How do you prevent Capitalism in an AnCom society?

How do you prevent Capitalism in an AnCom society?

Well Kropotkin's theory rests on the assumption that we either already live in a post scarcity society where industrial technology can provide for all our basic needs, or else we can get there within a few decades.

If this is the case, then withholding resources and only offering them in exchange for services wouldn't make any sense, since in a world where pretty much any material good you want is readily available, it makes no sense to hoard or withhold anything. In other words, Mr. Roof thatcher wouldn't need to charge two sheep to thatch the roof, he would already have access to all the sheep he needs. There would be no point in charging people. The real issue is how to avoid parasitism.

Are you suggesting socialism can only really be achieved once we have the Star Trek replicator?

Of course a cuckdem would be a retard

The real question is what prevents an imperialist nation from destroying an ancom society?


Not exactly, Kropotkin style Anarcho communism can only be achieved when we have the capacity to provide for everybody, which I think is the case right now. But it also requires the development of a definite communist consciousness, that can stigmatize parasitism to the point where it is reduced below a certain point and allows the system to function.

Read the Bread Book if you are really curious.

Peak utopianism

If someone attempts primitive accumulation (the forceful seizure of goods held in the commons by the public and transformation into private property), the ancommies will not only see this as theft (as peasants did when capitalists did this initially during the transition from feudalism to capitalism) but have the means to take it back since everyone will have military grade weapons and military training (if they want it). On top of this, capitalists back then had the backing of the state - a remnant of feudal times. If peasants rose up with torches and pitchforks they could be put down by this monopoly of violence, which would not exist in anarchist communism. Trying to establish private property within ancom society would be signing your death warrant.


Not an ancom but..
I guess if it were to come under attack it would either disperse and infiltrate the imperialist nation and bring it down from within or launch a total war diverting literally everything to the war effort.

Realistically it probably has to be either

What do you think capitalism is, rosenigger?
"""free trade""" only exists at the backdrop of state-issued currency and a guarantee of private property. What capital are you gonna accumulate when all means of production are held in common and everything is cybernetically calculated in labour hours and in-kind?

The same way you prevent it in every other society, by abolishing absentee (private) property.

There exist people who believe destroying capitalism requires abolishing all trade. But, since abolishing all trade would require continuous surveillance and use of force, they cannot be anarchists, by definition.

Funny the anarcho-syndicalists of Spain actually DID have gulags.

Why do we still bother to reply to roseposters.

they would have guns too. And they would be wielded by better trained and organized force. You need to take the germ warfare pill

Capitalism will always expand to new markets

Anarchy is about abolishing hierarchy. Anarchists aren't pacifists, they will use force if necessary.

Collective violence, I'd wager.

That means in self-defense. Not to forcibly forbid the entire society of earth from doing basic social interaction that you happen to consider harmful.

I'm yet to read Bread Book, but about all of Mutual Aid was an explanation on how helping each other is basic animal nature (except the solitary ones, but this group doesn't include humans) and it is what primitive people did.

capitalism isn't buying or selling or trading. That can fall under mutualism.

capitalism is wage labor under a boss, corporations, private property, etc. Fuckin read.

the guns of the anarchists. right now no ML / Tankie country is powerful enough to take on anarchism. Not even North Korea since they're isolated.

Now about what you worry about. The US army. Yes rn no, Anarchists need to be furtive its still possible to make anarchist unions in the US, have them be productive & free but in secret. Pick a hidden location in the woods, camo the fuck up of your shelters, maybe make some trenches around too. There are still lots of ways to hide from satellites.