most leftist anime on televison, Neo Yokio?
Jayden Smith is actually perfect as the main character, since he is essentially just playing himself. That is, a shallow and insipid bourgeois teen.

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I saw this on Netflix the other night when I was looking for something to shove on while I fell asleep, but then I realised
Is it any good?

Isn't there a tankie girl who has a Soviet sportscar?
Show seems pretty garbage though.

I know, at first glance the show looks like garbo, but once you actually watch it you can't help but love it. The show is all about it's subtext. Here's an example:

It satirizes the soviet union a little as well. It's not garbage, watch a couple of episodes and you'll see. You have to be absolutely dense to not see the subtext

I've seen it too.
Very subversive

All I know about it is that it's got this amazing scene.



I'm interested.

That explains it

She goes full revolutionary later on in the show.


Holla Forums


lmao why would anyone watch this? Call me when Gorillaz finally get a show made.

Holla Forums doesn't normally watch anime like Neo Yokio. Usually we watch Western Cartoons like PSG.

A show on FOX full of content like this:


Read the thread. The people involved turned me away from it as well, but once I actually sat down and watched it I realized how wrong I was. It's really quite surprising.

Oh yeah, I've seen these before. Captain america is probably the one posted on here the most



This was on Fox???

Well you go ahead and enjoy your ironic pseudo-anime parody of "shallow consumer culture" that looks like a product of shallow consumer culture (haha I get it!) but I'll keep waiting for something that criticizes current culture with more than the intellectual firepower I'd expect from, uh vampire weekend person or Rick & Morty etc. I'm just not that desperate for leftist themes in my entertainment, ya know?


well not anymore

The irony is you're being pretty shallow consumer by judging the show without ever having watched it. It's not a parody of "consumer-culture", it's a parody of the life of the elite and capitalism in general.

Shut up, Jayden. This show is garbage with shit voice acting and a retarded plot. No, we don't care that you put a commie rich girl in there. You suck, and your show sucks.


liberal media will start unironically glorifying the bougie absurdity before the 4th episode

Nothing short of a masterpiece.


Whoa that is so deep. This show gets 10 gulags out of 10. Leftist approved! :)


Oh dang you called out the moe anime I don't watch.

Seriously though, if you're going to judge everything by it's cover how aren't you just a shallow consumer? You don't have to watch it but don't pretend that it's bad when you've never even seen it. That's just irrational

Actually I feel pretty justified in shitting on anything to do with netflix.
But geez dude, it's not like I'm telling you you can't personally Binge on your favorite american anime-lite cartoon marketed towards hip anti-capitalist youth. Go ahead and enjoy yourself, my man.

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. Is indulging in media is wrong? That it's unethical to give money to netflix? Is it just a case of your own personal sense of elitism? Seriously, why even bother ITT?

There's a weird "babywoke" stage bridging leftists and lolberts where they see kneejerk rejection of even the most mildly popular media as a stand in for the consistent antiestablishment sentiment/image they want to project.

Yeah I've noticed that to. Pretty silly honestly

I really liked it but not a lot of people watched it. It was at the very least a lot better than post-2008 Adult Swim.

Yeah, obvious shitposting aside, I'm honestly getting sick of people trying to project their political views onto all forms of media which don't explicitly contain political themes. This goes for Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and other "woke" people on the internet. I mean, are people going to start saying that Super Mario is reactionary because he defends a monarch?

I get the frustration, but neo yokio has very obvious political themes to it. It's not a case of looking for political meaning where there's none

So this thing wasn't fake subs? Huh

This is pretty trash tbh. It's not subtle at all.

I was being sarcastic.

That said, there's no need for messages to be subtle. That's some post-ideology bullshit that political statements are something you need to act embarrassed about.

Nope. That's totally legit


I still struggle to tell whether it's a work of pure genius, made by a mad director who existence is on a different plane of reality to our own, able to leap and bound between different layers of irony at will, all while being able to subtle comment on the very nature of how we view the world, raising questions no man before him could even device…. Or it was just some shit tier adventure/comedy anime with Jayden Smith just being a terrible voice actor and the director shoe horning some leftist buzz words in order to appear smart

Watch it till the end. It's pretty clearly the former

It's a shit show, retard. Just because he shoehorned some half-assed "criticisms" of capitalism doesn't mean it's good. There are lots of shit movies and shows that tried to have good concepts but had shit execution. This is shit execution and a bunch of shit concepts along for the ride. Get over it. Jayden Smith is a piece of shit and everything he touches turns to shit.

Anyone who's earnestly listened to Modern Vampires of the City knows that Ezra Koenig is a crypto-communist

"please not this shit again"
"so they put gay guys in this shit wtf man"
"ok, so far so good"
"givin me giggles ok"

I fucking love this man, too bad new eps won't be out until Summer 2018

It's not about being embarrassed. It's about conveying them without it looking hamfisted and preachy. If you want that, then nigga, go to church.

This is why nobody takes Bookchinfags seriously.

This. The only thing that bothered me was the hamfisted bullshit about gender being a spectrum, but it was literally two seconds long so I don't give a hoot.

i'm too old for anime

Have you actually watched it?

Most people ITT seem to be liking it. Are you sure you're not just being an edgy contrarian for the giggles?

