Daily News Thread 9/26

Iraqi Kurds must give up on independence or go hungry - Erdogan

Turkey's president has said Iraqi Kurds could go hungry as a result of the punitive measures it is considering after Monday's independence referendum.

US Pacific Fleet commander announces retirement after Navy ship collisions

The commander of the US Pacific Fleet has announced his retirement after being passed up for a major promotion. It comes after two US Navy vessels collided with commercial ships in the Pacific over the summer, killing 17 sailors.

Guatemalans Protest President Morales' Interference with Investigation into Corruption

The Central American state has been plagued with misdeeds for the better part of a decade-and-a-half.

Bali volcano could erupt within hours, geologists warn

Almost 60,000 people have been evacuated following hundreds of tremors.

China blocks WhatsApp, broadening its 'Great FireWall' of online censorship

WhatsApp recently suffered service disruptions in China, with users restricted from sending videos, audio files and photos.

‘Stick to the deal,’ says Kremlin as US poised to curb Russian control flights over its soil

The US may scrap a transparency deal with Russia, believing that Moscow is not in compliance with its terms, General Dunford said. Moscow suggested that the Open Skies treaty must be strictly observed by all members.

Equifax CEO Richard Smith Resigns After Uproar Over Massive Hack

Equifax Inc. Chief Executive Officer Richard Smith stepped down, joining other senior managers who left the credit-reporting company in the wake of an uproar over the theft of private data on 143 million Americans.

Jeremy Corbyn: It's right to plan for run on pound

Jeremy Corbyn says it is "right to look at all these scenarios" after his shadow chancellor suggested that there could be a run on the pound if Labour went into government.

Twitter explains why it won't delete Trump tweet that North Korea called a 'declaration of war'

Twitter has finally broken silence on US President Donald Trump's inflammatory tweet threatening North Korea saying it did not remove the post due to its "newsworthiness." The social media network's statement comes after many called for Twitter to take action against the president saying it violated Twitter's rules that prohibit harassment and content that incites violence on its platform.

Chelsea Manning says she was denied entry to Canada

Chelsea Manning was turned back at the Canadian-U.S. border because she was convicted of espionage for passing information to Wikileaks, the former U.S. intelligence analyst said on Monday.

Indie fans arrested for 'raising the flag of homosexuals' at Egypt concert

Concertgoers were detained for "promoting sexual deviancy" at gig by Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila.

Chicago police officers to be reprimanded after kneeling in Instagram post

A Chicago activist who apparently asked two "men of color" to kneel with her on social media may have inadvertently earned the police officers reprimands, officials said Monday.

Rapper B.o.B. raising funds to check if Earth is flat

But US rapper B.o.B. is crowd-funding the launch of satellites to see if he can get some evidence to the contrary.

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The Fed’s Unwinding

Economists debate the Fed’s plan to shrink its balance sheet.

Star-Spangled anger: NFL anthem boycott low blow to US patriotism

For those who think American football is 'just a game,' they may want to reevaluate that opinion in light of a new trend among NFL players, many of whom are refusing to stand during the national anthem as a form of protest.

Merkel’s days as German Chancellor are probably now numbered

The rise of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) dominates the headlines, but the most significant outcome of the German election is that Angela Merkel’s days as Chancellor are probably numbered. This has grave implications for Europe and the wider world.

Death Cult Spiral

It’s intriguing to hear people calling capitalists in Russia “oligarchs” when according to scholars the whole United States is considered an oligarchy today. And when the corporate media and corporate politicians– run by the US oligarchs–tell them about the “Russian threat”, they repeat it like they were born yesterday; “I don’t trust Russian oligarchs”, “we shouldn’t work with Russian oligarchs” and so on.

In Their Own Words: When Trump and Obama Sounded the Same

Despite the vastly different style – Trump’s confrontational approach compared with Obama’s composed attitude – their words promise “more of the same.”

When will someone just fucking shoot Erdogan?

The situation with independence for the KRG is really concerning. On the one hand, this may cause further Kurdish separatist sentiments in Turkey and Iran, furthering the PKK's goals. On the other hand, a Kurdish nation-state may lead to the PKK's movement being drained of momentum, as the liberal nation-state project turns Kurdistan into a shopping mall. One benefit I suppose, is that if Turkey and Iran start to refuse to cooperate with the KRG, they may need to increase cooperation with Rojava rather than continue to engage in an embargo. This may make spreading democratic confederalist ideas in the KRG easier, however it remains to be seen if the KRG is democratised.

I noticed the thread here about US spec ops and SDF forces operating with impunity in IS territory while advancing towards Diez Ez Zor was either slid or deleted from this board. People here don't want to acknowledge the SDF had joined a project with the US to steal Syrian land for their nation building project. I wonder why.


I did. Are you going to lie and say even a single person besides the OP acknowledged it?

You know, just like how the allies and the USSR rushed to occupy as much of Germany as they could before the other side did. Exact same thing with the SDF, they've been doing it since forever

Well saying it was slid or deleted makes it sound like you're not sure if it has been slid or not, which could be proven by checking the catalog.

But either way I thought when you said OP acknowledged it that the info was in this thread, so can you repost it here for me?

America, fuck yeah.

you have to laugh to stay sane. people here are so fucking backwards.

What if I told you that staying sane is what Porky wants you to do? What if I told you that it's high time to go mad, and get as many others as possible to go mad with you?

lmao cucked again islandfags


fuck him lel
Boy China is so helpful in showing me what I should have on my computer by trying to force its citizens to do the opposite! Best advice since Shrillery taught me what BleachBit was!
People may well perish in nuclear fire or slowly die of radiation poisoning because twatter wants to attention-whore. I hope that doesn't happen but if it does we damn well better not lose the lesson in this: fuck corporate-run social media hard, and fuck their self-appointed goalkeeping of what does and does not constitute good taste thrice as hard.
people need to stop being emotionally satisfied with this sort of outcome and need to address the fundamentally-rotten underlying structure of the system
Could this mean the end of President Potato's honeymoon with the pigs?

in other news: flowers are pretty

Nah dude, cops are reactionary and racist as fuck. Those dudes are either fired or getting the shit end of the stick till they prove their just as bad as the rest of them

I don't know if the international community would stand for Erdogan recreating Darfur
If they do what little hope I had in the UN will go away entirely

The "other side" being the Syrian Arab Army? Is that who you are talking about? What was "IS-occupied territory" called in 2012? This isn't two foreign armies fighting over third territory. It's Syrians reclaiming their captured land, and it being stolen away. That land does not belong to IS. It does not belong to Kurdistan. It is Syrian and belongs to Syria.

Nice ghost story. Let me tell you an equally spooky one: Kurdistan is real.


This is what people are reduced to, huh.

Erdogan deserves the Gaddafi treatment.

The attuitude towards the Syrian Kurds from the very beginning was incredibly naive.