What is the modern obsession with "fascism"?

No matter how much I try, I cannot understand what the fuck these guys that yell about fascism to everything that disagrees with them have going on on their head, antifas are the biggest example
We get it, fascism is bad and blah blah, but this polarization of ideas is just stupid, nowadays every time I hear a leftist talk about fascism I just roll my eyes and stop talking to him instantly
Am I the only one that thinks this way?It cant just be me

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You would have had a point before this decade, but now there are actual fascists running around.

Fascism starts to enter porky's consciousness as profit becomes more scarce and things get more unstable.

What does fascism even mean? Totalitarian?

Because it, or at least a proto version, is around and a problem. We would be idiots to repeat the mistake of Bordiga and simply laugh at their chances of taking power.

Totalitarianism is part of it but it's more about the merging of state and corporate power. The US arguably has been fascist for a while given the money in politics shit, but it's definitely trending that way at least. A good example is the whole kneeling at football games thing. The president of the country starting publicly advising the bosses in the NFL to fire their employees if they're not patriotic enough.


People are talking about fascism because in the not-so-distant future it's going to become a political reality again

Fascism is not bad blah blah blah, is legit fucked up for everyone involved except Porky.

Authoritarianism breeds fascism.

Capitalism breeds fascism.

nice unsourced graph tanky my pal.

They're not mutually excludent.

He didn't call for their firing, he shared his opinion that he thought they should be fired. When he proposes a law then I'll get mad until then millionaire crybabies can get bent

Fascism is a very specific ideology that entails an open state of class collaborationism. Unlike typical right-wing dictatorships, were it is just the repression of working people.

I absolutely agree with you OP, we should stop calling everything fascist and opt for something like Far-right, as very few groups describe themselves as fascist nowadays and nobody is going to deny that those that don't are not far-right in the political spectrum (like the KKK, AfD, Jobbik, etc)

Porky already used fascism already, and fascism has a very bad image in most people’s heads. I think this time Porky will uses a different tool. Because that’s what fascism is to Porky. And when a tool breaks beyond repair you get another one.

Fascism supports class collaboration, dictatorships, capitalism, strong nationalism, and authoritarian goverment structure. Remove just one of those things and it’s no longer fascist.

Because the division of private property will become violent between the classes in the future and fascism/nationalism will be used in this world of unimaginable income inequality and climate desperation to Other the prole, the worker, the immigrant, and anything alien.

History will repeat itself as Americana farce.

You do know what geo-engenering is.

Its not just right wingers that are called "fascist" anymore either, many of the anarchists on this board will call any Marxist a "red fascist" simply because they are authoritarian. Yes I agree with you, the word "fascist" is meaningless at this point and is nothing more then a smear word.

I know what naivety is.

It's not going to meaningless in the coming decades when wealth inequality becomes so large it demands the existence of gated fascism.

I agree that not everything that is far-right is fascist, but some actually are. Jobbik is neo-fascist, but the AfD is not. Also, it's not because they don't self classify as fascists that we should do the same. If they're fascists then we should call them that.

'Red fascism' is not a new term.

It's a political reality now

Hollywood and culture shock triggered it.

Blaming everything on Hollywood is fucking ridiculous. It's one side of fucking industry today. It influences, but I would say it influences the creation of fascism rather than anything else.

Anyone can predict fascism is coming to the United States in the future if drastic changes aren't created. Hollywood didn't make the enormous gulf of wealth inequality that will only be nightmarish come 2056 or some shit.

Fascism will return without being called its true name. More third world genocides and desperation will happen exploited by the West.

Everything we feel now will be amplified times ten. And "Hollywood" is only a cheap scapegoat.

It's capitalism.

Don't Jobbik openly denounce the Arrow Cross tho?

I don't think they're a good example of fascism. Better would be openly Azov Party of Ukraine or Golden Dawn of Grease.

Have you heard of the social-fascist? I've seen tankies calling sozis that unironically, even outside of the board.

First off, this isn't a new thing.
Abuse of "fascist" goes back decades. A few noteworthy examples would be "God Save the Queen" and Glenn Beck later picking up this practice for explicitly right wing purposes.

Even so, I hear more whinging now about the supposed prevalence of "Everyone I disagree with is a Nazi" types than I actually see examples of this behavior. It appears to be most prevalent in right-wing outrage porn.

Antifa goes after actual fascists. Neo-Nazis are generally not seen as an exception.

