Muh constitution

How does it feel when you know that you're always going to be cucked by spooks fam?

Feels good knowing your poison idealogy will never come to fruition and is doomed to exist only in the minds of skinny wristed university professors and tankie internet larpers

Good thing anarcho-capitalism will save us :^)

It feels good knowing i'm wealthier than ancaps will ever be in their lives.

It is the next logical step of late capitalism. Prepare yourself.

Proud of you for perpetuating the system brother.

lmao no it's not.
even Pinochet nationalized the banks to dodge total economic relapse.
any society that goes full ancap is doomed to fail almost overnight.


Chile and Am*rica's crony capitalism isn't any indicator

my favorite meme




What's classcuckery like in countries other than 'Murica? Is class system mostly an American issue?


it's not about "good" or "bad". it's about not living in a classcucked hellhole where workers are treated like cattle.


He says as capitalism decays and collapses before our very eyes.

Better than knowing the brainchild of my ideology's a cryptocurrency created just for buying child porn on the black market.

Are you talking about libertarianism? Because all kinds of Marxism took over countries and huge parts of the world, while libertarianism is just that - existed in the minds of pedos and stoners.

I thought true communism was never tried though?

I thought you ancaps could impossibly dip below what I thought was the stupidity threshold. Goddamned have I been bamboozled.


Communism is:
- an ideal social and economic system, according to Marx.
- a political Marxist ideology, created by Lenin.
Here is some education for (you).

Didn't you claim that communists may never seize political power though (which they did many and often)


kek, this is actually a good meme idea that we need to do more of

If it is ideal then why does it continually fail? Why does it always end up as state capitalism?


The communist government and parties are quite enduring. They definitely do not continually fail. Lolberts like you do, as there wasn't a lolbertarian victory in human history. The ideal is, by definition, something very hard or impossible to achieve.

Firstly, it would be mixed capitalism. Secondly, you have to start somewhere, and that somewhere would be capitalism, in most cases.

p funny when lolberts haven't won wither through reform or revolution

Because only the marxist-leninists ever tried.

And they never will. Lolberts are almost always petty bourgeois fags completely removed from reality. They would never start a revolution since they have too much to lose. All they really want is something to complain about.

lolberts are literally liberalism taken to its logical extreme

I wouldn't say so. Lolberts are anticommunist reaction to infiltration of liberalism. Every Marxist stance flipped on its' head - and here you go.

even USSR had a constitution

There's a thread full of memes like that. idk which one it is tho

it was crony socialism :^)


There are currently 5 nations still in existence that were forged in a Marxist revolution. How many AnCap countries are there, my man?

Kek, when I started reading that post I legit thought it was a leftist mocking ancaps until they mentioned university professors and tankies instead of fedora tippers.