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Richard Wolfe confirmed Muke was right.

Read a book, read a book, read a muhfuckin book.

Sums it up pretty well. Leftcoms are right when they say co-operative capitalism is still capitalism, but without a council-based (soviet) democracy, so that workers can manage production and distribution themselves, you cannot actually achieve classless society.


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To anyone too much of a brainlet to read capital, download and listen to his lectures on Marxian Economics and Advanced Applied Marxian Economics.
They're brilliant and watertight indictments of Capitalism which gives no wiggle room to NeoLiberals or SuccDems.
But anyway in the last lecture in the latter lecture series he provides a Marxian analysis of the Soviet Union and (coming from the Marxist theoretical framework he spent the rest of the sessions developing) it's far superior than anything any YT Tankie a la would be able to provide. If you get all of your opinions from Grover Furr, theFinnishBolshevik and other people not qualified (Furr has no historical qualifications I know of) to talk about it, you're trapped within ideology

He's a market socialist? I never got that impression and I've seen a lot by him. Can you cite anything?

That doesn't respond to the points made in the video I think you'll find

No, people say that because he likes co-ops.


You're right. That quote isn't that relevant to my post, but I like it anyway.


He's right. He's not saying that the USSR didn't eliminate certain elements of capitalism, but it didn't fundamentally transform the workplace. If you listen to Wolff in other setting he will mentions some of Lenin's achievements.

so he's a Democratic Socialist.
never does he say "we can only produce for exchange".

The USSR more than earned all the criticism it gets for retaining bourgeois methods of rulership and economizing. That doesn't excuse clumsy, cowardly apologetics for US-type dystopias that nearly all self-proclaimed socialists advocate for today.

Wolff is a tool. His narrative on the SU is not a self-critique of the communist movement from a Marxist perspective, it is a shallow regurgitation of the mind-eroding imperialist propaganda we've been forced to suffer through our whole lives. It's all the same. The communists revolt, take power, destroy democracy, and kill everyone. COMPLETE bullshit. This narrative ignores all the hellish conditions on the ground suffered by the revolutionaries at the hands of reactionary-imperialist forces. In the bourgeois view that socialists adore, the civil war, white terror, and invasion of Russia by foreign powers simply disappear. It is a fact-devoid attempt at apologizing for the astronomical amount of violence capitalism perpetuates. Decades later socialists STILL repeat this narrative like the braindead puppets they are. As if replacing the word communist with Stalinist changes the content of the propaganda. It fucking doesn't, he is a coward, you're all cowards.

he doesn't like coops, he advocates for coops. His show is literally named Democracy at Work.

t. rafiq

I'm glad papa wolff is saying what most of us already knew

He never said any of that. He said they didn't change shit.

Have you even watched the video m8? This is literally what he says.

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How was the USSR not socialist?

It was bureaucratic socialism in the initial stage and then devolved into state capitalism where the means of production were owned by the state and not the workers.



Watch the video mate

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thinking co-ops can actually change anything is utopian as it gets

Besides being a in trade union participating in production and planning, electing factory committees and nominating candidates for soviets by workers councils obviously.

What a tool

I didn't say co-ops would change anything, I implied co-ops are a feature of socialism that actually works; As opposed to your inefficient bureaucratic system.

He has straight up said "Markets are a terrible way to distribute goods and services". I think he sees co-ops as a less cancerous form of employment for workers today, and perhaps a healthier platform for building socialism devoid of capital, private property, or markets.

Oh my god, do you know what this means guys? If at least a few things go right we'll have saved humanity from capitalism. We're a charismatic leader in the west away from world revolution.