Girl tried showing it to me. Instantly hated it. I got past the toblerone part, and it was insanely stupid.

Are you sure most people here aren't desperate to grab onto anything remotely leftist that they'll defend the shittiest things? Because it happens all the time in the left, like faggots that hate blue collar workers, but think that the most important thing is to unionize sex workers. The left seems to have a problem with defending the indefensible just because the right hates it. Let's face it, this show sucks.

you're too far gone, man

No, I don't. It's shallow and retarded. It's boring and unengaging, and it is full of shit voice acting as well as every chiche anime trope they could throw at it.
Worse, because it means it could have been better and they chose to make it bad. It's still bad, no matter if this is exactly what they planned to do with it.

I think it's hilarious tbh. You keep saying the execution is awful but you don't state how that's the case. It seems like you're biggest gripe is the fact that jayden smith is in it, and I can't say I'm a fan of his either but I'm not going to be contrarian against whatever he does.

it's good if you keep an open mind about what constitutes quality content

I get the impressions he's an anime snob

tone down with the schizophrenia and the fake quotes, holy shit

It's a boring show without a plot and some superficial dressing to make it look "deep". There is nothing there.

Oh, shit, nigga. Why hadn't I thought of this. If I just ignore the bad shit in a show, then it becomes good. What a novel way to think about things. Yeah, next time I'll keep an open mind about what constitutes communism, and suddenly there is no need to change anything either, because I can just trick myself into thinking it's good now.

I'm not. I'll watch stupid shit if it's entertaining. This is just stupid.

Kaz kahn is a petite bourgeois elitist living in a bubble of bourgeois culture, his job primarily being to destroy demons which haunt the hyper-capitalist city of "Neo Yokio". Demons are only attacking the city because of it's capitalist decadence, as they themselves state. Kaz kahn is confronted with the reality of this bubble after a client realizes the complete shallowness of their lives within high society. Kaz throughout the season is constantly trying to to stay within this bubble while this girl, his butler (and it's pilot) all try to break him out of it and realize the terrible neo yokio really is. The season culminates in kaz finally starting to break out of this bubble, coming to the realization that the city is ready to explode after witnessing the slums and the mistreatment of the people their. I'm not sure this constitutes "no plot"

You conveyed it better than the show. Shouldn't that tell you something? It means the show lacks presentation. Sure, the characters say these things, but that's a very lazy way of doing things. It's the rule of "show don't tell". This piece of shit can't even get that right. And to top it all off, it's and ugly and boring show with shit voice acting. There are no redeemable qualities here. You just really want it to be good because the preacher girl exists in it, and it's boring as fuck to hear her. I could just read those things. I don't need a show to just show me a character flapping her lips to things. What is the point of watching then?

gb2 reddit.

I'm only able to convey as much because I watched it, understood and, and enjoyed it thouroghly. You seem to have in to with bad intentions and an attitude that made you unwilling to actually see any good in it. Did Jayden Smith fuck your mother or something? The conversations are never as simple as "leftism good, capitalism bad". The leftist "voice of reason" is portrayed throughout most of the season as someone who's lost it, going so far as to embrace becoming a "hikkomori". The voice acting is meant to be absurd, because it's lampooning a culture and society that is just that, absurd. Jayden Smith's deadpan tone throughout the entire series emphasizes how really detached from reality he really is. Nothing is troublesome because he's in the lap of bourgeois luxury where nothing is really ever terrible, and it leaves him obsessing over shit like whether his tuxedo is the proper shade of color. Probably the only character who sounds serious in their voice acting is the aunt and helen because everyone else is essentially a CARICATURE, they're not supposed to be taken seriously or sound serious. Maybe go back and re-watch it with a better attitude and you might see these things for yourself instead of needing me to spoonfeed you something that should be apparent to anyone without autism

Anybody could understand it. I just didn't watch it past the toblerone part because it was stupid and there is no reason to keep watching.

I have a critical mindset. Either make it fun or make it thought provoking. This is neither.

Which is worse, because the "leftist" is a spoiled rich girl, aka an average trendy leftist that doesn't actually care about implementing socialism, but would rather just look cool while bitching about shit. This is that show.

Then don't complain when people call it shit.

Or, he just fucking sucks at any kind of acting, which he does. Stop trying to make excuses.

Again, that is the most superficial way to show a materialistic character. It's reddit-tier social commentary, probably worse.

Or, it's the only voice actor that actually put in the bare fucking minimum to not sound retarded.

But here you were saying that it really had a plot and the characters were deeper than the shallow presentation that seems to come across the screen. Which is it? You can't have it both ways.

Or maybe I'll watch something that's actually good instead of forcing myself to like a show that has no effort put into it, has a shit way of presenting its story, and is, worst of all, FUCKING BORING.

Where is they guy who posts the picture of the man in the suit while shitting on any sort of fun.

