Let's talk about Gandhi and the Indian independence movement. In class last week we discussed different tactics political movements have used. As usual did the majority agree with Gandhi's was the best. Peaceful protest. But no one believed me, when I told them that Gandhi was murded. I had to show them the wiki. So Holla Forums give me some more redpills on Gandhi and the struggle from British imperialism. I can bet my balls that people wouldn't shit in the streets if a more armed revolutionary socialist movement would have stood in the frontline and taken power.

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He was trash.

Most overrated figure in history. Should have died

Yeah, I understand that. But maybe I was unclear. I'm looking for a little more deeper info than that. What other people was there? What was the aftermath after his murder?

I'm gonna check out this Singh guy.


Thanks, dude. He sounds like a real fascist. Criticizing jews, anti-black, anti-women, collab with the oppressors and mostly aesthetics.

Indian here, from the community of the guy who killed Gandhi. My people were persecuted after Godse killed Gandhi. Gandhi was a British shill. Even leftists agree on this. Even, black people hate him. He was an asshole & distraction from armed rebellion. My people & people from some other parts of India were involved in armed fights against East India company but Gandhi distracted people from it. He "cucked" people, if you will. He destroyed the independence movement & converted it into docile "non-violence", fake hero.

What do you think of bhagath singh?

In school they usually tell he was killed by a pakistani nationalist where im from. Is it true? I found it always just too convenient that pakistan was bad guys and gandhi was a dindu.

Indian independence was a mistake, Imperial federation would have made interesting nation to see function.

Nope, He was a Marathi Brahman like me, his name was Nathuram Godse.

Many Indians seriously don't deserve independence.

He wanted to establish communism, so not really my hero. But he was thousand times better than Gandhi.


What are your political belief?

I used to be pro-religion based politics aka Hinduttva. Now I just support economic progress & more autonomy of my state.

Wow, Gandhi is fucking disgusting.

Just an fyi, most people don't shit in the streets. Most homes, even small villages have a bathroom available. (My home in US had one bathroom, my house here has two.) In South India, cleanliness & literacy is prevalent as well. Not that the North isn't, but I haven't been there enough or know enough to speak on it.
Kerala in the south is very left. They have a ruling communist party & most every movie that comes out of there has some socialist/communist messages in it. Even in Tamilnadu(another south state) these messages are present often. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India. I see communist symbols, signs, announcements every time I go somewhere. Although in some states(more northern, I believe), it's touchy, like with the Maoists. The state persecutes them & sometimes people just accuse another of being a naxalite for no reason to have them be targeted by police. For instance, a couple of women from Tamilnadu were protesting for water rights(most likely Cauvery river issue) & were locked up, because they were accused(surely by those they were protesting). Technically in some places, communists are targeted as terrorists. Obviously to maintain the capitalist status-quo & have a reason to mistreat them…

I live in India, from US, but admittedly don't know enough about Ghandi, but still more than the average burger, so I'm going to lurk this thread. He believed & touted the caste system, for one. "Everyone has their place" type of shitty mentality. Also believed women had their "place". He was weird af when it came to sexuality. He'd have his nieces sleep naked next to him, to "test his holiness" or whatever. Mmmhmm…

An Indian? Lal salam, comrade. I have some questions if you don't mind…
Are you from the North? Or are you the Muslim Andhra user studying agriculture that I talked to some time back? (nvm I just saw your post & you're Marathi. Very cool. Never met a Marathi before. Love the music there…)

Also, kinda related, is the Modi government also trying to take away/stifle rations to people in your area? I'd heard that recently, they were trying to stop rationing necessities in the south. Modi's pushing privatization & that's a nightmare.

Another question, have you heard the news about Anitha? The girl from Tamilnadu who committed suicide after the unnecessary NEET tests were implemented for colleges? Another form of discrimination towards lower castes, who's marks are fine but they want to put another roadblock in front of them. Reminds me of the "literacy tests" they used to give black voters in the 50s/60s in the US.

