Can someone do more of these faceapp things for leftists? i would myself but i don't have the shit to get it

can someone do more of these faceapp things for leftists? i would myself but i don't have the shit to get it.

smh those were funny as shit

BlackTrump's flesh-hair will haunt my nightmares till the day I die

rip in concept black Zizek

My favorite part is how the Hispanic filter adds a fucking mustache to people.

*vomits uncontrollably*

A mustache and an obscene amount of hair wax. Not to mention black Trump has a ham wig.

Chinese Trump looks like an aging Korean male-model who let himself go but can't let go of his dreams.


Black Trump is nightmare fuel.

doesnt look latino looks indian

Lady Zizek looks like a proper troon


wew this came out wrong

If you have requests for specific people/filters post 'em.


in honor of rafiq



this is good

So he has revealed himself. Of course it all makes sense now, he is destroying evil from within.

You tell me you wouldn't love to be under the steel heel of Stalina.


Holy shit.


Hey can someone faceapp my boyfriend?


Only if you show us your Rick and Morty tattoo.

What kind of bug is that?

Could someone do a girl Adorno? Asking for a friend.

Is that a boy(girl(male))

No it's a bug.

wow, Spoony got AIDS?

my reaction as well.

Does this mean I’m Stalin 2.0

The Great Purge was all about eliminating everyone who suspected Stalin of gender bending. Bukharin was the first (and only) person Stalin shared xir secret with but out of cold pragmatism had to kill him. Bukarin's letters prove he loved Stalin for who xe was and never would have sold xir out. Guy was a true friend.

Get me off the train!

All stalinstaches are so conservative about their ideal socialism because they're thoroughly repressed about their conflicting feelings for an inner femininity. Just like Joseph Stalin.

Hot nigger cocks

someone needs to do a JUST filter

which filter turns Chomsky into Nick Land?




Female Che is fucking beautiful, omg


Young Tito looks fucking badass, hitman Tito absolutely terrifying.

Mama Tito isn't angry, just disappointed


nazi tito doesnt look much different from regular tito 🤔

Wow this filter really works

He actually looks better as a spic.

Man or woman, Zizek is a homeless crack addict.




Stalina definitely didn't age well.


/r/ing the Democratic Cops of America President

kek I was not aware of that filter

Why did his hair turn into an organ?


Female zizek looks like a crackhead

Young female adorno a qt.

happy adorno looks like salad fingers