You say that but obviously you didn't, and you're complaining to me the fact that you were unable to see all of this in it. All of this was easily apparent to me and others I've shown it to. You didn't watch the show long enough to witness the full character development, and your criticisms of Helen don't really take into account her full character development. Absurd is not the same thing as bad. It's a comedy after all, not a drama. This is like complaining that characters are acting absurd in a normal live action comedy production. Deadpan is not "bad acting", it's a deliberate form of comedy. I don't see how it's superficial by depicting a character as superficial. This is not lazy, it's accurate to the culture. You can have characters who are caricatures, and at the same time a subtext which hides profound truths. Do you even know what subtext is? I'm not sure if you're genuinely autistic or just trying to be an ebin troll :DDDDD but either way I'm getting amusement out of it.

Am I the only one who finds taking every single sentence of a post and writing separate replies for each one a terrible way of discussing things? This isn't how conversations work, and they're tiring to read because most of the time it's just minor nitpicks, like a very shitty form of maieutics.

I also see this happen a lot more on Reddit, for some reason.

Yeah it's honestly kind of lazy. That's why I write my posts as one block, but when responding to that kind of formatting it still comes off as kind of clunky and disjointed because ultimately what I'm replying to is clunky and disjointed. Even if it's not a "reddit" thing to do it should be discouraged as just bad etiquette

Well, yeah, I just found it curious. This happens on mailing lists too, but people take whole paragraphs, not just sentences.

Are you retarded?

No, I don't need to see anymore. If a show starts off that badly, there is nothing else to see. The acting will likely not get better, neither will the bad writing, or the terrible animation. These characters are instantly unlikable and unrelatable. There is no reason to care about them from the beginning.

You're right. This is just bad, and not absurd. It's of poor quality.

Funny, I wasn't laughing, because there is nothing funny about this show.

Except that wasn't my complaint. This is more like complaining that something is badly acted and written, which it is, only you seem intent on turning it into a positive for no reason other than really wanting it to be good.

This isn't deadpan. None of the characters say or even move like humans, or parodies of humans. This is just some asshole talking lazily into a microphone. That's true for almost every character. There are a few that sound okay, but then this means that it wasn't meant to sound like shit. It just so happens that it does.

It's the most superficial way to portray him as such. I get it, he likes living like a rich person that he is. But somehow the characters have to explain it themselves as if it wasn't obvious. Again, this is bad writing.

They're not caricatures. They don't exaggerate anything. They just call him superficial and this is supposed to be a grand revelation. It's stupid, and it's badly written.

Yes, and saying, "Hey, MC you're superficial" is not it, retard.

Because you have the mind of a child, and children are easily amused.

I just don't read them.

This is exactly what I meant, haha.

Man are you butthurt. There's really no need to be upset. Nobodies forcing you to watch the show or even post ITT. Sorry if you can't pick up on the subtext or understand the subtly of ironic/satirical humor. It's probably hard living with autism, and I shouldn't be making it harder by reminding you of it and making you feel bad for it. Hey, maybe this show is more your speed! No complicated subtext to pick up on

This cartoon proves that the liberal bourgeois are goddamn leftists.

You keep saying it has subtext, but at no point is it subtle about anything. It fucking guides you through its "message" with no pretension of subtlety.
Yes, and if it had one character spouting Marxism 101 shit, you'd be defending it and saying it was supposed to be shit and I should read into the "subtext", retard.

It does plenty of times. see for one example. It's OK to have autism user, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Yes, I get it, you wrote your own head cannon because the writers couldn't be asked to write anything actually good. Again, once it got past the toblerone part, there was no point in watching any further. The only reason you lot are defending it is because 1) it sucks and you know it, and 2) it has some babby-tier leftist politics shoe-horned in with no actual deeper commentary. Get over it, it sucks and you're never going to convince anyone but yourself.

Imagine bitching about a cartoon you hate on the internet for longer than you've watched it.

Imagine saying something retarded and thinking a good argument is to say someone else spent too long talking to you. Hint: Not an argument

man, could you imagine being this mad on the internet

I watched all of it and my only other post in the thread is

Yeah, even if it were the case, you're still a retard, which is much worse.

I've been tempted to watch it for the memes, but wanted to watch it as a group with my friends and held off.

That toblerone is majestic

user there's really no need to be so defensive. I understand your frustration. Having autism must alienate you from all kinds of media, and you see other people enjoying something you're incapable of understanding and it makes you upset. I get it, but this is not the way to deal with your autism. There's all kinds of different medications out there nowadays to help people like you cope. You don't need to suffer publicly like this, embarrassing yourself. Make the right choice, the healthy choice for you, and stop posting. Go see your shrink and get yourself some autism pills. I wish you all the best user

meant to reply to

you're putting a hell of a lot of effort into not liking this show


Somehow Holla Forums is the only place where people(read: retards) like this show. Why? Because you're just contrarians. I can understand media. This show just sucks. There are better things to watch with much more subtext. My main complaint is that this show has none, and yet you keep pointing at it as if it existed. Nothing is ever done with subtlety. Again, this show does not obey the rule of "show, don't tell". You're a retard for insisting this is somehow subtle.

It doesn't take much effort to dislike a badly acted, badly animated, and badly written show about Jayden Smith's twitter persona. But I guess you'll claim that he's also just pretending to be retarded.

But you're doing the same. Everyone else on the internet has shit taste anyway so it's pointless bringing them up.

Adult Swim still makes some good stuff, but it isn't fresh the way it used to be.

