Why aren't you a cyber-ML yet?

Why aren't you a cyber-ML yet?

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Because I'm not a socdem.

sop posting fake news. paul cockshott is part of ===leftcom gang===

Because ML of any sort is shit. Vanguardism is for pussies.

you're not getting in

that's why socdems hated MLs and supported their opposition, makes sense

I'll start my own party! With blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the party!

Because I'm a cyber-leftcom

Because scientific management of the law of value is still the law of value.

It's pathetic how hard this not even handful of Cockshott memers have failed to make their shilling go anywhere with their shit-tier memes.

someone post the screenshot of cockshott acknowledging influence from council communists

are you that guy who thinks labor vouchers still equals = commodity exchange?

Cockshott one the first page admits the Soviet system is excellent. He even says that the Soviet union exploited surplus value form the workers. Don't know why people here meme him as a next generation ML.

u foking wut


actually it was page 2,
ficult historical circumstances in which the Bolsheviks set about trying
to build socialism, but that is not all: important policy mistakes were
made (just as possible in a socialist society as in capitalism), and furthermore
the problems of Soviet socialism in part reflect serious weaknesses
in classical Marxism itself.
(4) The failure of the Soviet system is therefore by no means irrelevant to
Marxian socialism. We must reflect carefully on the lessons to be learned
from this failure.
(5) Nonetheless, unlike those who delight in proclaiming the complete historic
rout of Marxism, we believe that a different type of socialism—still recognizably
Marxian, yet substantially reformulated—is possible. The Soviet
Union was socialist, but other forms of Marxian socialism are possible.
(6) This claim can be sustained only by spelling out in much more detail than
hitherto both the sorts of economic mechanisms and the forms of political
constitution which socialists consider both desirable and feasible. This we
try to do in the book.

Also here is the book

So cockshott isn't memeing "le not real socialism, only MY PERSONAL form of it is THE ONLY TRUE GOD WAY", what's your point?

Calling Cockshott a "cyber ML" is inaccurate.ML + computers isn't what is advocated in the book.

but isn't everyone who agrees with Lenin's definition of socialism as lower stage of communism a ML?


elaborate, please

thats not all of lenins theory. there is also the vangaurd party and stuff like that.

He rejects vanguardism and democratic centralism. Don't see how you can be a Leninist yet alone ML like that.

so you are ML only if you can recite Stalin's texts?

there were MLs in history which rejected democratic centralism. I missed the part where is Cockshott directly against vanguardism

actually, I don't think he mentions the vanguard, but it still I don't see why people think he is ML, he is critical of Lenin and the Soviet union. Just because you want planning doesn't mean your an ML

Leftcoms are constantly the ones calling Crookshot a social democrat.

Hell no. Marxism-Leninism was the ideology of the Soviet Union under Stalin. Trotsky, Bordiga, Luxemburg etc. all more or less agreed with Lenin on all but a few issues, but they sure as hell aren't Marxist-Leninists. I think that the USSR was socialist, and I'm an anarchist for fucks sake.

Those are just Bordigists and Ultras. Council communists aren't against democracy.

Lenin wasn't even a Marxist-Leninist

because you aren't even capable of operating Photoshop