Communism. but not as we imagined it


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And rightist subhumans will defend the culling even they are thrown in the death camps.

It'll probably work too if they manage to pacify the population for long enough

Also there’s huge stockpiles of chemical weapons. Combine this with the fact that 70% of the population will live in Urban areas in a few decades and they can kill seven out of every ten people just by flicking a button.

can someone explain what this is?

They won't even need to cull us. They'll just build walls (literal and metaphorical) around themselves in ever-shrinking concentric circles until they have robots to do everything for them and leave the rest of us to a barren husk of a world sucked dry of all its resources by them.

Basically this. Rich people don't interact with poor people already. The stratification will simply get more exaggerated.

If no one buys their shit then they can't be rich.

Porky kills all proles and establishes there own version of communism.

t. marx

It is possible, but extremely unlikely. Why would they need a mass culling? It is extremely difficult to pull through, and for what? It's not like the outcome will be too different.

There will be more or less normal communism, but the porky (smart ones anyway) will be in command.

Considering that's basically how we achieved capitalism it'd seem the only possible path

Capitalist elite will remain socialist elite.
Even in case of Russian, or Chinese, or French revolution, upper middle class at best seized power.
It's not quite the same as culling though.

what? like 23/25 people in the Chinese politburo come from completely ordinary backgrounds.

pretty much, the working class is simply too retarded

Well, almost all of them were upper middle class by Chinese standards: scholar-bureaucrats and rich landowners.

The working class will press the nuke button on themselves before they work together.

which ones?

for open land.

Again. Revolutionaty Mass Suicide.

It avoids many of the fallibilities of armed revolt while being about as likely to actually occur.

I guess every movement needs their own overblown apocalypse scenario.

This seems most likely. In Dengist terms: some will get FALC first.

It doesn't really work that way doesn't it

Why do you expect everyone to unwillingly take care of you? Why would you deserve it?

Also, what do you do when a universal healthcare system uses Fluoride toothpaste, and you can't go to a private doctor and get fluoride-free?

Don't worry lad, Blighty is soon to be visited by the Revolution.