CNN Debate: Bernie Sanders vs. Lindsey Graham over health care (9/25/17)

CNN Debate: Bernie Sanders vs. Lindsey Graham over health care (9/25/17)

They debate mainly over the new Graham-Cassidy health care bill.

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Don't forget you have to pay for the prescription and the pills separately.

You need them in Finland too, whats wrong with this? Should you not consult doctor before taking medication?

Well yeah, that's just part of private insurance. I didn't know until I watched the debate that you need a presciption in order to use birth control. Guess they want to make it as hard as possible to fight poverty.

Poor people are the ones who need birth control most and they're least likely to be able to go get a prescription.

In Italy too. It cost like 25 euros. I think

Btw, is this an America thread?
I hate America!

Lindsey? But that's a girl's name.

what were the highlights of this shit?

You didn't miss shit by not watching it.

Is Bernie that desperate to stay relevant?

He's the most popular politician in America right now, so I'd say he's pretty fucking relevant. In fact, he's probably more relevant than anyone else on that stage

lol he's a senator. Pretty sure he's relevant no matter how you look at it.


So seeing a doctor should be free, like it is in almost every economically prosperous state.

actually not even prosperous states, see eastern europe (there are waiting lines, though). it's just the burgers who are cartoonishly backwards.

was really surprised at how smooth they got this shit running
electronic waiting lines are a lifesaver, government created this portal where you can register for everythin from driving licence exam to waiting line in your local hospital
they even got a fucking panoramic view at the park in stomathologic clinic here

but they also pushing for austerity here, like if you're not officially working you can't use these services
really strange shit actually, first they carrotstick you with how good these public services can actually be, and then they bitchslap you by pushing for austerity

He's the only one in the senate who's actually doing anything productive.

God damn, burgerstan is incredibly less efficent than that.

Bill is dead btw, not enough GOP senators got on board so they're focusing on some shit tax reform now.

I feel you, it is so cancerous.