Kemono Friends' director was fired by Kadokawa

Here's the bullshit statement from Kadokaw:

what does this mean for season 2 though?

What is that


That show made on a shoestring budget that struck fucking gold.



Expecting anything else from a group of hapas that run Storm Fronts anime section…

It is my understanding that everyone involved in the production, including the VAs were shit-canned.
So really at best, it will be another Yuru Yuri season 3.

More likely there will not be another series and the show is dead.
Fuck I hate Japanese corporate culture.

Not just the author, the whole team seems to have been kicked out by KDKW.

More moe shit. It's literally the same cute girl tripe you've seen 1000 times except they're wearing animal costumes.

it just looks like a bunch of pedo shit that holds on scenes for too long and is 3dpd.
Honestly, it's about as embarrassing as watching MLP.

By looking at this that is some low-grade garbage capitalist "art". Nothing of value was lost.

Something against hapas big boi?

quads of truth.

8/a/? It didn't seems so…

I could never get into Kemono Friends (tried, dropped at ep 2, tried again because of hype and only made it one more episode) but I feel awful for the director and staff. Fuck Kadokawa, seriously - these guys made a hit on zero budget and they're not gonna be allowed to work on the season 2 that actually got funds.

It just shows you how little porky cares about loyalty.

Japanese porkies don't give a shit at least when it comes to the domestic market. Konami would rather sell gambling machines than make more good games.

you'd think they care about profits though, and that makes me wonder why they wouldn't continue to milk this

kind of MLP, just with very bad animation
something to make you comfy like hot chocolate in november

it's really not.

kid, if you want to shit on some particular show go ahead, but talking about it being "embarrassing" while posting on an imageboard is nothing short of pretentious
cartoons are fun, heartwarming stuff is nice
grow the fuck up

honestly, don't be a socialist if you like MLP, keep that your obscene secret along with your belief that it is not butter.

and not one argument was made by you again
maybe better just stay on reddit and your facebook meme group

Moe shit pretty much writes itself.
Retarded girls doing retarded things.

Why must they destroy everything nice?

The little I checked about 4/a/ seemed far more pissed at kadokawa outside a bootlicker or two fresh from Holla Forums
Is Kemono Friends worth a watch? I have a soft spot for shitty 3D animation series like gdgd fairies or seha girls

So what exactly made this show different from any other moeshit?

Nothing. The more dead moeshit the better.


it was made with like 40,000 dollars and aired after the mobile game it was advertising died off and was taken down. it was still really popular though and got a ton of attention

It actually has a pretty interesting storyline

You can pick up hints and piece together what the story will be like before it gets good.


Get the fuck out of this board.

It's not "moeshit." It's an action/adventure series.