Questions for "real" socialists & national socialists

Now before you answer this question, I want you to think really hard, or else you may look like a hypocrite.
Does might make right?

Define "right".

No, but making your OP longer than two lines does.


Politically and morally? Yes.
Ethics has actual philosophical standards and usually resists one liners of that sort.

At least one person here isn't a hypocrite.

I have a philosophically deeper question.

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I wanted to apart of the crowd and yet be different at the same time.


How is saying no hypocritical? Might does not make right, therefore we need to fight back against the one who hold property through might and make labour right instead.


Not right as in correct, but politcal power comes out of the ability to enforce your groups will, political power comes out of a barrel of a gun, anything else is ideology.

So you believe that Nazis should have the same rights as you?

rights are granted by states, the only thing I'm saying is that in order to enforce politcal will you need violence in some form.


Might makes happen.

What do you mean?

Might makes right, that's why power goes to the people.

Because an ideology that believes X group shouldn't have the same rights as us, has to believe this, either through mental gymastics or believing it how it is presented right now.

We do have the same rights. These rights never have and never will cover any right to be free from consequence when you go out to threaten people for not being part of your group. Before you write something dumb abnout "muh feminists" yes that includes them too.


We don't believe "x group shouldn't have the same rights as us"

But if you commies ever got control over the states, you'd take away the right of Nazis.

Generally yes.

I believe in strict gulagging of everyone who ever visited Holla Forums or reddit. I post here regularly. Do not erase my voice.


You were saying?

Nope, only if they tried to restore capitalism, in which case they are being gulag'd for that, not for being x group.

Before anything else

Also take away the right to do what, you haven't actually said anything here

But I'm right. Everyone who ever went on Holla Forums or reddit deserves to be put in a concentration camp

This is correct.

He's clearly mostly joking. Most nazis are gonna die when we get into power though, but they'll die because they chose to fight the workers' movement

I guess violent thugs who want nothing but to hate and ruin other peoples lives would get sent to some rehabilitation center to become more productive citizens, yes. That is not hypocritical however as the goal of this society is to reduce violence.

So in this anarchist sociaty, you guys enforce this no capitalism rule? It doesn't sound like an anarchist sociaty to me.

The right to speak.

I disagree, but you're not a hypocrite mate.

Communist society, and yes - we will violently repress any re-emerging of capitalism.

Why do you disagree on one of the basic rights of humanity not to deal with people who get expelled from high school

Mate, you're only making yourself look like an idiot. see

Oh, speaking, nobody really cares about that if you take away the ability to implement genecidal policy, or reinstall capitalism.

Don't expect me to cry when a nazi does something stupid and gets his shot kicked in tho.

Do you know how much this board disagrees with itself

Mate you're only making yourself look autistic when you can't recognize obvious trolling.

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Yes, because they don't think right, and we as commies have a right to fix that by sending them to mental asylum. The USSR did the same thing mate.

So you're not an anarchist.

Rules means a state: An intro to high school polysci

I don't believe in killing people just because they believe a different think.

Let's just pretend I am, what's your point?

Yes you do. You believe in America.

So you don't think Nazis would get the right to freedom of speak taken away if you commies took power?

I disagree, I don't think he was.

If Nationalists allow themselves to without historically engineering coups and have their own political party, why not.

People in general who want to divide the working class on race, sex, and ability?

No, they have no place in the world of the working class. You spank a disobedient child.

please explain.

low effort post

Anarchists by the vey definition can't have social rules that people should live by.

Do you know anything about American history. Not too long ago we lived on the fucking Truman Doctrine, hell, we still live in the fucking Monroe Doctrine. Export American exceptionalism and "market freedom" wherever it may be and crush all that oppose it.

By believing in America and free speech at the same time you are nothing but a fucking hypocrite.

I can't know that.
I guess it depends which commies took power.

I wouldn't but that's because I'm aware that violence is the real way politcal power is enforced. So as soon as they do violence (in any form) then that needs to be shut down and a very harsh example to be set.

Nazis are to be powerless, not silent. Like a cricket (yes I did equate nazis to inects and I did it on purpose)

Get this boy some reading

So might makes right.

Yes, but a good one none the less.

No. Parental guidance and classroom education isn't cruel might. It's generosity.

Please put in a bit more details, I can't see how it's hypocritical. I also don't know what those doctrines are.

Yes, when you want to hurt other citizens of your country no matter their background because their 2% jew or slightly brown, people might put you away because that is completely irational and insane yet you propose the death sentance for people who commit lesser crimes. Nazi germany hurt no one more than its own citizens. It shouldn't come to a suprise to you that people don't want that shit and might react with hostilty when are openly hostile to their friends and family.

Commies have always, historically speaking, kept Nazis from spreading their ideas.


kek, big brother is just providing guidance to these people who think wrong.

Whats your point? Do you think schools should go into depth into every possible way of thinking explain them thoroughly?

The Truman Doctrine essentially says all communist turned nations, regardless of whether this process was democratic, must be eliminated. Be it by subversion, war, crippling them economically, economic blockades, sanctions. Communism, simply cannot be allowed to exist because it is a threat to the market bottom line. It sparked a cold war, I think you may have heard of it.

Thus free political speech in America is hypocrisy. You cannot express change or else you're a free speech hating communist, despite the contradiction in the statement itself. You cannot be x because all should be free to be y.

This isn't even getting into the Red Scare McCarthyist bullshit that still infests our culture.

If you believe in America, you cannot believe in free speech. It's that simple. If you believe in a postmodern market world outside of your stereotypes of communism, you do not actually believe in free speech. Free speech is a thin justification of all hypocrisies by states.