Everyone else sees it for what it is. You just refuse to see it because it has one basic bitch leftist character and this somehow saves it for you. Of course, it doesn't, and you've just had to invent reasons on why this show sucks and concluded that it must have been made that way as some kind of meta commentary, which would make sense if we weren't forgetting the kind of people working on this lack that kind of self-awareness. But so you aren't stuck waiting for the next season of this piece of shit, just go look at Smith's twitter. It's more of the same garbage.

Yeah, everyone agrees with you but one guy.

Who is everyone else? I thought it was alright, better than most weebshit which is just balls to the walls fucking retarded. I hardly ever get through an episode or two.
What stuff has better subtext anyway?

high art get out

This shit is fucking hilarious.

No, just a group of retards on this particular board, and the only reason you've decided you like it is because one rich girl spouts basic Marxist talking points. She doesn't do it well, as her acting is shit, and the character moves like a flash animation, but because she does it at all, you've latched onto it. This is no different than Holla Forums liking the Angry Birds movie. They just really want to see their politics reflected in any kind of media.

Yes, most anime is shit, but at least some of it is entertaining for a bit of a laugh. This is just boring. And the thing that this thing reminded me most of was Utena, which while obvious in what it was trying to imply, didn't have a fucking character literally telling you what the show was about. That would have been the opposite of subtext.

I'm an engineer and the only courses I've taken in the arts is music appreciation and speculative literature, and even I can see that this show is just plain lazy and bad. The thing is I would rather this show be good. I like good things, but this isn't good, and it isn't even a bit of fun. I can watch retarded crap, but make me laugh. Entertain me for a bit, but don't make a lazy, preachy, and superficial show and claim that it is anything but a steaming pile of hot garbage.

he hasn't seen the ending

Seriously the people making these things need to get out more.

I don't have to. The very fact that they included this at all screams lazy writing, and from what I've been told, it doesn't get better. I'm not going to waste my time watching a show that from the very start makes no effort.

It was autism! Twist of the season tbqh fam.

Utena is about maturing. Of course it has to take place in school.

Most engineers are regular people. Autists are a small subset of even our population.

A vast majority of anime is about being in school, no matter how it's framed. Anime creators despise the fact they grew up.

The school focused anime is a trend particular to a Japanese view of childhood as the only time in life with a vague sense of hope/freedom. I'm not so bothered by it these days, but I understand how it can be off putting to some people. I'd recommend giving it a chance as Revolutionary Girl Utena is actually really good and ignoring it based on retarded biases like it being a school anime is silly.

You can't read my mind. Don't try to guess why I like something and preach it as definite truth, jackass.

Don't talk shit about Revolutionary Girl Utena, that show is amazing. You should watch it.

It isn't anime creators. Most film even in western countries tend to be focused on young adults. The difference is that in Japan their school days was the end of a living in some sense because after high school they were basically married to a shitty corporation with no real prospects beyond that because employment is seen as a life long commitment in Japan. Understand their particularity brand of escapism doesn't devalue it any more than the western brand.

Except it's about moving onto adulthood and leaving childhood behind. This isn't a shitty school anime like Haruhi or K-On.

Any grown person will look fondly on their teenage years. I know I do, and there's no reason we shouldn't cherish these moments. I know when I look at teens I mentor, I see myself, and it fills me with happiness to see young people. The problem is that the Japanese have become so detached from each other that they have to see themselves in animated form instead of being the mentors to the youth of today.

I don't have to read your mind. It's pretty transparent because all your other points are made up.


Wasn't it obvious?


watch till the end, then you'll see the 9D chess the creator is playing

Friendly reminder that Zizek is on Netflix.

I know who the creator is, and he can't even play regular chess, and I've already been told the ending. There's no need to pretend it's some big spoiler. It's just as shit.

All the talent left for Trigger and honeslty I'd rather have more LWA than another season of PSG despite how much I loved it.

A new Zizek movie?
Or do you mean Perverts guide?

Well yeah LWA is actually god tier

Eh, it's not perfect, but it's leagues better than the shit this thread is about.

Pervert's Guide. Just mocking the former Holla Forumsyp ethical consumers who think anti-capitalism consists of a crusade against silicon valley.

Notice how he doesn't actually say whether or not he has autism

I don't have autism, you faggot.

I know what work is like over there, but it can't be healthy to think about it in such a context so much, it's not just a problem that your life is basically shit after childhood, but there's a massive cultural acceptance and insistence that's how it should be. Not to mention all the former communist studio owners churning out this stuff, which they must know is pretty demoralizing.
I'd say the west has much more age variation in the characters it creates though, at least from my very minor knowledge on what Japan churns out compared to us.

Sad tbh. It's something you're going to have to accept before you can actually confront it user. Be brave, I believe in you

should get tested just to be safe

You have to understand that most Japanese do not watch high school slice of life anime. This shit is relegated to the ota crowd. Japan has a lot of characters of varied ages as well, they just don't get as many anime, as most people read manga instead. There is quite a bit of adult-oriented and adult main characters there. Hell, one of the most popular manga for a while was one about baths and shit. You have to remember that your exposure to anime is through the eyes of the sad geek western counterpart of the sad Jap geek. Of course they like that shit. That isn't to say those shows can't be fun. Sometimes they can, but a lot of the time it's about wish fulfillment for a youth they wish they had, but didn't.

