Alt-Right vs Alt-Left debate?

I'm Alt-Right. I'm not a Nazi. I prefer European Identitarian Libertarian. Tell me why im wrong and why i should join the Left. Where the Soviets true Communists? Do you believe the white race should be destroyed? If so or if not, why?

I'm not a Nazi I'm just *insert latest rebranding*

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yeah i expected this much. So should the white race be destroyed and why and what would be accomplished by doing this. Answere that at least

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So a Zionist then. Right wingers usually tend towards either Zionism or Nazism because they are on able to fathom the egalitarian position that Jews are EQUAL to everyone else.

I hope you personally get destroyed.

I mean for one white people wouldn't exist anymore so already we're at a great start

Fuck off Holla Forums. True leftism does not condone violence, only idpol does.

Nah he followed it up with European Identitarian which is one of the hot new ways to say you're a Nazi.

The revolution of the people will not be a peaceful one comrade

Yeah i am lol

Pacifist pls go. Enjoy trying to non-violently change a violent status quo.


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Try reading some books and gaining an understanding of politics beyond infographics.

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True leftists don't want to destroy the white race.

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Ever see a plane blow up *before* it even starts on the runway? That's this thread.

Good showing, op.

Also wanted to point out this is a clickbait thread.

Don't try to lure intellectuals in with your shocking images. It just makes you look dumb and not worth our time.

Only in that the white race is a fake idea created by a bunch of white dudes who got mad about minorities getting better treatment over the course of history and who slowly expanded the definition of white to include more people as time went on

Well, I was ok with the white race until this thread, but now I'm honestly not sure.

fuck off with your bullshit. only a retard would believe actual leftists want this. all that destroy the white race crap is reactionary bs from people who are tired of the system, nobody actually desires a anuddah shoah because then we'd be getting killed too. unlike fucking nazis, we don't want to kill millions of people

No but now I want to

True, an cultural alienation.

Can you people seriously not tell when people are just fucking around? You people need to get a sense of humor.

Wow pol can't even keep their spaghetti in long enough to troll right.

OP is the Carlos the Jackal of faggy shitposting.

I thought Kraut and Tea already showed all the nazis how utterly wrong they are with "race"

Literally no one wants to "destroy the white race".
Right wingers think we want this because we don't give a shit about race.

All races must be destroyed.

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Nationalism means that you are oppressed by people of the same nationality and/or ethnicity, whereas communism is the absence of oppression altogether.