Debating my professor

My history professor is always misrepresenting marxism, but I'm too much of a bookless soft spoken bitch to say anything about it competently. What should i do, does anyone else have similar experience with anticommunist professors.

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Sounds like you need to stop being a bookless soft spoken bitch

Find a concrete example of where he was mistaken, research his mistake, and respectfully but confidently explain why he is mistaken. Be prepared to provide historical evidence. Avoid semantics; don't say "X was not real communism / socialism / Marxism."

Even better, you could just present it as if you where confused about what he was saying, and ask him to elaborate. Then ask specific questions targeted at where it seems like he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Also just don't be afraid to say anything as long as you know it'll be well-spoken.

The thing about trying to research after the fact is that he really like to take shots at Marxism, almost everyday there is another point to argue whether it is as complex as the labour theory of value or as hard to define as what the definition of communism is. I tried to make the point of what communism is once but I accidentally made it sound like anything short of a post scarcity society is real communism.

Buckle down and ignore him. If you were to btfo him in front of the class, which would require reading more, he would probably be a vindictive faggot and fail you in retribution. Alternatively start lifting weights and seduce his wife after you're done with his course, make sure he catches you and say something about seizing his wife's means of reproduction.

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Does he have a son?

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Easy book 11 pages. Read it all.

and read pic related

without KNOWING what are you talking about you can't do much. dont be a brainlet.

my political sci teacher was going over marxism and he talked about how Marx thought the LTV determined market price. He also made Marx sound like some fucking humanist, and talked about how the only viable form of "socialism" is one that blends markets with state regulation. He then started talking about Lenin and how the vanguard party is made up of intelligentsia. Im no Leninist but even I know how wrong that is.
I think I have never been as triggered in class before.

also, its so infuriating when you explain that he is getting shit wrong and he just says "well I dont know about that…" or "but value is price and we are talking about the real world".

Well does he have a daughter?

Are you a girl(male) or just regular girl

Don't try to argue about the definition of communism, either with your professor or anyone else. It just makes us seem idealistic and detached from material conditions. If you have read Capital, then go ahead and refute his claims on the labor theory of value and point him to what he got wrong. This should not be difficult.

Otherwise do >>2109583. Asking questions is almost always the best way to expose peoples misunderstanding. If he doesn't know what he is talking about, it will become obvious.

Also seduce his wife, and/or son and/or daughter.

Tell Peterson to clean his own room and call him a fag. If he gets offended tell him to stop policing your speech.

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Read Nyden. His exegesis is pretty concise and also fundamental to understanding Marxist thought generally.

nyden who? google isnt helping

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Download the audio for all of these videos and listen to them on your commute.
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That comic is abhorrent. These retards who think advances in computing and AI are politically and culturally irrelevant, giving arguments like "it's just a way to glorify gadget consumerism and to make cis white men feel important", deserve to be replaced.

Nice mansplaination

I think he's attacking a specific type of person, whom we know well: science fetishists and lol-I'm-such-a-nerds. Essentially demographics built by marketing scum, to peddle increasingly shitty tech products.

It's just mocking singulatarian retards and escapist nerdbase that believes in it.

Automation is important. It might kill almost everybody. Belittling anybody who discusses it because "fuck rich white manchildren who like Neil deGrasse Tyson" is idiotic.

It's a shit comic and the person who wrote it is an ineffectual faggot.

Automation is important. It might kill almost everybody. Belittling anybody who discusses it because "fuck rich white manchildren who like Neil deGrasse Tyson" is idiotic.

It's a shit comic and the person who wrote it is an ineffectual faggot.

I wish he would clean up the background noise on these some time. Very difficult to listen to stuff with this much noise in it while other sounds are going on around you.

Yes, make his son fall in love with a marxist trap.

This is usually how I get away with this shit.

All Cops Are Bastards.
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kill your professor

I want to kill my philosophy professor so much. The whole class is centered around Plato's Republic, and he worships Plato and praises Plato's proposed proto-Marxist system of having everyone be assigned to the job they are the best at in order to perfect its output to society, where the state consists of a small proto-vanguard party where the statesmen are devoted only to the state and live communally with no pay and no material goods. Plus this professor did his dissertation on Hegelian dialectics, so there's no way he hasn't read Marx.

Plato defines a just society as one where no one individual is made happy at the expense of the whole of society. Sounds Marxist as fuck, right? Yet when asked if the United States is a just society by Platonic standards, this professor says that, in spite of America's massive income inequality which he acknowledges, America can't be considered that unjust because we have Starbucks. This professor is a Berniecrat whose ideal society is Denmark (which he thinks is socialist), he's obsessed with shallow consumption. Each one of his life anecdotes are about drinking and partying in liberal paradises like Copenhagen and Toronto.

And he bashes the Soviet Union at every chance he gets even when it's not relevant. He said "the Russian revolution wasn't a revolution, it was a street gang that took over Russia. The same street gang who Putin and the current oligarchs used to be buddies with." He lived in post-Soviet Latvia for like two months in the mid-90s and ate up all their propaganda.

Oh, and when he was trying to justify America as a somewhat just society he said, "we have so much inequality now that we have to be really careful the poor don't become too impoverished as they're on track to be, because that's when revolution happens" as if it's a bad think when the exploited classes try to end their exploitation. I want to personally guillotine this liberal scum of a man every time he opens his mouth.

I support you in this objective, comrade.

It's pretty explicitly not about technological innovation in general and about short product cycles and marketing hype specifically. Smartphones as a concept are great but exactly how many GHz the processor has or how many megapixels the camera has isn't that big of a deal.

The comic isn't belittling anybody who discusses automation. It's belittling people who fetishize it and think it'll save the world rather than potentially killing people.

If your professor is teaching that the Republic is about society, then he's already fucking up. Does he even into reading comprehension? The Republic concerns justice in the soul of a single man. The various cities Socrates creates are macrocosms of the soul. Plot twist: the dialogue itself, with Socrates and his interlocutors is a macrocosm of the human soul. Man, this is Platonic philosophy 101

Comic is exactly why I had to leave "geek culture".

I was a retro game collector about a decade ago. My collection was worth thousands of dollars. But I fell out of love with the hyper consumerism that plagues it.

So I sold it

Ive still got some old friends left over from that part of my life. Dozens of 200 Dollar figurines lining shelves.

Latest shiny new electronic toy every few months

We hang out, play poker drink beer.
But there is a real disconnect now.

One of my buddies is slowly coming around to seeing what I saw all those years ago.

He lurks Holla Forums now.

Wasn't the guy clinically depressed when he drew that? Anyway the "or draw a cartoon" bit tells me it's not really about the spooky hipster nerd, it's self-deprecation. We are all getting suckered into shit we disagree with (like having to set up a facebook account because that's the only place when your university group communicates), we are pissed that we have to choose between scam and slightly less insulting scam, there's no point in flinging insults at vague targets while wallowing in our own shit at the same time. been there, done that, it sucks no matter how addictive it is

okay, I guess there are different life experiences.

Badiou's hyper translation of the republic is a wonderful read.

I've been reading it in tandem with the OG version to maintain my sanity. Here it is, for anyone interested.

I…. I thought I had the PDF attached. I don't know how I fucked up this much. Thanks.

This is a good idea.

I've had this reactionary professor who told us he had been in a far-right militia in his youth after we overthrew the dictatorship here in Portugal in 1974.

Surprise surprise he's from a wealthy family, he's a monarchist, a catholic, has 8 cars and says marxists are envious people

Tell him to read stirner.

kill him


Holy shit peak liberalism. Eating straight from the trashcan of ideology.