You show extreme signs of mental retardation.

Not really in this day and age of 'outrage' news, where this stuff gets ratings.

Well you can't expect to provide support for a product forever. Especially in the pc and mobile markets where rapid advances in technology effectively makes certain products nearly obsolete.

Everything else is correct though.

Even some japs like it already.

that's not what planned obsolescence is, planned obsolescence is specifically lowering the quality of the product, as in choosing to reduce it's lifespan despite the no cost reduction of having an increased lifespan model. This is done in order to ensure that regular purchases of said product are made, cars are a great example where certain electronics inside the car needed to make it operational are designed to break within the year of purchase, forcing customers to pay exorbitant prices to get it repaired from one of the manufactures approved mechanics

As for the media hiding anti-war and police brutality, you'd be surprised just how much still isn't getting a mention on news coverage, while the media may get riled up about the murder of some innocent black man, or some anti-trump protests, there are a hundred more which go unspoken.

hey i didn't diagnose you, just saying maybe you should go and get a test or something, you got some pretty clear symptoms of autism and it's better to get on meds sooner so you don't have another episode like this one

This show is fucking magical
I don't know what that faggot is talking about, this is the one most absurd and hilarious shows I've ever fucking seen. The only thing better is fucking xavier renegade angel.

This is like watching scrubs sort of. Or frasier. Like a really surreal frasier. Is arrested development a surreal frasier?

It reminds me of xavier but xavier was a thousand times better. Its not that i don't like neo yokio. Its that i think xavier really is that much better. This is more like sealab 2021.

Yeah Xavier is next level

try Kaiji, has good suspense and great anti-capitalism.

Man, shit like this, Panty & Stocking, and the plethora of anime-influenced cartoons that we have in the West have made me wonder about the future of anime. If you think about it, there's always been this fascination of what's going on in the West, as well as a fascination of what's happening in Japan, as far back as the immediate post-WW2 era. It's as if artists, writers, and other individuals from both cultures have been wanting to shake hands, metaphorically, for some time.

Will we expect to see more American-Japanese/French-Japanese etc. collaborative projects in the coming years? Do you guys think that there's going to be a lot more cross-cultural contact in general?

it almost as if everything an asian can do a white can do better :^)

Except marrying white nationalists.

Xavier was funny but massively overrated, probably because everyone remembers the season 1 highs and forgets the subsequent mediocrity

Just watched this. I'd give it a solid 8.5 out of 10.

Ending was a bit of a tearjerker.

Look, the show is pretty accessible while still written in layers. I found myself going back and relistening to some of the dialogue as I watched it (torrented it). Jaden played his character flawlessly in my opinion. He's playing himself and thats what makes it so good. All the characters are shallow but they have decent hearts when broken out of their bubble. I think the creator was trying to explain that the rich are so in denial of their standing that even the ones that would find capitalism detestable don't even see it. They are blind. That of course is not an excuse and if the workers take power they'll get what they deserve for looking away.

Overall, it shows how shallow and selfish the rich are. I think that was the point. Jaden's character doesn't even realize his mech has a pilot. And really, at the end he kind of just tried to save Helen due to him wanting to get his dick wet. I don't think he was redeemed. He didn't get the girl though he gained some class consciousness. The way they showed the lower classes at the end was great and what really redeemed the series of its faults for me. It all makes sense.

The fact that the demons possessed only objects of the rich… Chanel suits and platinum diamond encrusted skulls… its the specter of communism.

Communism forever!

Love you, engineer-kun

Good to know the mods are doing their job well

Is the "joke" the shameless product placement?

Except TBBT isn't funny

why even live

hot take alert

Oh, more shitflix.

Again, you're a fucking retard.

Right wingers are always mad.
They are just unhappy people.

tfw too intelligent

No, as in I'm a normal person that can see subtext. This show has none of that. You have to think you're super smart to suddenly turn this from the shitshow it is to a masterpiece that retards claim it is.

you've been mad about this cartoon for how many hours now?


You keep saying mad as if that's an argument of substance. No, I'm just having a discussion with you. The difference is that I'm being earnest with you about it, and you hide behind irony and memes so you don't have to defend your opinion.

The alternative is saying I'm autistic, so according to you, there is no way I could prove to you otherwise. This is called circular logic. You'd know this if you didn't rot your brain with Smith's shitty cartoon.


It's part of the muh Spectacle so I won't watch it.

The anime industry has been on a crisis for quite a while, it's just a matter of time before Netflix, Amazon, and the Chinese take over.


So the future of the anime industry (and by extension, all media) is really more bleak than I thought. Well, at least we have decades worth of stuff from the past to watch. I don't know how I'm going to manage to do that without getting hauntology feels, though.

Do you really want there to be? The last thought i have when finishing stuff like Lain or Penguindrum is that i want more of it.

This guy is correct.

Most of which is shit tbh

this is sort of terrible good, teetering Xavier Renegade Angel except never entering the realm of actual good show.

the animation is garbage tho, kinda of like the visualization of someone trying to speak in a different language but just butchering it even further.

Neo Yokio was awful. Yet to watch it in depth.

Implicity I [東山翔] has a lot more to say about our plight.
In it we see the absolute contrast of love.

