How to learn theory

Comrades, this is my method for learning theory. It's been very effective for me so I highly recommend taking it up.

Here is how it goes:

Instead of grinding yourself down to learn a single theorist or concept, study multiple authors or texts for 10-15 minutes per day. Take up theorists or texts which don't seem to have much to do with each other, because this will ensure you become more well-rounded.

For example, on one day my schedule would look something like this:

Then, once you're done learning for the day, write down everything you've gotten from that day and discuss it with others.

Try this for a week and see if it works for you. Also, "study" is not reduced to reading books, but also listening to audio lectures, podcasts, YouTube videos of qualified academics talking about Marxism, and so on. None of this wasting your life away on message boards BS.

To give credit: this is how the wisest of rabbis learn Torah/Talmud/Kabbalah.

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One more thing: learn swiftly. If you don't understand something, underline it and then keep going, and once you're finished with that section go back and re-read the underlined parts again.

The reason why it's more important to have a broad understanding is, you must have a mind nimble enough to be able to relate one thing to another. If you spend all of your time on a single chapter in Marx, for example, you will inevitably miss out on discovering how said material relates to other material, or finding common tropes and motifs, or making connections. This is why it's always important to stress holistic learning.

Lukacs is the only name I don't recognize here. Do you know any good normie-core level stuff by him?

History and Class Consciousness

This is true for everyone but one thinker: Hegel. Skipping the flow of logic in Hegel is bound to royally fuck your understanding of Hegel as Hegel. It'll enlighten you to many things, but you'll miss Hegel.

Hegel is also someone who from very little a stupid amount can be learned, so spending your sweet time on a small section is quite fruitful.

I've literally only read the first 6 chapters of the Phenom + Preface and the first 2 chapters of the Logic + prefaces/intros and virtually all I've learned of great depth has been just digesting these same portions over a year so far. It's pretty amazing.

Good points.

not all of us have ADD

I assumed this would be of use to the brainlets on this board.

It's not about ADD, it's about grasping real theory. It's not just about memorization, it's about actually thinking with it.

's point about holism is right. There is something deeply important about the capacity to unify things and integrate new objects into the theoretical structure. This manifests not simply in integration, but analogical thinking and linking in holistic thinking.

Good ass thread. I'll just add that if I read too slowly the text begins to fall apart, so I understand the underlining part. Everyone should find their reading pace, but mine seems quicker when I read theory as opposed to fiction.

nice "method", but this is just how smart people learn, plus the even wiser rabbi's know all of the above is just commentary on the real deal anyway.
every time. this is not how you do black PR.

So your method is to be as distracted as possible or is it the "write down everything you've gotten from that day and discuss it with others" which you just mention like some optional thing without describing how to do it?

Wow this method is retarded.

If I'm an anarchist why the fuck do I need to know pseudoscience like psychoanalysis, or some authoritarian fuckwit like Hegel in order to be a better anarchist?

What makes an anarchist better than the other?

Anarchism is just the natural state of things.

We don't need philosophy to understand why hierarchy is immoral.

This is the most retarded post I have read today. Please fuck off and read a book, preferably two, about those two things.

Why would I want to read about Georg Wilhelm Friedrich "The Prussian Nation State is the End of History" Hegel?

Good thrrad op, I find trying to plow through one book muddles my understanding of it.

At least be less obvious with your falseflagging.

I love your posts

Read Jon Stewart's book and stop being a meme spouting retard who gargles Popper's bullshit uncritically.

This is what I do but instead of a bunch of theory, I do a bit of theory and mix it with physics or math textbooks

I can't work like this at all, it's piquing my OCD in fact. I need to finish one task before moving to the other, boredom isn't really my issue its just getting started and not letting people distract me. Whatever gets it into your head though

The red and black is the new black.


I remember reading somewhere people praising Torah study for teaching students how to intensely focus on a single text for long periods of time and do it regularly.

Which seems to be the opposite of what OP's saying.

This has to be a false flag.

There are multiple techniques. Here:

Are they wrong on the psychoanalysis, though?


but I don't know how to read German

Tbh, find a discord and get people to teach it to you or hang around on leftypol and wait for that one thread that comes every week where some deep shit is espoused.

It's better to read the material yourself than solely having some guy spoonfeed it to you. Definitely find a teacher if you can, but learn the actual theory alongside.

Ofc, but at the same time you can't read everything at once.

As for me, I recommend The CM (I know, cliché), Gotha Programme, a few old-style websites like that De Leonist one and then get onto the longer shit like Stat and Rev, Reform or Rev, The Next Rev.

Also videos are a thing, there are a whole plethora of marxist youtubers and marxist thinkers with theory in the form of video. Zizek is a good one for the latter category.

Not everything at once. That's why you spend a short amount of time on each. So for instance today you read 10ish pages of Capital and then 10ish pages of a few other texts, then tomorrow you read 10 more pages of Capital and 10 more pages of the other texts.

Videos are good, but they should only be used to compliment the primary sources. So yes, it makes sense to listen to lectures on the sections of Capital you're currently reading right after you read them to ensure your understanding is correct, or to get an understanding from a different angle.

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Thanks for the method, will try to adapt to myself

I see what you did there.


Centrists begone

I'm not talking centricism, I'm speaking about knowledge of multiple fields and theorists who will advance your general understanding.

I don't believe you're real anarchist.

what a retarded method
time is money, and I'm not gonna waste my time by beginning from the greeks or hegel or whatever
I would rather read Mises than Hegel
at least Mises is comprehensible

Then you shouldn't be here.

Lol no Greeks u faggot. Heraclitus, Pyrrho, Epictetus are god tier

Mises > Hegel
at least it's fun to watch Mises screeching about marxim taking over the civilized world

in what way are they god tier?
I've only read Pseudo-Xenophon's The Polity of the Athenians because Cockshott was shilling for athenian democracy

why should I read your "gods"?

why do i need to study "theory" when i can just watch a stefan molyneux video


It's brainfood, essentially. You must understand the history of philosophy in order to discover how and why our dominant paradigms became our dominant paradigms, and how human thought has developed. History is NOT linear and neither is our conception of it, or the conceptions we have about this world.

Marx had a PhD in Greek after all.

t. Religious Jew who minored in Greek/Classics in college

Bumping to keep the conversation going.

Have an easy fast tonight/tomorrow everyone.