What even is "culture" anyway?

a meme

It's what makes the world interesting and what keeps the world diverse. Nothing else to know, without it, we as a group of individuals are nothing

The ideal commodity, the one which helps to sell all the others.

made up bullshit; if people talk about "culture" of any sort it's a good sign they aren't worth listening to

I'd say it's what ideas one is more likely to obtain than others through osmosis given their demographics and location.

History's second biggest meme after "god".

Wow. So much for the intellectual left!
Mongoloids. Culture is literally the only thing that keeps us alive and keeps thing interesting. It's our cultural baggage that makes us individuals. Now, why would you consider really the only thing that distinguish us as individuals and that it's the only thing worth being greedy of, a bad thing?

Spooky scary skelestashes


The characteristics that make a society a society. It's spirit.

Yes, it's an abstraction. So are 99% of all other words in all languages. Limited creatures like ourselves need abstractions to communicate properly.

I knew it was coming.
Read the german ideology instead of sucking this edgy memester dick

Well I guess that means you are uncultured then?

The thing that binds societies together. Without culture we are nothing but pack animals foraging in the forest. I know a lot of you might think thats better than the current system though.

Asking someone to define culture is like asking someone to define community.

A collection of beliefs, traditions, and values that arise from a group of people over a period of time. Usually people give a shit about it like it's some sort of sacred cow, for some reason, like it isn't something invented by humans.


Don't understand the joke tbh. Shitposting aside, I get really fucking triggered when red liberals out themself as SJW that shill for their culture free PC society.

Go fuck yourself, I know it's one of the important memes here but I fucking hate when people use that idiot as a fucking argoument for something

Also invented by humans.

Whats wrong with having something sacred? Its no different then having personal space.
Personal space is another part of culture. If you talk to middle easterners they always get really really close to you and you have to tell them to back off a little.
Am I wrong for believing in personal space? Am I wrong for making the distance I put between me and other people sacred?

Yes you are.

That's why I asked. I think there is a good reason we should ask questions about those concepts we seem to all "get" instinctively but can't properly define.

what the fuck is that even supposed to mean

You're wrong about everything you think. Your only option left is sudoku.

No he's not

It's like defining love. It's not universal but it's instinctively inside everyone of us. It's not possible to give a clear definition

No he's not

A innocuos society without individualism for the sake of correctness. That's what's the argoument i see against culture on this board: It different, so it's bad. That's why even fucking anarchist like mao's cultural revolution

I was thought in shool:
Literally everything humans create.



A real intellectual over here.


A spook

Sounds fine to me.

If anything, I'd argue that SJW culture is about individualizing every single issue within their reach. Gender can be an interesting topic when it's approached from a materialist outlook, but the tumblr crowd is much more content with coming up with increasingly eccentric gender categories so everyone is happy and feel "represented".

This sentence makes absolutely zero sense. Are you drunk?

I've never, ever heard an anarchist support the Cultural Revolution. Not here, not anywhere else. Just… Never.

The solution to that would be a innocuous society without individualism for the sake of correctness tho, if you think about it.
I'm sober, what I was trying to say that this board is often ok with individualism and diversity free society
Heard few of them in a thread the other day saying that we need one too

Yet people are content with living and never stepping out of ther homogenized bubbles. Does the idea that there are people thousand of miles away who where funny hats turn you on?

This is like saying that people are ok with the shitty job they have.
Yes. More than anything else tbh. My only priority in life is traveling, knowing more and meeting different people

My anxiety of being around other people is culture?

Culture is the identity that a group of people build over the history, its what make us different, what makes seeing the world such an amazing experience

How fucking new can you be?

Culture… taken in its wide ethnographic sense, is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. - Edward B. Tylor

The non-material component of a gestalt of humans.

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