Commie managers?

So unless something terrible goes wrong I'm prolly gona be a manager at my towns shithole national pizza chain. Do I have to give up this communist thing now?

do you own the pizza chain?…
I'll guess that the answer to that is "no"


No Ill be what's called a shift manager.


If anything you're even more valuable because you're in a position where you can affect things to some degree. Gradually phase out the class cucks, hire employees friendly to unionization. Steal lots of pizza.

pics or it didn't happen

managers are tankies

Seize the means of production comrade

Well duh it hasn't happened yet, I said that.

Nope. However it is important to make a stand for what you believe early and often. Managers don't become dickheads over night.

I believe managerial positions are considered white collar work. So no.

I plan on trying to side with my coworkers as much as I can. I won't have authority over say schedules or anything like that but if someone does something 'wrong' while Im on the clock its my responsibility to give them 'formal feedback or coaching'

Also I may be their boss but Ill be damned if I start calling them my workers/employees rather than my coworkers

You should just behave like a boss tbh. Acting like you're all on equal footing while clearly having more power than them is dishonest.

Goddamn if I don't like it but you are right

I feel like people who ask these sorts of question don't actually know what communism is.

It's mostly a shitpost but also me feeling kinda shitty about becoming one of the exploiters

Don't worry mate, you got a good heart. Just don't side with your clients over your workers each and every time - might sound like a poor strategy if you are aiming for wealth, but micromanaging often leads to high turnover rate, and in the long run, loyal and happy workers can create more value for your clients, just takes more time before you see the difference.

I personally have gone to hell and beyond, putting my own physical and mental health at risk and pulling all-nighters to please various freelance and in-house clients, but I could never have the heart to put people working under me or even the project partners through the same ordeal.

In general, you should try and act like a boss, give employees guidance, inspire them and leave the "I don't know, what you think?" out the door unless it's a complicated problem, since most people usually prefer being told what to do, especially when they have little work experience. On the other hand though, don't get too comfortable in your role that you become a dickhead, try to keep your focus strictly on the specialization of your company, not so much about attaining power over people - for example, if you are running a tech business, read lots of tech and science news, read sci-fi instead of obsessing over how you need a shiny car by few months ahead and how to go about maximazing profit so you get to chase that vanity lifestyle more effectively.

t. leftie graphic designer lowkey studying marketing and business management to one day escape wage slavery

Unless your a retarded type anarchist, then no, managers are still proles.

Non-owner managers are proles.

yes. gotta make a crust right? NEET's are lumpen so avoid this, hedge fund managers are proletariat and pic related is bourgeois. i didn't make the rules
your expertise and people skills will be useful when the time comes
dw m9 just cancel their health insurance or hire scabs.


Being a low-level manager is actually probably the best possible place you could be for organizing and educating your fellow workers.

Managers have a huge role in the job quality of workers, and they give you a position of authority and potential respect.

Being a good manager who listens to workers while getting things done is a great way to be seen as someone who knows what they're doing and talking about, and opens up the possibility for you educating the others on the importance of worker solidarity and exploitation.

Hey guys! I Found the Italian revolutionary!

Stop being so utopian. Capitalism isn't gonna collapse because you reject that position.


Create an emergency employee fund that employees can donate a percentage of their paycheck to, if they wish. You're communist, so you'll donate all of your check. Problem solved.