What's Holla Forums's opinion of genetically-modified organisms?

I ain't a biologist

They're a good idea with poor execution

Nature is the only true neutral
look at the way even now every single medical advantage only profits the rich side of the world while people in africa still die from polio
in an communist society though, hell yeah for 3dp catgirls
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In theory they should be a good thing, right? Lets say a plant needs much less water and produces much more seed or some shit. I guess the media and the public shouldnt just say "fuck it, its immoral because MUH GENETIC ENGENEERENG"


I think directly modifying an organism's DNA is unpredictable. Instead, I will only accept evolved plants if they use good ol' artificial selection.

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I think there was a time where there were a lot of bullshit threads about evolved plant's and environmentalism and stuff. I do remember some threads getting derailed because of it.

They hold great promise for further human flourishing, increased productivity, and an end to hunger and many kinds of sickness. At the same time, they also have the potential to be used to extract rent, to enslave people in debt and addiction, and to create biological castes.

If capital is to have its day, the second potentialities will rule. It's the factory system, mechanization, and the digital revolution all over again.

These. As long as the imperative to make profit is creeping behind this kind of research, I'm deeply distrustful of it

Yee, copyright all of the food.

non-gmo seeds can be patented too though.

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only legit criticism of genetic modification

I wouldn't mind it but I don't trust capitalists with it.

making high yield food crops is really good. evolved plant's crops are a proven good. Not that I don't have some concerns regarding biodiversity, and of course the current patent system is really shit.
The goat in your picture suggest you are also talking about live stock and/or other sentient organisms, and that I don't like.
I understand that selective breeding has been done for millennia, but human-animal hybrids freak me out, and those chimeras they are creating, why can't scientists stop being so fucking creepy?

Science and capitalism don't mix, pal.

You're also saying that science is basically never wrong, when in reality science is trial-and-error, and will always be somewhat wrong.

Communism will only be achieved once all men are genetically modified into cute fembois tbh.

There's nothing inherently wrong with evolved plants. All livestock and major crops are evolved plants just without the aid of direct genetic manipulation. Take any species we cultivate for food and you'll find that it's a highly modified version of something that humans found in their environment.

The reason evolved plants are bad in the context of global capitalism is that it's legal to put a patent on genetic information, and because big agra can't be arsed to make sure the frankenfood is completely safe to eat (compared to the "natural" strains that have hundreds or thousands of years worth of humans eating them safely). Consider the possibility that Monstanto finds a modification of soy that makes the plant much more profitable (it's more resilient or produces more beans, idk, doesn't matter). They can patent that strain and have a monopoly on that huge advantage.

I'm sure some of this is true, like capitalist competition (another reason science and capitalism shouldn't mix), but there are some concerns like evolved plant plants being more resistant to herbicides, making it so fruits can be loaded with the herbicides and be ok

Fertilizer, Pesticides, and evolved plants were a mistake
Now we have 7.5 billion people on this planet, and we're going to consume all our fossil fuels before we can go interplanetary

How could one post be so wrong? Directly modifying a gene is 100% more predictable than artificial selection, where the trait your trying to select for might affect genes and traits you didn't mean to.

They have the potential to end world hunger, but capitalism means that they, like all other technology, will instead be used to maximize profits, and will consequentially cause environmental destruction.

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genetically modified



GMO s = evolved plants


Basically this.

There were 5 cases of Polio in the whole of Africa last year, none fatal as far as I can tell, yeah clearly medical science has achieved nothing.

I'll trust them when they're not being driven for profit.

This is a great point and to my mind this potentiality makes a strong case for the necessity of a militarily powerful socialist state - the ability to keep humanity more or less physically equal is a necessary feature of a free humanity moving forward.

Nations driven by capital are heavily influenced by both their local aristocracy (every capitalist state has one) as well as global monied interests, and they have every interest in furthering research for this purpose in the pursuit of greater wealth extraction.

What stands in their way? If you pay the right price to the right people you can do whatever kind of research you want somewhere in the world. What stands in their way? If they can hire an army, build a fortified compound.
-I wish I could find a clip, but I've heard Zizek give a nonsequitor to how the Chinese government has already talked about how they are pursuing this in their country.

What stands in their way? If you have the technology, why not make the ideal Platonic slave society like in The Republic, with one cast bread to be docile and fat, educated enough to work on a farm or in a factory assembly line, and another class bred for combat and protecting the city and status quo, and the final cast of rulers, thinkers, generals and scientists. That's going to sound like the best idea in the world to some billionaire bourgeois fucks, and guess who's got the money and power to make it happen?

Thank goodness oil shortages and climate change are going to effectively destroy what we think of as modern society this century. Maybe it'll give what's left of humanity a shot at not being such arrogant bastards.

Good thing rockets don't run on fossil fuel.

Support the concept, but not the way it’s currently implemented. evolved plants in theory should be healthy, but plenty of studies show the opposite. Also Monsanto forces farmers to rebuy seeds every year and sus organic farmers when the seeds cross pollenate.

You need fossil fuels to produce rocket fuel, usually electrolyzed water.

That's an electric process, so you can power it with anything that can be converted to electricity. Electrolysis machines could just be hooked up to the grid. The bigger concern is the use of petroleum as a manufacturing material.

Cool with me as long as that shit ain't harmful.


From a practical perspective, we're still reliant on fossil fuels to produce that energy, at the moment.

It's looking like we're going to have to find a way to manufacture organic chemicals in bulk for use in plastics though.

As far as my limited knowledge goes, the only risk would be that the new gene sequences, which allow the organism to synthetize new substances (which is the point of GM in the first place), might end up allowing the organism to synthetize completely unplanned-for substances which might be toxic. Given how capitalism is more than glad to push for new biochemical products without full testing (hello, thalidomide), I wouldn't be surprised if this already happened and it's being suppressed.

Does this make sense?