Part 1: Bourgeoisie love; it is the idealized, perfect, simple, and innocent love. The sweet curiosity of two people getting to know one another intimately.

Part 2: Proletarian love; a comradery absent innocence or curiosity: it is a cold awareness.
We also quickly see the commodification of their love, and its exploitation. Furthermore we see their hunger, and their desperation.
Do not blink, or look away. You must examine each scene for its contents; this is all too present & real now as it was in Marx's time.

This no mere subjective violence, this is the actualized Systemic Violence of Capitalism: exploitative life contrasted with the idyllic life. The bourgeoisie exploitation is uncovered quite literally & matter-of-factly, for it is that selfsame bourgeoisie which presents themselves to viciously impose this hierarchical structure.


For further contrast; see Gunnm.




Neo Yokio was awful.

Implicity I [東山翔] has a lot more to say about our plight.
In it we see the absolute contrast of love.

Part 1: Bourgeoisie love; it is the idealized, perfect, simple, and innocent love. The sweet curiosity of two people getting to know one another intimately.

Part 2: Proletarian love; a comradery absent innocence or curiosity: it is a cold awareness.
We also quickly see the commodification of their love, and its exploitation. Furthermore we see their hunger, and their desperation.
Do not blink, or look away. You must examine each scene for its contents; this is all too present & real now as it was in Marx's time.

This is no mere subjective violence, this is the actualized Systemic Violence of Capitalism: exploitative life contrasted with the idyllic life. The bourgeoisie exploitation is uncovered quite literally & matter-of-factly, for it is that selfsame bourgeoisie which presents themselves to viciously impose this hierarchical structure.


For further contrast; see Gunnm.

Explain this meme.

Is Berserk perhaps the most fascist piece of media ever produced?

Sounds egotist to me. My vote for fashiest anime goes to Crest of the Stars for paper-thin Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere analog.

Gunnm is lefty as fuck.
Those floating cities are exactly what happens when you let Capitalism achieve full automation.

Gunnm was the shit. Too bad Kishiro completely derailed with LO.

No, it's just very Nietzschean

Stop being new, whitey.

looks awful
looks absolutely awful
ive never watched it and hopefully i never will

Remember last time something like this happened, instead of pretentious hipster sitcoms, they picked a GOOD American cartoon (B:TAS) to model it after?

as always, weebs can't into satire
there's something about the over-the-top, melodramatic attempts at sincerity of average anime shlock that appeals to autists but it's rendered most of them unable to detect even the most blatant irony or sarcasm in media

I suppose this is one of those love-or-hate things.

Shame the ending was a deux ex machina asspull.

Really, nigga?


Still, nigga? Or are you going to tell me he was shitty on purpose too?

Do you really think that's any better?


Nah, that would be GATE.

well shit I guess it's got to be good then

I think the animation is supposed to look like garbage. It's supposed to look and feel like a badly dubbed 90s anime.

The animation was actually done by Studio DEEN. While they do have their QUALITY moments, they're not like this. This was an intention stylistic choice.

I watched two episodes so far; the voice acting is garbage tbh

…yes? I don't understand the question

Yeah bro that shit was bankrolled by the novelty swiss chocolate industry

The animation was actually made by Studio DEEN

Are these floating porky cities dumping their garbage on the proles?

For fuck's sake, it was right there.

The voice acting is terrible, as well as the animation : (

Probably not, western cartoons have slowly been replaced with those shows with real people in it and aren't even funny to watch. Especially in my country where they are dubbing the real life actors and it just looks horribly out of sync. I wonder if kids even like that junk.

Problem with the anime industry is that they're now fully focussed on making animes to the most common consumer of anime: the panty shot enthusiast. This consumer doesn't care if the story, animation or overall fun watching is shit, he only cares for the fanservice and panty shots.

so is this basically animated Dadaism for the 21st century?

It's not, but go ahead and lie to yourself more.

ITT artlets misunderstand satire and the nature of absurdist parody. Neo Yokio isn't even particularly good but it's not hard to figure out. Jaden Smith as the main character is pie-to-the-face levels of direct.

fucking lol you could not miss the point much more

That's the point. It's satire.

Daily reminder that >>>/leftyweebpol/ is a thing and desperately needs more activity

You don't understand satire.

It feels like I've seen this before. Wasn't there a point where western anime parodies/rip offs were all over the place? Teen Titans, Avatar? This particularly reminds me of Kappa Mikey which I've never seen anyone bring up. Or more like one of those self-aware bad 90s dubs where the voice actors were just fucking around.

I think the other posters are right in that the only actually unique thing about it seems to be the girl's overtly leftist dialogue. Which is mostly a wink wink nudge nudge at the audience.

Eh I'd rather have more ATHF or another PFFR show tbh. You don't really need a whole show to point out how absurd people like Jayden Smith are. For instance I've laughed at his dumbass tweets more than I did at the above webm.

Nobody is saying that, but the poorly done voice acting """"in this case"""" is deliberate as it adds to the very specific allusions of this satire

There actually is Japanese voice acting for it, but you have to change your account language settings on netflix to access it. The Japanese voice acting is a lot better, but I honestly feel like you're missing out watching it that way.

