Seriously, though

What the fuck is his problem?

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He's a cynical misanthrope who thinks there's no hope for humanity.

He's still our guy, he's just trying to destroy reaction from the inside-out


And Deleuze-Guattari

Can someone cliff me on this guy

He was one of those theorists who tries to make an art out of is work, and ended up proving the horseshoe theory correct. Also drugs.

Accelerationism on steroids: "Consume as much shit as possible, societal collapse, the strong will crush the weak"

He's right, though

He's an accelerationist from the right though, correct?

What's the deal with the guy who wrote most of his philosophy on a amph binge that lasted years? The answer seems to be impossible to grasp.

unfettered deterritorialization while k holed leads to irreversible subsumption of the libidinal economy at a lipid membrane level and ultimately, buddhist prosperity theology.

He's an Accelerationist from the Radical Austrian-Marxist Center. Or just an Accelerationist.

It's not really a solid philosophy and more of an art movement and the texts are more poetry than policy, BUT

His and his friends earlier writings generally used to believe
- Progress is real
- Technological progress and capitalism can't be slowed down
- Social and economic upheaval is a value in itself
- You do this through accelerating automation, cybernetics, and ancap..ness (although he's nrx now so wtf)
- and just watch as civilizational decline happens… faster

Basically Nick Land's philosophy is silicon valley's philosophy on steroids. As well as the Democratic Party if they were more…Libertarian. Just with a sexier and fatalistic/suicidal message.

Nick Land's entire philosophy is some end horizon of civilizational decline and eternal capitalism. So regardless of what he might wish were the case, if he's wrong, he's functionally extremely right-wing.

Unfettered globalism on drugs will destroy innefficient politics of desire, and ultimately destroy… self-interested Buddhists?

Land's goal is to accelerate mechanic processes within capitalism as it is the heartless hell we live in and morality is a spook. He also hates libertarians who think the market is some sort of ethical aspect as opposed to a growth machinic function. The acceleration of machinic processes through capitalism is all that can be done. Honestly really Marxist if Marx believed there was no exit. (gif related)

Source? If he said that it would have been in his earlier years, cuz it looks like his latest gig is being paid to write op eds about current politics by two libertarians at jabobite (not jacobin)

He gave a talk with New Centre in 2016 I think it comes up around the 1:30 mark

Even though he's NRx now, if he believed in his accelerationism wouldn't he want to simply lie and say libertarianism is ethical?, just to… go faster?

I think he believes that ethics inhibit the process and act as a negative feedback unit so he is not a fan heartlessness is a necessity to capitalism

What the fuck I can't understand anything Nick Land or his super hardcore followers say.
Is it because I never got into philosophy-speak?

I mean I understood your comment here ^

but not anything in the youtube vid

at least Nick Land's recent articles on politics I can understand

Not sure whether this is correct or not but this guy argues behind Land's facade of ironic autistic shitposting irl he's simply shilling for a full automation of labor, while the left has essentially acted as an impediment for that.

"Land, says Brassier, is neoliberalism on steroids:

“affirming free markets, deregulation, the capitalist desecration of traditional forms of social organization, etc.”

This is basically true of the bulk of Land's work and of 90s politics in general. And why I'm always dissapointed in it.

no they are everything, the boundaries around and between concepts and categories, their links and taxa, eventually reaching where there is nothing left but the pure Undifferentiated Presence of Capital which in itself contains infinite variety and novelty, kind of like an inversion of End of Evangelion's take on Spirit's self-overcoming. everything solid melts etc

So like the internet?
It' theoretically deteriorating the boundaries between industries and tribalism and languages etc etc

And with the internet there is theoretically a much richer array of ideas being spread etc

A cybernetic internet would do this much more efficiently.

Also what is your definition of Capital as short as possibly explained?


What's the difference btw the word "interconectedness" and extraterritorialism for the purposes of this thread?

extraterritorialism is rhizomatic, interconnectedness is a node network.