It's 2017. why aren't you reading about 1917 and the bolsheviks?

it's 2017. why aren't you reading about 1917 and the bolsheviks?

Because leftypol is full of infantile leftcoms and ancoms who don't want to learn from history

I am.

have you even read carr or rabinowitch?

Why should I? Only petite bourgeois leftcoms have time for that.

are you actually this stupid as shit? carr and rabinowitch are among the main writers on the october revolution and early soviet union. of course they would have relevance to communists.

Why should I read them when I can just read Lenin


because lenin didn't write, or have all the resources to, everything that we need to know about the revolution and its difficulties.



that's why russia is full communism right now

why don't you go back to reddit

tankies in a nutshell :^)

Because reading is hard and time-consuming.

Because it's not 1917, if we keep trying to do the USSR over and over, we are going to lose every time


Well no shit, a revolution that takes the state isn't a failure, fantastic job.


Well the theory that helped the 1917 revolution was clearly not dated at the time then, was it?

It was a coup, not a revolution.

Revolutions are supposed to transform society, not just grab power.

that's not what anyone besides idiotic larpers today and perhaps uninformed petty bourgeois revolutionaries mostly in the third world think they're doing.
to mostly ignore the october revolution and even the paris commune of 1871 will be a much worse decision than to critically read about it.

what have you even read to come to such a conclusion?

Lets see your thesis blowing the fuck out of all common knowledge then.

History books

literally go back to reddit.

There are better LARP rulebooks.

What the fuck am I reading here?

Bolsheviks getting BTFO


Cause I'm starting the next one bitch.


what are some good books besides the state and revolution?


specifically works on tactics and strategy like S&R, or anything in general like histories of the revolution?

china mieville is based. he wrote a book on marxist legal theory

bolsheviks wer trash thats y



we need a bolshevik history month tbqh


Start by reading this:

Stopped reading there


But that's after the part where it is described as such! Refusing to call it a coup won't change that it was.

I was really disappointed by that book. I know it's supposed to be babby's first Russian Revolution history, but I honestly wouldn't recommend it even to normies.

how so?

How the fuck is it even possible to do the russian revolution all over again? Do we all live in a starving pre-industrialized peasant society on the brink of revolt?


Not an argument.

If that's the case, then there's no point reading about the bolsheviks


Read Maiakovsky, why did he commit suicide?