Was he /ourguy/?

Was he /ourguy/?
Jokes aside, what went wrong?

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What should have went right?

I think OP's talking about how Mussolini was an anarchist before he went off and invented fascism, and we wondering how that might have happened.


Ah ok. He was never anarchist tho, his parents were. He was a socialist, pretty extreme one. The breaking with the socialist community in europe started when he outed himself as a interventionist. The fact is that if you look at the original fascist manifesto (that he didn't even wrote) they were basically nazbols. But fascism doesn't have a true doctrine, so it dropped the lefty economic aspect pretty fast.

Imagine how badass Mussolini would be seen today if he dropped the leftist economics, then immediately purged all the bourgs when in power and went back to socialism in history's greatest act of entryism ever seen.

terrifying because its true

That quote is taken out of context. Mussolini routinely gave speeches concerning race and the high fertility of Africa and Asia and the comparatively low fertility of Europe was one of his chief concerns.


I get why American righties desperately need the reality of race, but why would Eurofaggot reactionaries ever care about it?

In a 1921 speech in Bologna (Italy), Mussolini stated, "Fascism was born… out of a profound, perennial need of this our Aryan and Mediterranean race".[13] Mussolini was concerned with the low birth rates of the white race in contrast to the African and Asian races. In 1928 he noted the high birth-rate of blacks in the United States, and that they had surpassed the population of whites in certain areas, such as Harlem in New York City. He described their greater racial consciousness in comparison with American whites as contributing to their growing strength.[14]
In a 1919 speech denouncing Soviet Russia, Mussolini claimed that Jewish bankers in London and New York City were bound by the chains of race to Moscow and that 80% of the Soviet Union leaders were Jews.[13]
On the issue of the low birth rate of whites, Mussolini said in 1928: "[When the] city dies, the nation – deprived of the young life-blood of new generations – is now made up of people who are old and degenerate and cannot defend itself against a younger people which launches an attack on the now unguarded frontiers […] This will happen, and not just to cities and nations, but on an infinitely greater scale: the whole White race, the Western race can be submerged by other coloured races which are multiplying at a rate unknown in our race."[15]
During the Great Depression Mussolini again expressed his alarm at the low birth rate among whites, saying "The singular, enormous problem is the destiny of the white race. Europe is truly towards the end of its destiny as the leader of civilization."[14] He went on to say that under the circumstances, "the white race is sickly", "morally and physically in ruin", and that, in combination with the "progress in numbers and in expansion of yellow and black races, the civilization of the white man is destined to perish."[14] According to Mussolini, only through promoting natality and eugenics could this be reversed.[14]


Which is kinda ironic considering he opposed the Italian invasion of Ottoman Libya in 1911

So he like multiculturalism neat

Which is pretty common with mussolini. they guy was the biggest opportunist in history he said the quote in op and then pulled shit like

Maybe during WW1 he contracted some brain-damaging parasite.

Yes, ironically, he did more to help the anti-fascist effort then anyone, albeit through stupidity rather then deliberate action. Imagine if he hadn't involved himself in world war two on the German side as he did.

Then the Germans wouldn't held back by having to pick up the Italian's slack all the time. Since Nazi Germany had no colonial ambitions in the Muslim world, they could have developed a good relationship with the Muslims under British, French, and other colonial rule but instead they were forced to deal with the Italian's retarded expansionism in North Africa and to send divisions to prop them up. In the Balkans they had to delay operation barbarossa to deal with the Italian embarassment which may have had a significant effect. In the end, they were forced to send paratroopers in to rescue Mussolini and prop him up.

Even then, if German had been defeated in the end, if Mussolini hadn't involved himself in the war he could have continued to rule in Italy with British support as he had been doing just like Franco did, which would have preserved fascism for years.

Togliatti addressing left-wing fascists


They named one Russian city after him btw

There is nothing of value on that thread

Race was spiritually defined. Read Evola and Spengler. American Blackshirts has some works that support this.



We could have had global nazbol-syndcalism if only he played his cards right.

Dumb anarkiddie doesn't understand how to keep a population together when they are surrounded by people who want to destroy them. Why you think the USSR had so much nationalistic propaganda? Kill yourself ASAP.

dugin pls.

in retrospect if he worked with the socialists instead of corporate whores, war never would've hit Italy

No he didn't. This is a meme. Power was given to him by the king and they already had a lot seats in the parlament. The march on rome was propaganda and a farce. It's neo nazi tier revisionism the idea that he seized power.
And no to ya all in this thread trying to rehabilitate mussolini, he was a corporate whore and an opportunist high on futurism.

This. Most of the photographs claimed as depictions of the March on Rome were actually taken during a reenactment that happened the day after. The actual show of force was lackluster and the fact that it was raining cats and dogs that day certainly didn't help.

No Fascist ever took power through an actual coup.

Pinochet and and many south koreans did. No one had an actual coup supported by the people. It was always supported moslty only by the elitè.
Btw if you guys want to watch a good movie about fascism and class struggle during fascism in italy you all need Novecento by Bernardo Bertolucci. Just be sure to get the italian cinema realese I'm pretty sure americans cut it up.

He was a cuck.

Mussolini had like the 5th biggest party, he lost to liberals, socdems, conservatives and pretty much everyone else according to wikipedia from what I remember.

Hitler and the KPD had together more than 60% of parliament when he became Chancelor. (and they were head to head)