Sorry, I'm full of questions. You don't have to answer all of them.

Please don't tell me you're BJP, user…

To clarify, I'm not in Kerala. I'm in Karnataka. I worded that confusingly.

total trash. unironically believed in an absolute truth, supported the caliphate in turkey etc

I've heard on here that the Communist party ruled governments in India are basically just Socdems with lots of red, is that true? How would you the future of Leftism in India? Would you say class consciousness is prevalent?

From what I can understand, pretty much. Mainly just due to the fact they have to operate within a parliamentary system, still. They're much redder than the Western socdems, though, that's for sure. Communist ideology, literature is still very important to them to spread & definitely consider themselves communist. Fun fact: Many of them even name their offspring after Stalin, Lenin.
Tbh, the internet culture & "Americanism" type of [grossly ignorant ]anti-socialism & nationalist politics, I see too often online from other younger Indians(of course, usually almost always those from a higher caste). Ffs, I got into a Twitter argument with some chick from the North regarding socialism a couple of months ago. She literally started spouting Pinochet memes & said socialism is the cause of most deaths in India. So obviously I mocked her ignorance ruthlessly. They repeat the same garbage they see stupid Americans post. She followed Sargon as well, which is how we crossed paths.I don't follow him, but used to throw shit at him every once in a while for obvious reasons. Now I just ignore him as everyone should.
But yeah, I'm seeing [mostly younger] Indians regurgitate the anti-socialist propaganda more than I'd like to see, but that's mainly online.

Most people I interact with irl here are much more wise, thank God. They're more informed than Americans on important issues, because they have to be. Corruption is rampant(as everywhere), but they have much more serious issues to deal with daily. It's not a game.
It's similar to the US in the way that those who rant online & don't read, are more nationalist(BJP/Modi's party). The ones that read or deal with the hardships many face here, are leftist, naturally. Even random taxi drivers are very politically savvy & up to date on everything. I've learned a lot from them. They have a taxi/auto union & regularly protest. I even had to postpone my registering for marriage a day later because the government workers were on strike that day. I'm never mad about that, because protesting is seriously fucking important.

Long, scrambled rant, there… I just haven't been proofreading my posts lately because who has time for that? The short answer would be, it's a much better situation here than the US, for leftism.

Oh yes. Especially with the caste system still being oppressive for many in daily life. That highlights the class divide very well. Plus, there's a shit ton of people here, so when they want to make something happen, it's much easier to be more influential in doing so.

Hopefully that all makes sense & I answered you properly. Someone asked me in the /leftytrash/ thread some weeks ago about the current political climate & protests in India, but I was too shy & felt I wasn't brushed up enough on issues to reply properly. To that user: Hopefully if you're out there, you can read my posts in this thread & ask more if you like.

Gandhi was a shill who sold out his own people.

MYTH AND REALITY - Violence, Non-Violence and Gandhi

Gandhi's anti-British non-violent movements aroused the Indian masses against the British
paving the way for the final hammer of INA and Bombay Naval Mutiny of 1946 that had forced
the British to leave, then one should also recognize the valuable contributions of the tribal
revolts of 19th century plus the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 and the Terrorist movements of the 20th
century. He had little influence in the tribal areas and among the lower castes who were the
majority population.

The Necessity of Violence for Indian Independence

How Gandhi, Patel and Nehru colluded with Brits to suppress Naval Mutiny of 1946

Gandhi was a fucking nigger faggot and his pacifism is greatly exaggerated

Then all things considered, how likely do you see some kind of revolution? What are the things preventing that revolution or the things needed?

The whole irony of these new internet-savvy petit-bourgeois reactionaries who talk about "nationalism" and "anti-globalism" is that they all take over the same talking points even if it's not relevant to their country at all. I live in the Netherlands and have seen some reactionaries on twitter post about cultural marxism. They're basically importing american political lingo.


Collectivise the designated shitting streets

Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing here (Denmark). Literally people going: le ebil Adorno lololol and Frankgurt ::DDD.