Fascism is pretty difficult to elucidate, but in a very general sense its core tenants can be described thusly; totalitarian ultranationalim which is upheld through autarky, class cooperation, corperatism and vangaurdist popular mass movements. There is tendancy on the left to psychoanalyse opposing views into meaningless soup instead of addressing material factors; many leftists think fascism is soley the aestheticization of politics but this is not quite the truth. Fascism emerges out of the failure of capital and parlimentarianisn to address the material concerns of all levels of class society. Some of these material concerns might not be obvious to a marxian analysis. For example it is not a fault of capital that in the 20th century there was a rapid acceleration in the developement and engineering of technology that contorted previous systems and collapsed them under their own weight. A one party fascist system seeks to address this.

Another unadressed issue is that fascism seeks to fight big capital as opposed to socialists who prefer to kowtow to it and instead bemoan small capital and occasionally smash it to provide proky the creative destruction he needs.

"Fascism" is both literally and figuratively nothing. it's like right-wing Juche.

"Fascism" is a spook for the left to hurl at everything they don't like, much like "Socialism" is a spook to the right. Words have lost their meaning.

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Corpratism is small capital. It's only slightly worse than a social market. I'm sure expropriating the small capital from the petit burgeioise with a vanguardist movement to form an internationalist movement will work this time! (All of which serves to benefit the competing oligarchies that will eat you all alive).

Who says I'm for vanguardism here?

I'm strawmanning you. My point still stands though. How does expropriating petite burgeoise resolve the primary contradiction in the long term? When you think about it, petit burgeoise and other mangerial types are actually proletarian.


Same can be said about the commies tho.


Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. One side of the same coin.

except only one of those was actually a revolution.

You mean the "October revolution"? It was just a bolshevik coup, in similar nazi-style.
February revolution was an actual one.


Lenin's a pimp. Lumpenproles stay mad

Lenin was funded by german bankers so they could eat russian proles.

I don't get why Holla Forums denies this. If it wasn't for the German government, Lenin would have FAILED in his efforts and the Tsardom would have stayed in power!

Because nobody on the left actually reads fascist literature or they just want to hide its connections into syndicalist movement when it was born.

Tsardom was already out of power when Lenin arrived. Without Bolsheviks(mostly just soviets and railworkers unions) its likely that we would have seen Kornilov lead military dictatorship take place. We would have seem some kind of proto-fascist government then.

Not in America, here they're liberal retards who go after everybody who doesn't support muh lgbtqx+

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The problm with the left defining fascism is that fascists themselves, whether they be Mussolini, Franco, or Chiang Kai Shek have never had a consistent political theory, it's all posturing

So basically our ultimate goal is to beat up anyone who manages to be both a bit macho and fruity?

only if they're fervent counterrevolutionaries like the three I mentioned

Only one out of the three was a fash

I dindu sayin nuffin about the good boii himself tsar nicholas. Germany wanted more favorable peace deal as well as gaurenteed peace as Lenin's stance at the time was to stay out of imperialist war and consolidate gains and willing to pay for it at a high cost.

I do ponder as to why burgeioise would encourage revolution in relatively un-industrialed countries. Maybe they read up in their theory and acted in class interest.

Antifa needs to be a bit more selective of what they call fascism I will admit. MAGA chuds aren't fascists, mainstream conservatives aren't fascists, libertarians are (mostly) not fascists, Trump is not a fascist, and honestly the Kekistanis aren't fascists. Pretty much the only people who actually are right now are the people you'd expect: white nationalists, alt right (I mean the real alt right not /r/TD), etc. Basically the Charlottesville types.

It's arguable that Fascism really only refers to Italian fascism, since Falangism, NatCap and Nazism are arguably different enough to warrant being considered something else entirely, if not at the very least different fascist tendencies.

All of these leaders were responding to unique material conditions of their historical context and the totality of such. Fascist theory if you want to call it that is derrived from a broad range of philosophers with a great deal of it focused on solving the hobbessian social problem ranging from plato to heidigger.

The claim that society emerged from labor and production is obtuse. Labor is a result of the will to power. If you really want to get down to it fascist economic theory will range from adam smith to marx.

German antifa threw tear gas and waved knives at terrified teens at metal concerts, based on pure hysteria and hearsay. Do not ever trust the fucking bullshit claims of the Eurofags on this board. Smashie larpers worldwide can get bent

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It's beginning to dawn on normies at large that capitalism isn't quite what it's advertised, or at least it isn't "anymore". Seeing as there's no viable new alternative on the horizon, they're falling back on older ones.