It's not deliberate, as there are a few characters that don't sound like shit. The fact is that these people can't voice act. Get over it.

Who, like the butler? Again, this is intentional. It only serves to heighten the absurdity because this entire show is self-aware farce.
Do you think they're trying to be sincere but have failed? This is the most tonedeaf reading of the show I've yet seen.

"Get over it" isn't an argument. The voice acting for the main helps achieve the proper impression for his character. You've sussed out that this isn't the case for every character and I applaud you for that

Anyone who thinks this show was serious has to be autistic, but I guess I underestimated the sheer amount of autism among anime fans somehow. I thought it was just a meme

I almost started posting here months back but then I remembered I don't really watch anime anymore. Cute board though.

Your show sucks m8.

That's an entirely different argument than whether or not it's satire, though I guess that speaks to my overall point about widespread autism in anime fans


I'd say it speaks to its failing as a show that the premise is more important than it's quality as a piece of entertainment/art. Satire always works best when it succeeds on more levels than the joke. I'd imagine this is where the "autists not getting that it's bad on purpose"
are coming from. They'd be mostly absent in the presence of a quality show like Xavier for example.

Look at studio DEENs shows they don't look like neo yokio

Disliking it is obviously totally fine and completely subjective, but an opinion can be labelled as basically "wrong" when it's based on wholly incorrect premises.

For example, if I wrote a review of the Star Wars prequels where I said they were good because I enjoyed the cheesiness of it, my opinion would be unpopular and contrarian but not wrong. But if I liked it because of its grounded realism, I'd just be an idiot, and my opinion would be as close to objectively wrong as is possible.

Xaviers animation character designs and voice acting with exception of Xavier are god awful though, that's the fucking joke

He's displaying a view I find really annoying where if a work doesn't explicitly hamfist a morality tale then it's not really a critique. I think the creators are just bullshitting, kaz is clearly a repugnant and vapid individual with little redeeming qualities and this is mentioned throughout the show. He's not usually punished because he lives in a similarly vapid society.
I don't think this show is brilliant or anything, I thought it was a little obvious in fact. That is until I see reviews like this where setting coherence is complained of. Like just stick to star wars cartoons you bitch.

My argument is that they're justified thinking it's "just badly made" when it is in fact a badly made show. Where does the line between "bad on purpose but actually good" and "bad on purpose but also actually bad" end? Is the latter any different from something that's just bad? Or is it elevated simply by the intention?

In my opinion the one at fault in the case of "autists who don't get the joke" is the show itself, not the autists.

Xavier is quality because it works. NY is made by pretenders. And it shows.

I am though :^(

Uh oh you done wrong think, get ready for alienanted consumer addicts to reign hell in you.

What would the reason for that be? America in 2017 isn't exactly America under McCartyism, Elizabethan England or [insert 20th century right-wing dictatorship here].

I realize that saying it's an anti-capitalist show might cause some problems but saying say it's a critique of modern high-society or it's a critique of unethical business/social practices of the elite isn't beyond the Pale at all. Numerous Wall Street movies have been made on that premise.

Truth be told Arthur Miller had more balls with the stuff he wrote during McCarthyism and through all that some people wondered whether he was an anti-communist liberal or just bowing to the orthodoxy in order to spite it. In the end, he turned out to be an anti-communist liberal just as a close reading of his writings and life would indicate.

If you have a show created by millionaires and backed by a major corporation and the creator says it's not a critique of the elite and of capitalism, is it possible it really not a critique of it?

Could you at least attempt to understand why people are turned off by your "critique" when it just boils down to "X is good because it's good and Y is bad because it's made by bad people and it shows"?

Contrast it to the Star Trek thread going on where the people who dislike it will point to very specific story elements or design choices and qualify why they're bad. Everyone ITT who dislikes NY just says it's bed because it is. It's just not an interesting critique

Also Xavier was not a satire in the way that this show is so the comparison is wholly unwarranted. And the other poster is correct in saying that the voice acting and character design in that show are absolutely garbage

This is literally you claiming wrongthink

Kill la Kill's got a whole aestheticization of politics going on with it's fashion and uniform symbolism

So basically the video is a more eloquent version of a MysteriousMr.Enter video, isn't it?

To be entirely fair, the Star Trek thread is (aside from Trekkie-specific autism about continuity errors and rampant canon rape) on straightforward themes such as hopefulness/melancholy, peace/war, and exploration/melodrama, in addition to concrete critiques, such as mary sues and filler dialog. Both STD's fans and critics largely agree about the show's substance, they only disagree about its appropriateness and competence of execution.

Neo Yokio's fans, on the other hand, are primarily hiding behind fuzzy postmodern sophistry. I say that, not to dismiss it as a necessarily indefensible position, but it is certainly one infamous for attracting pseudo-intellectual scoundrels.

The ride never ends.


I guess I just don't see it as all that subtle, which is making the outright rejection of it as even being satire very baffling to me. That, coupled with the fact that the detractors seem to be couching most of their criticism in this air of anti-mainstream sentiment when the show itself is not actually liked in the mainstream, is making the criticism seem at least somewhat disingenuous

It's more than just the themes (which the authors themselves are sending mixed signals about, inb5 "death of the author"), but everything else. The animation, the acting, the coherence of the setting and plot, the thematic arc. All of it is being defended from behind a wall of irony-plated meta-ness.

