Investigate Russia

What does Holla Forums think about Russiagate?

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I think Russia probably does try to sow chaos and tension in America, and I think it's Extremely Good

It’s stupid.

the hypocricy of americans is un-bear-able

Capitalists in all countries off the world play a role in influencing elections, this Russian scandal is just a bullshit excuse for why the democrats lost. There are no "evil Russians" corrupting an otherwise just political system.


"Russiagate," aside from being a puerile ploy to excuse the incredible, jaw dropping failure of the democrats, is also a ruse to distract from how all these other countries and people actually influence American elections by buying favors from the Clintons, Bushes, etc.

I was talking to my dad about it and he said "if the Russkies did fiddle with the election, it was probably revenge for giving them Boris Yeltsin".

To be fair, he might be switching between VPNs to post the thread and reply elsewhere. But I would bet he's some kind of bot or other shitposter.

If it's true, who gives a fuck? America itself is still a corrupt capitalist state.

Kek, your dad is woke as fuck.

Because it's amusing, makes good gossip, and is relevant to geopolitics.

Didn't happen but I wish it did

He's pretty cool, he got me a John Pilger book for my birthday a few years ago. He also compared Israel to Apartheid for what they do to Palestinians.



I lean towards yes.

Russia dindu nuffin. They good boys.

Surely mass media wouldn't lie to us. Not after Iraq. And Libya. And Syria. They learned their lesson and they going to church, they good boys.

Why would Putin of all people want payback for Yeltsin?

Need mo money fo dem programs.

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how old is this comic?

All supported by narratives from the executive branch. In this case, the accusation implicates the executive branch and we're essentially weighing evidence against multiple parties notorious for dishonesty (the Alphabet soup, Putin, US political parties, and the Trump staff) - which is actually pretty convenient for us.


It's almost like the reactionaries are a paper tiger.

It's fake.
They have twitter bots like every other major nation has, but the whole MUH RUSSHA HAKKD DA ELECKSHUN thing is entirely a fabrication. The IC and the media are spinning it because they want democrats to to win the next set of elections.

The general consensus is that account was run by alt-right trolls using a Russian VPN.


Dunno about entirely.



Pure bullshit:

This is the third thread about Morgan Freeman now btw.

Morgan Freeman, the house negro, is really popular with redditors.
Really makes you think about who is making these threads.

Putin is a sleeper cell

But… the media told me Putin controls just about everything, from Trump to Syria. Then who the hell controls Trump? He's a sleeper agent for those damn cultural Marxists, isn't he? Yuri warned us they would win in the end!

Putin and Trump are pawns in 6th Dimensional Lizard Chess.