R/TheDonald posting student tried to get undocumented classmate deported, he was expelled instead



His upper middle class ass parents probably are going to lawyer up and defend their very bright smart intelligent gifted young boy

Why do petty bourgeoisie white boys all have the same sort of wimpy look?

So much for the tolerant left!

So does this all but confirm most of Holla Forums are young republicans in general. Just really bitter racist high school losers or people who were in that position who burnt out, who are trying to escape that stereotype because it hits too hard.

Because this basically sounds like it just came from the horse's mouth

The right says the same thing about the left

This has been evident since the last November when they all came out to gloat. Really hurt the whole "Holla Forums is alpha" meme they were desperately trying to push.

Thanks for the observation. The boy is still a drop out now for harassing a classmate on facebook and trying to get her deported.

the fuck is with them being so perfectly clean shaven

do they all fear the defining physical characteristic of masculinity that isnt a dick?

I think he means the facial expressions. See OP pic for top "red headed step child" as portrayed by a brunette.

Looking back on the past two years is completely surreal to me. I watched halfchan's Holla Forums go from calling themselves "alt right Kekistanis" to "alt right was a term made up by the media to discredit us and Kekistan is a normie reddit meme unrelated to us". I still don't know if this is historical revisionism on their part or a shitload of newfags who came in and are pushing a different line than before because they honestly don't know.

Those are some Irish looking ass ears

I'm glad I spent my high school years doing drugs and playing music instead of this embarrassing shit.

The absolute state

The fact that the other kid is waving a Pinochet meme sign suggests otherwise. Holla Forums will lie to distance itself from anything that seems embarrassing because they are concerned mostly with aesthetics and appearances, not actual results. The easiest way to "defeat" them is to simply mock them for being virgins.

He didn't even get expelled

He dropped out when the school announced they were starting an investigation into him harassing the girl

He wasn't even expelled he dropped out and is saying he was expelled for sympathy


He wasn't even expelled he dropped out and is saying he was expelled for sympathy

Calm down Ragg, we know your pain.

50% of Holla Forums is trolling and shitposting

I saw a follow up stating he lost it because he left the school before he could be disciplined


lol site fucked up again looks like

Well I'm glad its manifesting in the classroom so that academia can be weed these fucking people out. Like calling her a cunt and her boyfriend a nigger, then AFTER the fact reporting her to school administration

This is not the bright white intelligent behavior I was expecting

Nah it's the mobile app on this old phone being shit, it worked fine earlier on my normal one

Anyway I can't find the article anymor3, first page of results is all right wing hand wringing

Are the Republicans actually defending this piece of shit who just non stop ranted at this girl about being a wetback

This would have got you in significant trouble with school administration in fucking 2004

The real gift is this retard has put his name out to be one google search away. After high school he'll be living in his mom's basement browsing pol while recounting his story of how the wetbacks screwed up his future thanks to taking this crap into real life.

It's mostly tea party and further right from what I can see but after spending years reading Freep for laughs I'm not surprised at all. You get out of the party line and it's just a bunch of fucking jackals baying for the blood of the wetback beaner border jumper anchor babies






This is nothing like what InfoWars shows, they're supposed to be smart, handsome attractive white people.
I call bullshit.


Many such cases!

But seriously this is funny, dumb shit thought real life was like Holla Forums. What an amateur. If you're gonna dox someone protect yourself first.

Maybe don't do anything that can expel you just over someone else's expense like a giant petty asshole

Well obviously, but I'm just saying even from his perspective it was dumb. I bet over at Holla Forums they're being contrarian as usual and pretending that he had nothing to do with them and laughing at him.

Which is funny because just from looking at him, you know. Like even without the maga hat, he's a case.

Remind me again why we aren't also deporting scabs for the rich elite?

Wait are you actually defending this silly piece of shit.

i'm defending his actions not his character.

Deporting illegal immigrants is the most SJW thing you can possibly do.

One is a petit bourgeois little asshole and the other is a human being.

His actions of getting mad at a girl and then threatening to deport him.

I would probably expel you too.

*deport her

A literal student is a scab now I've heard everything from crypto/pol/


HAHAHA what a stupid faggot

I've literally have had Holla Forums retards try to claim that Holla Forums has always been Holla Forums lite and sympathetic to them.

Naw Holla Forums are just lying shitbags.
Take the Charlottesville attack for example, after the attack they claimed that the attack was a source of great pride and a 'victory' while simultaneously claiming that the attack was a Soros plant.

It's almost like Holla Forums isn't just one person.

It basically is. Same sex same clothes same hair same academic success same success with women

Its all in op

This reply is poetry.