Nonsense. They're both "bad on purpose BUT ACTUALLY" shows. However one works, like I said.

Actually that's funny because both of those specific elements are better than NY in this case. Xavier's design as well as the general aesthetic of the show are wholly original and experimental while NY is falling on the TIRED old anime parody aesthetic.
Also there are really people who think Xavier has bad voice acting? It was literally THE reason to watch the show combined with the writing. NY just has celebrities mumbling cliches and calls it a day. YAWN. This is what I mean by pretenders.

Sounds pretty defensive and dishonest considering I read the thread very differently. Also LOL at comparing NY to Star Trek.

People complaining about others being "anti-mainstream" are usually suffering from a case of poptimism imo. If NY was more popular I'm sure you'd switch to calling detractors "contrarians" instead. Are you the same person who's been defending it all thread?

Yes, they have an economy that runs on scraps. That's not the best part.
Organ traffickers make big money dismembering people to ship to the upper city as research specimens.

this was just blatant product placement right

IDK if satire works if you're getting corporate bux to do it

The animation sucks. The Art sucks. The VA's suck which is amazing since this is being VA'ed by somebody helping make the show. The writing is bad. The only thing it has going for it is that it's genuinely subversive but even then it's influence by the perspective of somebody who has ALWAYS been rich and famous so it's naturally out of touch.

Stop trying to make Jaden Smith into a celebrity. It is such a blatant example of nepotism and undeserved fame.

Ghost Stories? I was thinking the same thing, that Neo Yokio felt like Ghost Stories and the dialogue really could have been anything

I'm surprised that people haven't brung up the Boondocks yet. It seems like a big influence on Neo Yokio.

It wasn't written at all by Jaden Smith. You know that right?

If "all thread" means like 3 posts then sure

Is the toblerone his dick?

But Boondocks actually had good animation, good writing, good acting, and had sincerity instead of completely towing the line on safe consensus.

I actually wouldn't say it's an influence. It's more like the creators of Neo Yokio just clumsily tripped across ground that's already been covered. It's ok though because it's pretty meta about it lol.

Koenig is a leftist and Vampire Weekend is full of criticism of bourgeois capitalism. Ya fucking dummy.

That's ridiculously hard to believe, since his dialogue seems lifted straight off his twitter and the show had no writers credits for a long time. This is Jaden Smith making himself an anime protagonist, and it's not only stupid, it commits the worst crime of all: it's fucking boring.

Isn't that anime shit

only if you don't understand it

To normies. And if you can't appreciate its humor ironically imo. Personally I find it hilarious

It's shit anyway. Too much IDpol.


Seen people calling it "so bad it's good" but other than that it seems boring and badly voice acted.

Stop posting.

No. So bad on purpose and that's why it's good.

It's one of those things that you either love or hate. There's literally no middle ground.

Im 3 episodes in and the dry humor works but everything else is bad. Apparently Ezra originally envisioned it as entirely satire/parody and it would have been far better done that way.
Jaden Smith is too held back and restrained, his character keeps behaving reasonably or normally at times to make him seem relatable and it ruins him, because he cant be both relatable and a crazy socialite obsessed with melancholy.

"The Room" or "Trolls 3" are "so bad it's good" but the people who like this just think it's a satire on bad anime and elite cosmopolitan culture

if you have real experience dealing with bougie fucks irl you'll enjoy it more

This is legit the first good critique of the show in this thread

Thanks. Anyway its watchable but its hardly laugh out loud. Ezra Koenig also said the show is for the people who appreciated both gossip girl and ranma 1/2. As that entire demographic is probably just him and jaden smith i guess the rest of us will never truly appreciate the show the way they do.

i took that as a joke but I do have to admit that the "are they trolling or retarded?" game is tricky here

Technically he said the audience was for people that liked the toblerone gag, he just said that episode 4 was full of references to ranma and gossip girl, which very few people would get both of.
The problem is they aren't trolling or retarded enough. I went in expecting another Ghost Stories or a really dry and more conservative freddy got fingered, but it wasn't to be.

desus and mero are my political compass

Honestly, I've really come to realise that most weebs are actually retarded.

Yeah, just preaching at your audience doesn't make for good writing, especially when the character preaching it is hypocritical in every sense of the word and the main character is unlikable and never evolves from that other than being unlikable while also being anti-capitalist. It's a boring show for stupid people.

Yea, just like The Room was supposed to be trash too.

Yeah, DEEN half-assed it because they knew it was shit and they hated the designs. So?

Don't shit on them just because weeb Youtubers are stupid.

K-On is a masterpiece you faggot.

DEEN was hot shit in the 80s but some of their newer shows have pretty atrocious animation.

I enjoyed it because it was silly. Fight me

That's fine, but at least you aren't pretending that it's some sort of biting satire. The analogue is someone enjoying The Room because of what it is, instead of inventing theories about why it's shit and why this must obviously be on purpose and also clever.

That would be pretty funny though.

He's a Kike Jewish faggot, I'm sure he would fit in great with Holla Forums

Congratulations, you fell for branding. Capitalism has sold you a show because it said some things you seem to like. You just went full liberal.