Why all the hate for antifa? They do good work and you just sit around. What have you done for the movement today?

(I see the FBI is using reverse psychology now)

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Can only speak for myself - I don't hate antifa.
They mostly suck ass, but I don't hate them.

I don't hate anti-fa, but I understand why some people think it's counterproductive. I think it's probably useful to have a group of people that shut down Nazi demonstrations, even violently.

here is Scottish antifa breaking up a generation identity meeting which I assume they infiltrated or something, they also do work with the homeless and stuff. Antifa in UK is good


The UK has a long history of effective anti-fascist organizing.

It's funny because the government and media are generally colluding to keep all protests and marches out of sight and out of mind, so antifa is free to bully the right as much as possible. It doesn't really come down to fighting very often though because the police make a point of not letting them clash because they'd probably kill each other.

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For anybody interested in the history of anti-fascist resitance M.Testa's book Militant Anti Facism: 100 Years of Resistance is pretty comprehensive if obviously a little biased. It starts with proto fash and takes you right up to near present day stuff. Also highlights several times it has been effective in stopping the spread of fascism and also times when it hasn't and why it failed. Also what people often forget is that not that long ago these street battles would be between tens of thousands of people and all of them would be out for blood and able to take it. It was a literal battle for the streets, we grew up in a time that was not the case, so the idea of physical defence of the streets is alien to them, but the right are rising again, so the battle for the streets recommences

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Holla Forums are the real fascists

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I like Antifa. I see them frequently convert normies to communist ideology. Plus they do a lot of community outreach shit in addition to the nazi punching.

Yeah, but what exactly were they gonna do with this?

Also a lot of antifa stuff happens behind the scenes and you don't here about it, most of the good stuff anyway

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Any reactionary movements are aids. See: alt-right are basically right wing SJWs. Antifa are not much better than the people they are opposing. I can see why people label them as a terrorist group.



Antifas will always be annoying, but let's be honest: there is absolutely no other institution or movement out there willing to fight Fascists. We already know that the virtual totality of the population will never oppose any fascist movement, we know that the forces associated with capitals can easily co-exist with fascist regimes and we know that at no point in history any Western country has been free of budding fascist movements trying to spread their ideology.
Antifas are the only ones to fight them on principles. This to me is enough to justify the movement in his entirety, even if, being an open movement, it will host many clueless people who will be a disgrace for their cause.

To shut down antifascists is to be infinitely naive.


Damn, this confused freshman radical student has totally changed my mind. Let's tear down the only movement that is willing to fight fascists no matter what!

Hi, let's get a list of active antifa members, so, you know, we can look out for each other!
start with name, age, occupation, residence, and physical appearance including any unique identifying scars or tattoos.

t. not fbi