Right wing loyalty to small and mom and pop businesses

Why do right wingers preach so much loyalty for small businesses as if they wouldn't fuck them up the ass when they get a chance?

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They think theyll have one. And that will make them equal to Bill Gates and Trump. Deluded fools.

It's a huge liberal talking point too.

It's an ideological tool used by the upper echelons of the bourgie to both relate to the middle class and to promote capitalist ideology. In america it's also somethig you just have to say no matter how you feel about it because the ideology is so ingrained in the american psyche that any opposition to this will be uncritically shat upon by 99% of people here.

It's essentially mythology at this point

Of course it is. Both sides play for the same team.

They are the same team.

Owners of small businesses have to actually put in work and be there as opposed to just owning stuff and sucking up profits. Also, they have what is called "skin in the game" . The business is theirs in the sense that if the business fails, they fail, as opposed to just cashing in their stocks as shareholder and moving on. As such, they have an interest in the business and all those other individuals involved doing well. For a large business a single individual cannot matter .

Like it or not, scale matters. Ignorance of this fact is how we got to the "to big to fail" crap.
There's more than a quantitative difference between EA and your local indie game dev.


"A country is not a large city, a city is not a large family, and, sorry, the world is not a large village"

That's more of a comment on the dark side of human nature in general than on small businesses. Large corporation owners can escape from the harm they do. Small business owners can't.

Whether or not pop from Mom and Pop's, or your local leftist agitator would turn evil if he magically swapped places with René de Rothschild is irrelevant, since they aren't actually swapped and he hasn't got the means to do evil. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


It's just lip service/virtue signalling. They don't go to small businesses and the politics they support don't help small businesses either.
"Small business" is a meme anyway.

when rightards cream "muh small businesses" they're not talking about old record stores or butchershops. their general attitude toward those kinds of businesses and their challenges is "if they can't compete, that's too bad. that's just le free market guys!" if they really gave a shit about "small business" they wouldn't support policies that give free reign to megacorporations and conglomerates. like says, it's just lip service

It is lip service, but I think it's important to note that it serves a serves a function as well

The right you're talking about is the neo-cucks, not us. It's not like you communists ever supported or managed to have small-anything, btw. Inb4 utopian giga-state planned economy fixes everything.

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I'm right wing, and this is clearly a left wing issue too. I'd say this is more left wing, because I see right wingers buying everything from Costco and Walmart. Would you rather eat at a mom and pop pizza shop with real Italian mom and pop, or Pizza Hut with edgy 16 year olds blowing snot into the tomato sauce? Monopolies are Capitalism kryptonite. It's important to take steps, as a consumer, to prevent them from happening.

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You're anti-Trump and a large chunk of Republicans are anti-Trump. That doesn't make you Republicans. Same as me being anti-communist doesn't make me neocon. Learn some perception skills, autists. ( )

How exactly do you a define a "neocon" and how are you and Trump any different from one?

Honestly it's largely just a dog whistle at this point. When mainstream politicians say "small business" they really mean "the multi-billion dollar corporations that fund my Super PAC".

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Elaborate. We're not all supporters of the USSR.


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Neoconservatives are everything that replaced the right after the second world war (or going even further, the French revolution). They don't actually conserve anything. You know this to be true. "Everything must fall before the mighty dollar". We know that money is at most a means to an end, and we believe in organic hierarchies as opposed to the two-level systems of mega-sate and atomized individual or mega-corporation and atomized individual. The mercantile class should not be allowed to destroy nations, culture, civilization, order, society and the commons for the sake of momentary profits.

And yes, Trump's far from perfect, but he's the closest thing we've gotten to "our guy" in years. As evidenced by the common hatred for him shared by the dems and the neocons.

Hey I'm just answering the question.

Because it's easier to sell tax cuts by saying it'll "help small businesses" rather than admitting that's only for the top 1%.

No one thinks tax cuts on the top rate earners helps small businesses.

you and thousands of other trump supporters literally ignore almost everything about the trump and his administration.
do you not understand why this is one of the reasons why most of us don't even want to take you seriously?

More like: Inefficiency! We must improve this farm for the sake of our health and stomachs! In the conquest of BREAD! We all own, we work as needed!

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
I mean, who knows, maybe this time you'll really get a classless society.


There's absolutely no reason to prefer """organic""" hierarchies over any other kind of hierarchy. If anything, the hierarchies of the past were far worse than the ones we see today. Like most nationalists, you seem to worship stupid story-book shit that never was.

So it's literally just contrarian resentment politics. Trump is almost indistinguishable from the average neocon these days, you only like him because he pisses off the libs and you just admitted that fact.

First, you can't unsqueeze toothpaste. Even if the silly, idyllic version of the past you have in your head actually was real, it can't be brought back. History doesn't run in reverse.

Second, if you're going to jerk off to a utopian ideal, you ought to at least make your utopia actually sound like a nice place to live in rather than a hellhole for 90% of the population (including you) that only addresses vague, meaningless bullshit like muh culture, muh values instead of addressing the real, material needs of the population.


Development of technology has made it so that 90% of people today can afford more luxury than a king in the past. Are you really saying you want things to change because you're poor?
Look, I understand why you want communism, I really do. But your personal investment in this is not your lack of material comfort. How many working class friends do you have? Are you working class? Have you ever spent a day pulling potatoes from the field? I have.

I could go into needless philosophy, but a disney song seems more to this board's level:

Brainlets, will they ever learn?

First thing Hitler did upon assuming power was form, unify and increase the power of the big business cartels. Daddy Trump has stocked his cabinet with oilmen and Wall Street bankers. You are delusional.