And if you don't know what the Monroe Doctrine is you weren't paying attention in school.

Is that not what parents already do? Are you comparing parenting to 1984?

end me

That's anarchocapitalism.

Mate, 99% Nazis these days are all talk. And you commies would take alway the rights to freedom of speech.

There are no rights to freedom of speech in America. Or in Europe. There are only consequences. This has always been, and always will be.

what about yourself op?

Do some reading on political sovereingty OP.

I think we should let them speak their mind, and only punish them if the harm others.

And what if they inspire someone to harm others? Are they not responsible?

Then i suggest all of you stop being completely fucking retarded and change your tactic because being "only" all-talk about genocide isn't winning you any favours.

On the internet, free speech is code word for racial genocide justification.

Which is also inherently contradictory to free speech in concept.


Holla Forums doesn't believe in free speech. America doesn't believe in free speech. No modern Western Nation believes in free speech.

If you champion free speech there's still some speech you think should be more limited than others.

In the instance of OP, it should be communism.

They are enemy countries, not indivials within america. They themselves wouldn't be friends with capitalists countries.
In america you can vote and have freedom of speech, showing we aren't hypocritical.
I disagree with anyone who says commies shouldn't be allowed to speak.

I'm comparing you commies to 1984.

This is naive as all hell and doesn't have grounding in American history. America was never about free expression, and it never will.

So fuck their entire democratically elected process and national sovereignty and freedom to decide their own fate? You do realize you're being a fucking hypocrite?

By believing in America, you are.

No it's not just that.

I'm comparing your understanding of 1984 to what basic parenting and education is.

I disagree.


Yeah that means rules. Which does not equate state.

I'm a liberal who believes idiots believe might makes right.

Nobody could ever change your mind anyways. The idea that communists might be right would erupt in cognitive dissonance you don't want to think about.

No, you're responsible for your own actions.

What is this obsession over might making right. Do you really think society should be defined by the absence of this abstraction notion?

You are asking everyone to be friends and even you yourself are falling for the same trappings of your liberal ideology, you've barely even fleshed out.

No dumbass.

Are you? History seems to point at people never being responsible for the conditions they were born into it, be it Feudalism or Capitalism. And the decisions they make stem from these conditions, and what they learn from a young age.

It's true. If you're not in agreement with freedom of speech existing, you either hate the freedom of free expression (or hate the expression of the affluent class dividing us by race when we could be uniting in class.)

Regardless, it doesn't actually exist in America in totality so this argument is pointless.

I disagree, I believe you commies should have the right to spread your cancer through words and or voting.

"Freedom of Speech" as it stands is more Newspeak and 1984 than anything you think socialists actually believe. Freedom of Speech to the American government means freedom to agree with the market and nothing else.

Pray tell, what cancer are we spreading? Am I spreading? Nothing I've said is untrue.

I don't see how I'm being a hypocrite, they're not in america.

All talk, no action.


Rules =/= anarchy
An anarchy can't have rules.

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Freedom of speech is Newspeak

Yeah that means rules. Which does not equate state.

Because that's the theme of this thread.

"The theme of the thread" are ideas going over your head and the history of America being ignored in favor of a more utopian vision of what never existed in the first place.

But it does exist in america.

That capitalism is satan incarnet, and we should throw out the baby in the bath water, by getting rid of capitalism.

How is this retarded?

It didn't then, it won't now, it never will.

So critiquing Capitalism is inherently cancerous

Yes it does exist, and they should be punished.

No, saying we should get rid of it is.

Are you the same autist who made this god awful thread almost 2 weeks ago?

No, it does not exist. And they're already dead and lived rich happy lives.


Yes, then I got banned for it.

Because there are good sides to capitalism.

This is some childish shit. What good sides? If there are fundamental flaws about its unsustainability, how exactly do we ignore its flaws? It generates Imperialism, always. It generates death always. Capitalism and America and all this utopian white coating isn't making American history any less festering. Freedom of speech as an ideal is the cherry on top of American hypocrisy.

Market socialism and Mutualism exists, why don't you research into something you might agree more with.

Not unless you're a complete retard

read a book man


There are multiple factors that may place one at the top of the social hierarchy, none of them are "might". That's just one of many iterations of justification for social hierarchy ever since "God made me king" went out of vogue.

There is no such thing, other than that of pursuing my own fulfillment. To be a fulfilled human being, it will be useful to not be alienated from my labor, and to be surrounded by those who are not alienated from their labor. Therefore I seek the abolition of the value form, which can only be brought about through the absolute domination of society by the working class.

what if "right" makes "might" and "they" just have better morals then you?

You've never read any marx have you, like none of him.

Yup the innovation and technology right. That's the dialectic innit, once capitalism has fucked up so much that almost no one but the pure ideologues can support it. We take the innovation from the ashes of capitalism and make a communist society out of the ashes.

"Strong and truly brave men are rarely cruel and evil; meanness and cruelty are the traits of weaklings, never strong men."
-George Lincoln Rockwell

Most of the people who are presented to us as "evil" ironically dealt with evil in a harsh, unforgiving, way.

However - and this is where the answer to your question lies - a leader who wields his powers for sacrifice and for the common good are justified. The ones who use might for their own personal gains and lavishness are weak and evil men.

Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet. We believe these are people who used their powers for good. History has shown that they didn't inflict senseless cruelties upon their populations.

Stalin, Mao Tse Dung, Pol Pot, Castro, Leopold. Their entire commands were built off a level of human misery and vile wickedness, the likes of which the modern world has never seen before or since.

>>>Holla Forums

Might or the the threat of someone using their might is what maintains what is popular considered moral.
There is no objective morality, though