Communism taught women to dream big

For all its flaws, the Communist revolution taught Chinese women to dream big

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Yeah, women in charge doesn't negatively impact industry and politics. Never! Oh wait…

Brocialist scum

Too bad all they can dream about now is how to become the best slave at a sweat shop or how to cut the Foxconn anti-suicide nets on the way down.

Wait until normies hear about women empowerment in the Soviet Union…

1/10 fix the mask slippage.

Anyway, hell yes it did.


Cos industry and politics was just fuckin awesome until those damn women came along. Yup right about the suffragette movement, that was when things got shitty…. oh wait

I can't imagine any NYT liberal reader reacting positively to this article, no matter how self-evident it may be.

Why is corporate media shilling for gommunism

It has 119 likes tho

It's an Opinion piece from a leftist column.®ion=Marginalia&src=me&version=column&pgtype=article



Wtf I love foot binding and arranged marriages now

Why does the mere mention of women cause every lurking robot to throw a fit?

Hold up, whats wrong with arranged marriages?

Would you like to be arranged to marry this?

I would not prefer that and if we had some kind of arranged marriages system in place, I think it would be based around comparability,interests,social grouping and genetics.

Wouldn't it be better for your to decide that?

Arranged marriage are most of the time loveless, source of rape, abuse and other mistreatments
The only thing keeping it together is duty from day one, unless of course a miracle happen
Admittedly regular marriage isn't better, but love exists in the first few years which make the duty-based commitement to it more easy to create

Gommunism will do away with families anyways

A fucking rose

I take offence to his post too

t. socdem

Individual does not have the resources of the state. arraigned marriages are far more stable than the current state of affairs is, what is hurting the working class due to diverse laws.

This is due to lack of state involvement, those things would change if the state apparatus was in charge.

They wouldn't.
I'm relatively authoritarian and I don't want the state to regulate which boy (or girl) I get to fuck (consensually).

The state is there to provide and protect, not to regulate your every life.

When it comes to figuring out what kind of person you would like to marry they have better resources than the state.

That's not necessarily a good thing.

Then you are out of luck either way cause by these criteria all that would be available to you fucking /r9k/ losers would be exactly this
So be careful with what you wish dumbass.

Diverse courts,unstable families and broken homes are then?

They're better than arranged marriages have been historically. And still are in some parts of the world.

Suboptimal still, ideally we would have no marriages and communal families.

I`m not antisocial robot, I have a job(in sales, you could say that is quite social) I participate in party politics on steady basis and have steadily growing social circle.

Point of history is to study form it to improve upon. What I`m suggesting is nothing like the family ordered arranged marriages. Nor would I want them to be mandatory neither, there might have to be some economic intensives against not marrying or not participating the progamme.

Well that sounds beyond fucked up and more than a tad objectifying. Assuming what you meant to say was "economic incentives".

Why do you want marriage at all?

Households with two parents raise more mentally stable individuals than single parent households nor the orphanages.

Well yeah because those suck. Kibbutzniks are pretty mentally healthy though.

But they weren't?
Also, communal families are a meme, even kids in the Kibbs children found themselves naturally attached to and craving guidance from their parents and later in their life commented that they felt distressed that they couldn't spend more of their day with their parents. Farthest your going to get is extended

Do you have a source for that?

Kids are distressed all the time about all kinds of shit, but kids don't necessarily know what's best for them. Communal families would be essential for any kind of socialist society and the breakdown of this system in the Kibbutz was part of the beginning of the end for the project.

People were massively opposed to mandatory education at one point (and sometimes still are) for similar objections people raise to communal child-rearing. But a good idea is a good idea.

Lousy mothers + autism.

Say hello to your new husband.

Communal family is junk
Multigenerational households (eg. Grandparents, parents, children under the same roof) are gud

So literally a matchmaking service only you are forced to be in a binding, archaic agreement with the person they pick?

Jerry is not as bad as he's consistently portrayed.
His biggest problem is his innocence in a cynical and bitter world, which makes him the butt of lel so clever jokes and less likely to understand the importance of responsibilities. A lot of his traits that get played for laughs only work in the context of accepting gender roles.

What a bunch of idiots. Can't a leader kill loads of people while simultaneously increase the status of women relative to men?

That's my point. Women who become masculine are heroes while men who become feminine are just losers, especially under feminism (manchildren, lol).

For women, choice.
Men, obligation.

Also, a Jerry was my literal father. My mother was a Beth too, emulating her narcissistic jerk of a father because 'muh feminism. That family therapy session from Pickle Rick actually happened to me. Mom blames her problems on kids she never wanted to have.

Bitch is wack, yo!

Sorry, had to respond to something, just got back emotional problems&source=bl&ots=H6bubYET2o&sig=Xqb-odnRKQRMD04BJzeXhetFoH4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwizqdXWm8TWAhXn5YMKHd4VCOoQ6AEIHzAI#v=onepage&q=kibbutz emotional problems&f=false
Shows that while mental health isn't terrible, emotional and mental problems are still prevalent

The system broke down because the second generation of women found that with being freed from domestic duties and having more allocated free time, they found themselves moving more and more towards previously admonished "traditional roles" and demanded to be able to see their children more. The children, who emotionally showed attachment to the mother begin with and still very much responded to the "touch" factor better with the mother then the caregivers (coupled with the fact that children when introduced to their mother resisted the metapele after) were of course welcoming to this. With the point of communal raising being to end gender roles and the conditions of the commune (woman having more time) more or less recreating them, the point of communal raising became mute.

Mulan wasn't transgender though.

She wasn't transsexual, but she was effectively transgender for doing boy things. That's the new insanity.

No significant number of people believes this

And yet they get so much press.

Teen Vogue, tumblr, buzzfeed, and jezebel isn't "so much press". You're just going out of your way to look for it

I get the point this image is trying to make but Mulan was very much not allowed in the imperial army. Like that's a pretty major part of the story.

not only was mulan not a tranny but the mongols were more progressive on women's rights than ancient china was

They were huns, not mongols, famalam

still holds true

Front page of Time? Guess no one reads that anymore either.